EMS VII Grand Final

EMS VII ET Grandfinal

image: ems7_grfinalThe last big highlight of this years competitive Enemy Territory is just around the corner and it will be a very special one. United Kingdom Team Dignitas and United Kingdom The Last Resort have faced each other on 7 maps in three official matches within the last week. Their first encounter was a very close 3mapper which I believe many of you have watched. United Kingdom Dignitas managed to save the win in that one. The second and third time they faced each other was the recently played CB EC Grandfinal, where
United Kingdom Dignitas were the big time favourites according to the GamesTV bets, not only becaues United Kingdom TLR had to beat them twice. They still did so and walked away with a straight 8-0 victory - ESL Newspost

United Kingdom Dignitas was left with the unpleasent second rank of this years Eurocup, but as chance would have it, they are given a second chance to proove who really is Enemy Territorys best. Both teams yet again have to battle it out, this time for the ESL Major Series VII title and the 400€ the winning team receives (loser gets 200€).

Will United Kingdom TLR pull it off once again and beat United Kingdom Dignitas twice in a row? The match will not be split so make sure to tune in and watch the last big match of 2010!
image: s_head
United KingdomDignitas

Estonia Anderson
Germany drago
Netherlands Lightning
Finland Squall
Finland olBaa
United KingdomTLR

United Kingdom sqzz
United Kingdom R0SS
Italy XyLoS
Netherlands M1lk
Belgium mAus
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image: game23233


United Kingdom TosspoT #QuadV[/b]
Netherlands Ati_ & United Kingdom Wakizashi[/b]image: s_foot
United Kingdom R0SS:
QuoteWell once again we meet Dignitas in another final, this time ESL EMS. The team is obviously confident and morale is high after the win in the finals of Eurocup, where we found ourselves in the same position, coming from the loser bracket. Dignitas have a very talented lineup and will want to bounce back strong, like many say, when money is up for grabs Dignitas are at their best. Im gonna predict an 8-2 win for us, but GL to the Dignitas lads and congratulations to them on reaching another final.

Estonia Anderson:
QuoteTLR has once again caught us at the perfect time, the fact that they are firing on all cylinders doesn't help our cause. Unless we pull out atleast 1 mistake free map early, you could easily be looking at another blowout victory for TLR. With that said, look out for a better team and individual effort from all our players.

- ESL Newspost
- EMS VII ET Overview
- Matchlink
match for money, eZ dignitas
it's not special one, it just happened 3 days ago
nice read
olBaa you best roll...
You better be rolling again, TLR!
Hoping this will be a lot more entertaining than the EC final. Good luck.
omg maus omg
This is going to be epic.
all money goes on TLR
hopefully dignitas turn up to this one, think they deserve to win one of the tournies - to lose it all at the final stage would be a bit harsh :)

Ill be happy with a good game though! :)
Harsh? They already won a lot. And btw, TLR comes from the LB which means if they manage to beat d twice coming from the LB, they deserve to take the double.
didnt say TLR wouldn't deserve it if they won, just harsh on dignitas to lose it at the final stage for a second time :)
as I said at eurocup final, game will be about maus/xylos/sqzz day. 8-2 for tlr imo
deja vu?
What a grand spectacle it will be.
awesome match
Too bad I finish exams today and I'll be having fun in teh night club instead of watching this nerdy match
not sure if i can watch this live :(
im eroused....
You can do it mateS !
Easy bash for Dignitas, Lightning MVP.
I might be able to cast this!
its on the QV schedule! :)
yay, cool
btw, i know shit about it, so you're going to cast @ quadv.com with ingame video etc (VIDEOSTREAM), or just a downloadble file which everyone will put in their winamp or whatever and join to ettv ?dno how its called
oki, waiting for it ^^
when will it come that u cast together with ur partner owzo?
id like to have drwa :( i wish both teams good luck :)
dignitas will take this one because money is in the prizepool :)
TLR will win because they have maus herp zerp
go german guy
ich wusste nicht du wärst ein nazi :0
I went to swindon last week
living in leicester :d
Again these teams ;D

Are the other teams left so far behind? ;O
not enough time, sorry ;(
Someone please record the shoutcast and upload it later.
gonna watch stream but sync with toss shoutcast

me so krezy
GGs, gratz on winning the more important game :-P
+1, nice win;
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