Video: PURRI versus 4Kings

image: 79036-aaaa_1The EuroCup match between xentorium and 4Kings was the first one in the current season.
I guess most of the vieweres were seeing 4Kings as the favorite and that they will smash their opponents. But especially Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen proved them wrong and pulled out an amazing performance for his team. Whilst he made 39 frags on Deep Inside he managed to get a few more, 46, on Dreadful Place and was the key player, who keept the scores between both teams pretty close. Germany took his demos from both maps and them as video, which you can find here.

PoV-Video at
Looks a lot like ARMENIAN PoV in the match ARMENIAN vs pzdKK.
purri <3
calling it an amazing performance would be quite a bit of an overstatment imho, Sweden purri can pull off really good games if everything goes right, didn't really see anything spectacular except for a few quad runs and denies.

What I saw was pretty much 2 teams playing waaaay more aggressive than how it usually is. 4k aint that good imho, also it seems like purri was the one breaking their last minute defence which cost them the game.
Finland purri

damn swedes trying to steal our players
4k are the best tdm team around at the moment
not rly, also if they were it does not mean they are very good.
Who are better then? Can't even argue with your last statement.
imo metsu could be better than 4k atm but it's a close call
not a fan of tdm, sadly
I'm a fan of you, dunzy :)
nice. will watch it :D
lol gerppa aka Finland TomtE :D
I don't know whether you were laughing at my "expections" or smth like that but I know it is true cause he was my neighbour before moving to Pori for his studies :)
I'm laughing because I never thought someone from ET scene could be highly skilled in quake
he played q2
he isn't that good
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