eZbhRTCWCUP - exciting game coming up!

As the groupphase has begun, there is an exciting game coming up this evening.EuropeeZbash will take on NorwayI.RTCW in the first groupmatch in group 3. Get your popcorn ready!
This will be a close game as NorwayI have beaten EuropeRIP last week in practice, while EuropeRIP are one of the best clans since 2007 on RTCW 1.0. EuropeeZbash have been playing together for more then 2 years with some time off last year and played the last cups and have a rewarding past.

image: game21900




WolfTV ip:

Maps will be:
Frostbite & Ice

You don't need a valid CD-Key to watch this game so you can easily view it

RTCW 1.0 Pack
Wolf TV


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This is a good chance to prove to the 1.4 players that 1.0 is just the same as 1.4 as we have PB + OSP on the server. There are no differences!

Last but not least, 3v3 is sometimes even more exciting then 6v6. Watch the video to see why! If you want audio with the clip then view the own3d.tv stream

lol A game even older then ET still alive.
guess you never heared of Diablo2
Talking bout the games I know.
Whats funny about that? if it wasnt for RtCW you probably would not have your spin off ET.
Wasn't meant to be funny, was a message for the fucktrolls who say ET sucks because it's an old game.

Got my point?
do not want bli bla blu !
omg omg !
cup section please.
do you need a valid CD-Key to play?
Im avi for a team then :_D
excellent : team 16 is looking for one, you can contact silentslayer i'll send his email to you in a pm
This is a good chance to prove to the 1.4 players that 1.0 is just the same as 1.4 as we have PB + OSP on the server. There are no differences!

maybe i will check :D
1.0 is nothin like 1.4
It sucks and is full of bugs :(
Bugs are all fixed with pb and osp is just the same as on 1.4
oh please, you can't even turn off auto reload ....
for the last time, you didn't even tested it so why make conclusions, autoreload can be turned off with ease, all osp functions from 1.4 work in 1.0...

thx to s4ndmod team + dutchmeat
with 1 click installer you can fix all the bugs and install pb at the same time


then you also can add all the 1.4 mods on 1.0 and they will work perfectly
ggs 1-3 for I
are they smurfs?
IceQ best player of Team 16
Then play atleast with them
mp_garage one of the really good RTCW map
need clan for rtcw q
Been playing on 1.0 for a week now its fun :P Although the public servers are a joke with drop reload and 230+ starting bullets lol.

Ya need to advertise your osp server more and get people on it :P
well our private server is the only server with osp on it atm + pb. Our public server still runs some edited s4dnmod version, but setings are osp wise and no pb. We want to get the active 1.0 dm scene also in obj so the way to do that is without maybe having restrictions so they have to download osp + pb mod, which in my eyes they wont do
Yea agree if you've played 1.0 sandmod for years its hard to explain the benefits of switching to OSP. I got asked that last week lol. But i only reinstalled because of the wolfpack twister mad, so couldnt really list them hehe.
true mate true

hope to see you here:
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