Video: reload on his way to the IEM

image: reload3The EPS-Player Germany Philipp 'reload' Kotecki participated as one of the underdogs in the last chance qualifier for the european Mainround of the fifth Intel Extreme Masters season. During that tournament he had to play against a few of the top players, like another EPS-Player Germany Sebastian 'abso' Wanek or Italy Alessandro 'stermy' Avallone. stermy was his opponent in the semifinal and reload manged it, to put up a decent fight against the italian powerhouse. He also had to face the Dignitas-Player United Kingdom Dan 'zsx' Sanders. Germany took his demos from both games and uploaded them as video, which you can find on

PoV-Video at

Demo vs. zsx
Demos vs. stermy
Cool, sounds awesome.
Good stuff, keep it up.

Ps. Think u should put up item times for those demos, helps ppl more who dont know much about ql
Well after the countless posts about QL, if anyone bothered to watch a movie/demo or 2 before, will know what's us :)
so did Germany reload won over abso and stermy or zsx or what

[e] no he did not

trolled hard
abso as in absolwent :D?
hello hendrik william kinks
Thats the shitter reload :/
evil twinbrother?
thought it was about the Estonia one,wouldnt had click else
gl to this guy whoever he is

very german like name :/
i want "reload on his way to the toilet" pls
always dude always ;)
Estonia reload??? omg faker die plz -,-
gl EstoniaAnderson
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