Liga4Fun opens to Europe

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With only a few spots left in the upcoming Liga4fun season - a league known and proven for ages in the German Enemy Territory community - it was right on time to release an updated version of their rules with finally including an English version for the first time ever. Those were obviously created to allow international teams to find a place where they can actually have fun competing as a team.

If you are interested and willing to participate in this summer's season check out their website and sign up. If any help is required you can feel free to contact D4vid in the official IRC channel #liga4fun.

Deadline to sign up is June 6th, 2011.


Also the league wants to deliver a big thank you to GermanypaRa who did translate the Rules.
nice :DD
for a small league like we are, it's a step into the right way.

1. League Design
3. Cheats
4. Map Rules
5. Cycle
6. Miscellaneous
7. Serverside settings

1. League Design: (nach oben)

This league is made for fun!

To participate in the Liga4Fun competitions you have to register on our forums. As soon as you have activated your account via the verification email you can register a clan on our homepage, where more members can join by using the confirmed clan password.

Where to find what on the Liga4Fun homepage?
You can join or leave clans at the UserCP → My Teams
You can change clansettings, war- and league registrations and User-Management at
User CP → Clan CP → Clan administration → pick a clan

What permissions are available at the user-management?
Level 1 = Member (no special authorisations)
Level 2 = Warorga (league registration, edit clan information, war registration)
Level 3 = Leader (edit User-Management, plus all the authorisations of the Warorga)

You can delete a clan by contacting a Liga4Fun admin, who then deletes as desired.

If you have any further questions about our homepage, please feel free to contact a Liga4Fun admin :)!

2. Requirements: (nach oben)

It has to be the most recent version of ET (2.60b) and SLAC to be played with.

The ETPro mod (v 3.2.6) with Stopwatch mode and the most recent Global Config has to be used.

Whoever wants to join a league needs a clan with at least seven members, would be better if it would be more.

An IRC-channel is required for easier communication.


If a server is needed, please contact a Liga4Fun admin.

You can look-up your SLAC-ID by connecting to a server and type /sl_players in the console. A list of all players on the server will pop-up. You can see your 8 digit SLAC-ID behind your name.

Exceptions: Because there is no serverside SLAC-addon required for the games and there is no SLAC client for linux yet, players with Linux as operating system need to prove this by typing /cheaters in the console.

Every player has to add his SLAC-ID on the Liga4Fun page.

3. Cheats: (nach oben)

Any kind of cheats (aimbot, wallhack, etc.) are PROHIBITED!!! Same for external applications, which rig Enemy Territory (i.e. Spawntimer Heron, etc.)

GFX-tweaks to improve fps are allowed, as long as they are not prohibited by SLAC or the Liga4Fun.config!

Commtools like Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Mumble, etc. are allowed!

Anti-recoil scripts (sniperscript), as well as mortar-scripts are prohibited.

4. Map Rules: (nach oben)

4.1 sw_goldrush = 15 minutes.
Bremen_b3 = 15 minutes.
Würzburg Radar = 12 minutes.
Adlernest = 10 minutes.
Supply = 15 minutes.
Karsiah_te2 = 12 minutes.

5. Cycle: (nach oben)

A member is only allowed to play in one team per league. For example, you might be in team X for the 5o5 league and for team Y in the 3o3 league, but if they are both registered for 3on3 and 5on5 league, it is still allowed to play for both teams, just not in the same leagues. Except for the Liga4Fun Admin-Team, which consists of several clans.

Also only players with registered SLAC-ID are allowed to play.If there are several squads from one clan, only members of the particular squad are allowed to play.If players from the squad are not available, a maximum of 2 players from the clan can get substituted, as long as the opponent agrees.

Wars are scheduled by the teams, they have to communicate themselves. The wars have to be played within the given time, if there is no result within 3 days after the end of the given period the war wont get evaluated. The wars have to be played on the gameservers of the clans, with the most recent Winter Global config (see 7. Serverside settings) on it.

When the war is scheduled by the arrangers, both clans have to choose one map from the map-pool. It is played by best-of-3. Each team has to attack first on their chosen map. If a decider map is needed, allies and axis just stay the way the were on the map before.

Half a week before and after the given period to play a game a result is rated. Afterwards the game is cancelled automatically, so please schedule your games in time. If there are any anomalies, please contact a Liga4Fun admin.

Game results are only rated if both teams send the result. Please send the result within a few days! Screenshots (cg_autoaction) are optional, but appreciated to prevent misunderstandings. Every player has to record demos of every game!

If a clan drops out, all their games are rated zero. Even if there are already games played, they are getting rated as default loss afterwards.


If a clan does not show up within 20 minutes after the start of the game, without notifying the clan and / or league admin, the missing clan will receive a default loss. The game must be cancelled within 30 minutes before the start of the match.

Spectators have to be approved by the opponent.

6. Miscellaneous: (nach oben)

We don't allow clans which support the ideological intentions of the National Socialists in any way. These clans get kicked out of the league after one warning!

To edit clan settings please contact a Liga4Fun admin.

Liga4Fun reserves the right to change the rules at any time without notification. This could be because of updates or incident. The decision is based on the fact, that Liga4Fun admins try to build and sustain a fair and fun based league, which should be fun first!
ty ;)

also i didnt translate the news but the rules
es lebt noch
servus alex, alles fit? :)
eh klar und selbst ? lange nix mehr gehört ! aber naja hatte auch gute 6 Monate kein I-Net im Stadelheim ( München )
was haste denn angestellt? o0
und jetzt biste wieder am start?! mir gehts gut btw :D
naja hatte ne kleine fotzerrei mit schlimmen auswirkungen aber ajo jetzt bin ich wieder am start ^^
well done :)
QuoteI just

QuoteWe just

QuoteI just
wtf main news?
just e-fame <3
Good job :)
D4vid @ e-fame, GL HERO
u are jealous right? :(

maybe hukk will do a comback in this season :O
ofc, i wish i was efamous! :D

:O! have you talked to him? he will be on Team Finland by the end of SummerCup if he makes a comeback, i am sure - last i heard of him he was being a pub hero though?
<17:15:10> <hukk> thinking about making a comeback at liga4fun with w0bble

a Finland HUKKBACK

+ 3o3 wit me ;O

is already ours!
gl and big success liga4fun ;)
cannot into europe :(
Quotea place where hey can
not my fault someone else overworked that news :)
no more enough german teams?
not realy. well i think about that the winner team will get medals like we did it in the past.
Meine sind nie angekommen obwohl ich vor 2 Jahren meine adresse angegeben hab :<

me sad.
beschwer dich bei max der hat die geordert.
wir haben unsere damals bekommen ;) good job!
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