Tonight Kreaturen vs Gods.Inc

Tonight you can watch to a nice ETTv match in the Warleagues Premier League. Kreaturen will fight versus Gods Incorporated e.V.

Benelux Kreaturen, the Benelux powerhouse, played only one match in Warleagues yet, versus Clan SoF. They won that match with 2-1. Yesterday, they lost against wArning! in the toFOUR Cup after a nice battle which was won by wArning! with 4-0.

Krea lineup:
Netherlands Azz0r
Netherlands teKoa
Netherlands Lun4t1C
Netherlands Jex
Belgium pr0ph3cy
Belgium nul

Krea map:

Finland Gods.Inc, the finnish clan, going for the next EuroCup played 2 matches allready. They lost their first match against Rewind and won their second match against remedium. They are also participating in the toFOUR Cup, but lost versus the new lineup in the playoffs.

Gods.Inc lineup:
Finland MulSu
Finland kmble
Finland LeTTu
Finland Irska
Finland chmpp
Hungary Nonix

Gods.Inc map:

Match info:
Benelux Kreaturen 1:2 Gods.Inc Finland
League: Warleagues Premier League
Time: 20:00 CET
Maps: supplydepot2 / sw_goldrush_te / braundorf_b2
Admin: Malta Yancho

Germany VP Clan ETTv Server - - 150 slots
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