#revive.6on6 Project Begins

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We're a group of players dedicated to the 6on6 format, we had enough of the discussions going on. So we decided it was time for the right combination of players to actually take some action and get the 6on6 scene moving again.

We DO NOT in any way want to take out the 5on5 format, since we acknowledge its priorities for LAN, but would like to co-exist in periods where there is none significant 5on5 competition going on, like now, and during the summer period.
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So, what's the plan ?
We're still at the start of getting things started but have made some significant actions already.

The #revive.6on6 cup

We wanted to show our ambition with running a CB hosted 6on6 cup to get the attention & coverage going.
We decided the best way to do this would be by getting some of the biggest names in Enemy Territory to take part in it. The games will be broadcasted by several shoutcasters including Wales Owzo & Netherlands Ati_ with more to follow.
You can already expect the following teams to take part and a few more big names should be signing up during the coming days.
  • Netherlands RAGE Gaming
  • Europe TAG
  • Estonia K1ck.ee
  • Belgium Team EDiT
  • Finland Fantastic 7
  • Belgium Winfakt
  • Netherlands OVERLOAd
  • Germany Team Speedlink

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The #et.gather channel

Already being a big hit with the community, we opened up a gather channel where people can play 6on6 mixes against each other on servers hosted by our project.

How does it work ?

You join the #et.gather channel on IRC and start by typing the command !add in the textbox. You'll see the topic changing and you being put in a line-up, this process continues until 12 different players do the same and we have enough players to get a 6on6 war going.
After this is done, you'll get a PM from the IRC-bot giving you the Server IP & Teamspeak3 IP that you can join for the game.Connect with SLAC and have fun playing your 1 map, disconnect after the game and type !gameover in the chatbox, and a new game will be started.

Other useful commands
!remove = will remove you from the list of players to play the gather.
!map list = shows you the available maps that you can vote for.
!vote mapname = vote for the map you would like to play.
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Future plans

We're already planning a second cup that should be announced after the first one finishes. This cup will have hardware prizes to be won, sponsored by Netherlands RAGE-Gaming, more info about this will be posted when the time is right.

Your idea !
Got a plan that the ET community has been lacking, think you found something to attract more players to the 6on6 scene, let us know in #revive.6on6

Last but not least..
During the last few days there has been a significant increase in the 6on6 wars going on. I'd like to remind all teams & mixes that are looking for a war to do that in the central 6on6 channel #revive.6on6 - ONLY USE #6on6.et AS AN EXTRA SEARCH OPTION since allot of our community members are banned from there without any reason.

That's it for now, you'll be hearing from us soon enough with the announcement for the first #revive.6on6.cup
!add red

and have fun! keep it up Aleks&co!
nice :)
Nice step you fellas are doing, keep it going!
#6on6.et cya there :))

and only there :P
we'd love to work with them, if they would stop banning people that beat them.
everything is possible,
vila is voiced there,

-buy cheats
-have fun
-profit ??,?
try talking with shiNe - but i doubt it will change anything. this guy is so narrowminded and retarted that he seriously thinks slac has a backdoor trying to steal his bankaccounts :X:X despite the fact EVERYONE who beats him is a cheater.
yeah he is very retarted!!!!1111!!!!oneone!!!!!!
so we ( non-big name clans ) have to follow big name clans to play ET ??,,?

nah soryy, 5on5 is ET, 5on5 keep ET alive, 5on5 > 6on6 becouse i dont think

and 5on5 becouse bettar to play aim-based than soldier noob with flamer.

Chief Inspector Hatman from krp.ch
+1 5o5 keep et alive
Quotenah soryy, 5on5 is ET, 5on5 keep ET alive, 5on5 > 6on6 becouse i dont think

right if you dont think 5on5 is good for you. :D

QuoteWe DO NOT in any way want to take out the 5on5 format, since we acknowledge its priorities for LAN, but would like to co-exist in periods where there is none significant 5on5 competition going on ..."

but directly you make a 5on5 vs. 6on6 black or white thinking out of it... you know, often is the grey alternative the best!
we also followed some big names in the ET scene that wanted to change the format.

must be fake, no way
nice =]
nice :P
trolled hard
<--6th player if somebody needs one for this cup.

no chance for you guys to signup ?
i have no idea what our plan is :D
Gl with it! Revive 6o6!
finally some movement in the community, nice. I wish you much success!
very nice Lazio!
glad to see 6o6 cup around with some big names in it.

gl everyone
Nice, but yesterday, the server IP we got crashed 2 times...
6on6 haters crashed our unprotected server, it has been replaced by protected ones which can't be crashed that easily.
Its nice to see that people put effort in bringing 6on6 back :).
You got my respect. :P
Nice, thx! keep up the good work!
6on6 ladders/leagues?
ladder got closed by killerboy, and no one blame him.
We will be opening a sort of ladder competition soon, which will have separate leagues like in EC, but people can promote and demote depending on their results. (like in football)
nice to hear.
I would help, if help is needed (coding, webspace and so on).
#lotte.priv nerds mad?
great idea. Keep up the good work
Ye wonder where it came from, I'll contact you when we start realizing it.
Good luck with it anyway!
6v6 ftw <3
i signing up whit turbot ???
cool !
but lazio
for the last time :S
get lost :D
I need a medic !
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