CoD - Gotfrag previews the CPC

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Over at Gotfrag, Liam Crowley has written an indepth preview of the CoD2 tournament in this weekend's Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge. It includes a detailed look at each of the groups and a run down of the teams likely to challenge for first place.

Here is a small sample from the article...

QuoteAfter a long wait we are now only days away from what promises to be one of the biggest events for Call of Duty 2 so far this year. Featuring 12 of the very best European teams and held in the state of the art TGS Rotterdam, the Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge is almost upon us. Rivalries will be renewed as the beautiful city of Rotterdam plays host to the likes of Speedlink, Dignitas, digitalMind and more. With the last spot filled today after the announcement that Webone were unable to attend it looks like the stage is set for an action packed weekend.

The teams will be competing for a total prize purse of €3,000, one of the largest we've seen so far. We are likely to be given a good indication of who's in form as the EuroCup Lan Finals approach with both Speedlink and Dignitas in attendance. Both these teams performed well at the Outpost Lan last month and Speedlink in particular will need to avoid slipping up here if they are to maintain their aura of invincibility for the EuroCup Lan. Dignitas on the other hand will have to prove that their 2nd place placing at Outpost was no fluke and hopefully their recent victory at i28 will have helped their new lineup gel. Losing Qwerty in particular will be a big blow to the team as he was, along with Raz, a key figure for Dignitas at the Outpost Lan.

You can read the full preview here
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