Czech 4th BYOC LAN announcement

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Finally its here! Czech Republic mallborou announced yet another Czech BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN with nice history of Czech Republic 3 successful sessions!

You can see, place[/b]]image: sal02image: sal03 looks pretty comfortable!

2. - 4. September 2011

5on5 as main cup, 3on3 (with prizes also), public, whatever

What do we offer
  • 120 gaming seats (up to 24 teams, if real interest, even more)
  • ~ 250e prize money for first 3 places (plus other prizes like mice, mousepads etc., still getting more and more sponzors! +if many teams interested, increase of prize money is sure)
  • reasonable entrance fee
  • full ETTV support

What you are supposed to have
  • ~20e price per person (entrance fee + dinner + 1 beer)
  • your own PC's (as its BYOC)
  • friendliness

What except gaming you can find there
  • Bar (alcoholics is a must)
  • Barbecue
  • MVP of the tournament announcement

Sleeping place
In the areal on the ground, in tent. Probably some hotel nearby, we will look into it some further. (Anyway, nerds doesnt need to sleep,right?)

Contact info
If you got any answers, just ask here, or pmme on IRC /q `iR|Green_Clon, will try to answer ASAP.
If you are interested and understand everything, please send us email on with your teamname and your squad. (not mandatory - atleast yet - you can also come without registration, but this will make it much easier for us and even for you)

Main sponzors:Autodoprava novotny, OBO, stavebni sporení liska, Ozone

If you want to participate and dont want to bring your own pc, you can pm us and we will rent you one for 17e for the whole time you are gonna be there !
gl tho!
et is alive
adi helping out with this lan? :)
no, this LAN already took place 3 times and always with nice support and coverage
inb4 roba posting!
oh screw you! :D
i told u, u are getting old :D
I just grew up, got responsibilities now, with server and gaming :)
server i kinda agree

gaming? come on...u cant talk about urself!
Cool, might consider going cause its close!
ja pa komp na cesko vlacu, bo se ksno bolezn staknu pizda sifilis pa take fore..
good luck :)
GL & HF!
gl greenclon :)

e: could u tell me the prices in czk? will be easier for me
Looks cool, get rtcw too!!!
CF community is spoiled, after CC lans noone will go to BYOC events :<
GL with it!
Only ET or also LoL and Anacreon? :p
you want play anacreon? just pmme and lets play :XD
well, its just ET (ql was considered too, but imo it is refused)
Good stuff!
nice -- hope to be there
sound great :) gl with it!
nice to see more lans!
sounds interesting :]
Czech Republic Czezch LAN sounds like a non-nerd LAN :)
Netherlands Crossfire LAN events are nerdish LANs.

this LAN gets my approval :)
so cu there :D
cu at aalborg
cu there

~20e price per person (entrance fee + dinner + 1 beer)

==) tlr lan = rippin people's money
thats for sure, on the other hand this is BYOC :o(
TLR LAN has to rent PCs.
pretty similair actually :)

TLR LAN, 23 euros per day - one beer included if you signup in March - no dinner though :(
Best lan event in Czech republic ;)
You should get Czech Republic smOke to help you with sponsors and coverage.
wasnt pretty open for this event, also we (mallborou) can do it without him either - always did and was always win
Getting more people and sponsors involved could mean it'll get bigger and open to non-Czech teams as well (if that is wanted).
as I understand sm0ke is interested just in his superduper-city-cups which sucks and noone wants to play them. we got some sponzors already,but it all depends on number of team coming
LOL, fuck you really... so sad hearing this from such person. You dont know anything about how it works and as everybody can see nobody appreciate years of hard work for ET in our country, only envy and discreditation.

Nobody tell me about that action btw.
fuck me,ye,really. behave, really!
seriously, thats my point of view. I dont know how it works at all - you are right. fortunately, I am not here the one in charge. someone, who already did 3 sucessful LANs with prizes n stuff, good org. etc.
hard work on et? yeah, in the past. we apreciate what you did in past, but now? well, you did city-cup with nice prize, but its organizating part clearly showed how you paied attention to game recently. dont get me wrong, you do nice for czech esport, but not in ET. just look at your page, almost nothing about ET. even you dont shoutcast ANYTHING at all at ET while QL,SC pretty much. then dont be surprised that people dont think you do much for ET.
also, I said what I said according to my sources, not my opinion.
Cant believe I will ever read this... Who and when contact me pls? Stop lieing and take my name in your mouth pls.
greenclon looks so excited in this thread
I was asked to take care about crossfire side so I do it at my best
still you look really excited :D

gl anyway
its just my nature then!
no you were not
cu there.. oh wait, im hated in cze.. ":DDDDDDDDD"
atleast everybody loves inteRaction.. :d
what i have to do with iR? :o
nothing :D
just that even hated clans are participating :D
problem is, i dont have clan :{D
"oh wait, im hated in cze"
2v2 mix maybe? :)

..oh wait
interesting :D
Great stuff! More LANs please!
Lol imma interested : ) Gluck with it, I hope it gonna work and my mates would like to play. Bringing own PC sounds like home made LAN party, and I love it. And sleepin in tents. Czech gurls are lovely, aren't they...? :)

Quote~20e price per person (entrance fee + dinner + 1 beer)

I associated this wit (aw)some kind of catering. You want us to feel your hospitality? : D
i want ze money !
Its not pretty far away from Berlin and would be a cheaper option for me instead NL / UK lan ..

Ive couldnt found anyprice info for the traintickets :-///

I will think of it!^^
from germany to cz, hum 50€ each way? Or you could simply go by bike ^^
with a computer on his back? :D
Rofl, if it was one week earlier and I could come by bike :o
And you will now use a car?
i will be there !
It's in 6 months! But sure I will be there if I get a team.
i am avi for a team !!!!
it would be great if you create a list of clans who is in somewhere here ;]
czech beer hmm not bad idea
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