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Quote by ovr-LioHereby the official statement the Overload ET team

After logging in to crossfire today most of the members of the Overload team were pretty surprised.In discussion with the entire team we have made the decision to kick vila. At one point to ensure our attendance on the AEF lan and on the other hand to protect the name of Overload, a professional and supportive organisation, getting put in a bad daylight once again, to our despite.

In name of the entire team, I lio, would like to apologize for all the trouble, commotion this has brought to the community and hope we can still fullfill our journey to the AEF-lan. It would be sad to see one of the best ' belgian ' teams not attend a belgian toplan. I can confirm that nobody besides zeto knew anything about this matter (especially since the screenshot dates back to 20 march 2010 ). We are still considering what we'lll do with zeto but first reactions have brought a positive mind to us and we do believe that he shouldn't be a victim of what we would call ' a fool that has no moral ' since he has tried to accuse several people from our team to save his own ass.

Due to this all, the hunt for a decent replacement is open. Maybe for once lady luck is on our side since an old teammember might rejoin our forces. We hope he's the light at the end of the tunnel. Most people can probably already guess who this is, if there is some doubt you can still come and spec our game tonight.

Belgium Lio
Good decision by the overload guys to distance themselves from vila regardless of any decisions by CB, gl guys with the new lineup and welcome back mesqi, now you just need to work out where the fuck your sleeping @ LAN :D
You sure it's mesq? He quit an awful long time ago, and when he returned some months ago, he was quite bad.

It's possible though, he lives in Antwerp.
we'll have to wait and see ;)
True, would be a massive surprise though.
>implying vila isn't awful
It's all relative, he's no superstar but he's definitely not awful either. He's the best Flanders rifle though imo*.

* Haven't seen any EC-game this season and I haven't seen Jere play in mónths, so my opinion is pretty biased, but Jere wouldn't fit into oVr anyhow.
Jere is way better, one of the better rifles these days to be honest :)
its mesq :)
Good to see him back, but it would greatly surprise me if he can get back to his old level. Considering exams are coming up in Belgium, that leaves him with roughly 1 month to get back to his old level, and that with HOT SUMMER PARTIES WITH COOL BITCHEZZZ coming up?
terrible comment
Niets nieuws onder de zon.
true.. gelukkig vraag je niet om een uitleg.. Kan het niet opbrengen :P
Je comment lijkt me een beetje zelfverklarend ;-p
why wouldn't I? :PP
Different mentality.
with the new line-up its not a problem imo :p
Yeah, thought the same after I clicked 'Submit'. With vila and zeto gone, it's a different atmosphere I presume.
I hope so :)
Just read the journals, haha. That's as surprising as mesq coming back. If it's true then I'm your new fanboy.

Unless they kicked mesq to take you, then I hate you.
Quote by zetoDuh, with me and vila the atmosphere was like this:

Go vent -> laugh all day long -> play war -> laugh some more -> laugh some more

Now: Only vent when pracc/offi -> very serious -> leave vent immediately after pracc/offi with the possibility of folding when they will play bad
Not surprising.
Belgium Alvo > *

remember my words
Good decision by the overload guys to distance themselves from vila regardless of any decisions by ESL, gl guys with the new lineup and welcome back mesqi, now you just need to work out where the fuck your sleeping @ LAN :D
mesq ? :)
ok, this was totally unexpected! :D
Posting in this epic news post. See you next year!

I don't have a clan atm, so if you kick zeto u can pm me. I'm not skilled but I can give you money???
you're still faggots, the lot of you

you've destroyed the brilliance that snb brought to the overload name
+1 :DDDD

on the other hand lio is in ovr
This man speaks truth.
funny, u used to call me a retard
Good luck
kick from EC , zero-tolerance. happnend in the past serveral times.
u dont want to face them in 2nd round?
yes it happend in past but you know cb doesnt make same decision again for same situations so it wont happen here
kick zeto and everything will be okay again, you will suck
Good decision by the overload guys to distance themselves from vila regardless of any decisions by ESL, gl guys with the new lineup.

<3 Overload
mAus lover detected:-D
what the fuck happen? did he get kicked or smth like that?
we have made the decision to kick vila.

Must have been a fucking hard decision.

( especially since the screenshot dates back to 20 march 2010 ).

Wow thats like ancient! oh wait..

We are still considering what we will do with zeto, his first reactions have brought a positive mind to us and we right now believe that he should not be a victim of vila's missteps

Yeah cause zeto didnt get busted multiply times.. OH WAIT.

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GL boys Gl mesq!
gl ovr
good luck guys, vila was shit and acting like a fucking retard kiddo anyways :)

ps. you still need to kick zeto :)
spec what game ?
in my eyes you haven't deserved trust yet
zeto just skill
does it start again?
not reliable tbh
kick zeto also and im okey with this

Lio: I can confirm that nobody besides zeto knew anything about this matter (especially since the screenshot dates back to 20 march 2010 ).

you'll be happy soon :)
I'm avi /q Tw1zZt
Loyalty in e-Sports? (3875 views, 253 comments)

Im to good for saiko
no offense, but you shouldn't be allowed to play with zeto either. obviously knew about it and was cheating waay too often himself and will still be cheating whenever he feels like it.
if zeto knew it hes still cheating himself, retard.

good decision, now you just need to kick zeto.
i'd be more interrested in an "oh shit..." statement from Sainted :D
if u would really wanted to clean ur reputation,u would have kicked zeto too.and i really dont believe u didnt knew vila was cheating;when u were playing with zeto some months ago and he was raging in irc wars with aimbot and other hacks in a very obvious way u didnt care/do shit so pls
kick the team from EC and forfeit all their matches if they keep zeto
good decision, best of luck to u guys
aslong as you dont remove zeto aswell we, speedlink, refuse to play any matches against you in any competition.

Enough flame for ovr,I'd rather like to welcome back mesQ! =)
good decision, now kick zeto aswell and you're forgiven (once again..)
then lio maus & cherry are forgiven for what? they didn't do anything wrong here
playing with vila in the first place is a crime already :-))))
zeto out, kevin in :P:p:P/pP
never gonna happen
why ? they not your m8's anymore, huh ?
he deleted them from his buddylist :OOO
I deleted all retards from my buddylist.

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so what's happen ?
What a load of crap, only zeto knew about it but it's ok?? wtf is that shit, kick him or gtfo, officials should be forfeited anyway.
why he should be kicked?? Everyone knew vila had hacks before why you're so suprised now??
and everyone is pretty sure that zeto is also not clean, so what
so why did admins let them in the first place?

its just stupid to accuse him again without any proof when some genious ppl welcomed them back with open arms
Who's surprised? He should be kicked for knowingly playing with someone that was using cheats at that time. Everyone knows half the scene has cheated in the past but that is not what we're talking about here. Trollaccount anyway
did he say he knew it at the time or just after? there's a big grey area there

would you bust your teammate if he said he hacked on random 3v3? would anyone believe you? I dont see what zeto could've done differently.
QuoteI can confirm that nobody besides zeto knew anything about this matter

Seems a little awkward does it not? Doesn't really make a lot of sense discussing with you, I don't see why it matters when he "knew it", unless ofcourse you mean now that we all know since the screenshot has been posted.
well you dont think it matters if zeto knew it before the actual 3v3 war or weeks later?

There's quite a big difference in that
kick zeto too..
waiting for bans to all of you
like zeto didn't have anything to do with this, hah :D
zeto is my favourite scum :) I wish I could have sex with this scumbag :)
I wish I could have sex with anyone.

QuoteI can confirm that nobody besides zeto knew anything about this matter

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lol retard and you still haven't kicked zeto:DDD, your so pathetic. Keep the ''none of us knew this'' bullshit to yourself please, jezus fuck how retarded can you be?

ones again CB/killerboy proves how retarded they can be, good to know AEF still lets them attend, must be krosan buddy buddy
waiting for another "briliant" cb decision regarding this matter
*UPDATE* I was just informed by chry that zeto is now OUT of OVERLOAd. Their substitution is the belgian superstar, david
Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Everyone from your team knew it! Do not lie. You all hacked back then, so why not after so many years playing together?

Also, zeto has been cheating or atleast testing them since always! Open your eyes. Killerboy, community wants the same treatment as FF had few seasons ago. Remove from EC, they are not trustworthy (as we can see, even after the ban they tried it again... yes..). Also i wouldn't say that zeto is completely clean, he has 0 control over his mouse when he is moving, but if a bodie appears... ohoh :D hs hs
I fully agree with you, expect the first sentence.Just check, in example United Kingdom mEEZ' case. He cheated, and he is still playing at high level, were at lan, where he played better than he did at online.Or just check Belgium belgian-Fraternity, some of they player cheated, even they went to lan while they were banned and showed the community they can play at lan too.
the 1st sentence is a troll sentece :P i know it doesn't work like that, specially because this ovr guys played kinda good at some cic !
"Once a cheater, always a cheater."
why do you still play with sexclick then? no offense, he might be clean nowadays and i couldn't care less but he was cheating at some point and he got busted aswell.
He got busted, his ban got decreased. He isn't only a player, he is a guy i know for 4 years and a good e-mate! I am not defending him though, he is old enough to defend himself, and he isn't active for long time tbh :P
just pointing out why it's sometimes difficult to use such an expression like "once a cheater always a cheater". cos even those who use such a phrase usually make exceptions for their e-mates (same goes for me also).
but seems like you weren't that serious there anyways.
edit: ouh but for some ppl like zeto, this expression might even be right :_D okay, maybe not "always" but "whenever he feels like it or whenever he gets raped" :D
and yes i talking about zeto and some of his friends with lack of skill. I kinda doubt that lio, mesq, kevin hacked, they are kinda good without anything... but at the other side zeto was/is/will be a hacker forever!
server rcon hack or something and not a etbot or wh ;)
i'm quite confident that he also used a cheat in some random 3on3 against me where he played with sinner (the coder). just ask calisto - who i played with - he shares my opinion ;D
calisto used to be a fanboy of sexclick afaik
ye, guess why :D
because of this match :D:D
he never cheated/was busted. probably he was raging in that war..he does that much times in fact and is not cheating.
but even then, he played with 2 cheaters at least.
anyways i don't really care about it any more, just tried to prove a point to ag0n, nothing more.
vila gna paly with mesq's etkey, u heard it here first
agree with your comment above, but theres a simple formula:

the community doesnt want ovr to be banned because they got mAus, everybody's asslickin mAus so they just cant hate ovr, you get it ? :D
I couldn't care less about mAus. He knew who they were before re-joining ovr again! This is kinda expected, so now deal with it!
forget to say that I agree with your comment, admins just got no bawllz.
once a cheater always cheater

still remember a war against overload a couple weeks back when I was sure he was wallhacking aswell. I mean.. I and pretty much my whole team was getting owned by VILA :D

Remember when I said.. Since when can you actually shoot vila? AMIRIGHT Vila? xD
I remember when all our games (helix in EC) got forfeited for that rivia tunner story with razz (he used it in a 3v3 with some of his friends without any of us knowing). Hope this doesn't happen to them.
sure you made this comment in hope it wont happen ^^
you should pick me, im belgian and i dont cheat!
But you're from Bruges... :XD

ps: just a joke, don't freak out.
Haha :D don't worry, i thought that one was funny :p
good decision, you should perform well enough without hacks anyway. vila, without a doubt, is the biggest belgian idiot besides kiss.
haha, kiss, good old days :D
lets not forget StormG and that overload fanboy umm.. SneeK ;XD
zeto tolerance
Overload fucking owned tonight... oh wait
Your line up keeps getting better & better.
mAus dAvid Lio mesq ..
Doa is niks cools aon !

weowe de mannen

mesq <3

gl manne XD
Belgium Flashy > mesq > vila
huh ?!

trolololollol :P
also the feet on the left
" I can confirm that nobody besides zeto knew anything about this matter"

Hereby the official statement the Overload ET team

After logging in to crossfire today most of the members of the Overload team found out zeto and villa got busted once again and we weren't really surpisided. After all its only the second time they got busted and nobody really made an issue out of it the first time.

Although we would have liked to continue playing with zeto we had to kick him, much to our dislike. We know teams like helix got removed from EC eventhough nobody but razz knew about the rivatuner. We really dont see any connection between these two facts, its not like we knew villa would have ever cheated. Using this defence we are confident we can stay in ET / EC and continue being the little arrogant and braindead fucks that we are.

In name of the entire team we laugh at your faces, like we always do and wish to say: go fuck yourself. If it wasnt for all the thousand of messages and peer pressure we'd still be playing with zeto.

Cu @ our next ban losers

Yours truely,
Funny how everyone pretends to know how Lio Chry and mAus are feeling, you're wrong.

And yes I know more than you do.

And no I'm not an "overload-boy" anymore, I'm just stating the truth.
did they cut themselfs?
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