New low for Brink

Brinks player numbers are depreciating faster than assets on a Greek balance sheet, however for those that did play the game players are being warned to change their passwords as Bethesda and Brink specifically has been hacked wide open.

Visitors to the popular Torrent site the Pirate Bay website can download the entire game source code and database passwords for the Brink site. Whilst user data has not been uploaded the hacking group behind this have claimed to have access to them.

According to Steam Brink currently has just 689 players online right now, ranking it below games many years older than it.

STOP HATING BRINK (insert britney-hate-video, you know what I mean)
Quotejust 689 players online right now

worse than ET wtf >.<
Told you, Brink was a dead game 1 week after being released. But my comments where deleted!
Why are you talking this crap? Come with some decent arguments next time playboy
What, that the game has no future? I made a point, and it was correct. Therefore my argument is decent?
how can you be British?

Where != were
I'm a failure at life.
at least u can sing very good :P
True dat :D
No it wasn't.

Brink has no future because it has no support from its own developers, you only have to look at ET to see that even a pile of shit game can be made into something much better - although with ET a promod took 6months in this day and age 1 month is seen as too long for a competitive scene to build.
Ye valid point, thats why i believe it wont go anywhere.

Ye, It does take time, but with this day and age, the gaming just isn't the same anymore, So i really do doubt it will kick off, even with the year. I'd like it too, but im not gona sit tight and wait for something which doesn't seem promising.
it may well have a chance still, but I doubt it will not be any more successful then ET:QW was.

And that is splashdamage's fault, no release of an SDK has really hampered the competitive scene.
No support? Almost had an update every week since release. Granted they weren't massive updates but shows the support is there just some fixes aren't a 1 hour job.

Why does everyone blame SD straight away? Bethesda are to blame just as much if not more.

Same shit in ET:QW and Wolf with Activision, they fucked us over by cutting support early on and allowing the games to be released as they were in the first place and yet everyone rushed out to buy COD from them a month later while vowing never to buy a game made by SD or Endrant and took joy in the fact people lost their jobs at the latter.

The launch for Brink was a shambles, I find it hard to believe neither SD or Bethesda didn't know of some of the problems, however what done is done, they are trying to put things right and as such other stuff has been put back. (SDK, demo recording, comp features) Sadly not everyone is that patient :)

Not all that post was directed at you :)
Endrant were responsible for the online client afaik, splashdamage too for Brink - Activision are more responsible for SP and Wolf SP was actually fine for me.
Activision were responsible for all aspects of the games mentioned, the publisher as pretty much the final say on everything, sure they don't make it but they are responsible for the developer they hire to make the game. They set the deadlines and dictate what they spend most of their resources on.

Back to Wolf, it was Activision who hired Endrant, an unknown small developer with no previous titles against their name, why? Because they would have been cheap. They also chose to hire Threewave before that to start work on the MP then decided to drop them and shift to another developer.

For the SP they hired Raven, the developer who haven't made a good game in about 10 years.

Now to Brink, Bethesda chose not to have a beta, closed or otherwise (ecxluding the ps3 one), seems they cut corners on internal QA hence the messed up launch. They also are preventing SD from been more open than they once were controlling all information on Brink. That's why we don't hear a great deal about what's been worked on at the moment.

I hope both parties in this matter learn from the launch of Brink, SD should demand more freedom and Bethesda should spend more money on QA.
oh for sure, lessons need to be learnt for all - but its an expensive lesson to learn and quite a harmful one to their reputations.
For sure, it's highly embarrassing for both parties, I have tiny amount of hope that they will have all the issues fixed in time for that free dlc, pretty sure quite a few players will return just to try it out, if the game is in a better shape when they do, they may stick around for a short while longer. That and an SDK, it's only been 6 weeks I think on that regard, I think it will come soonish if it comes at all, otherwise they might as well not bother. Be like if the Wolf '09 SDK was released tomorrow, no one would give a shit.

Long term prospects aren't looking good though.

I'm having fun at the moment regardless, had my £23 pounds worth I think.
Why does everyone blame SD straight away?

Maybe cause they are shitty developers? Has there been a single good game from them? Only decent thing they managed to do is use 3rd party engine and create a copy of RTCW gameplay, which then de-evolved into what we know as Quakewars (also developed on 3rd party engine) and now BRINK.

They couldn't code if their lives depend on it.

Can't see that? Have fun buying their next game.
Hey look, it's everyone's favorite broken record.

I know they aren't the best developer in the world, yet I've managed to have fun in all their games, Brink is no exception, sure their games aren't perfect but who's are these days? I've not played a 'perfect' game since the SNES.

You may not like their games but others do, it's all subjective at the end of the day.

Thanks though, I will have fun with their next game.
A true believer.
image: budx8oqyawziuiu5e
lulzsec saved ET
can't force ppl to play half made game
is brink really that bad? Oo
I would like to have more bad games like that then !
Many bugs/craps that need to be fixed but times better than other comercials releases !
It could be decent if the developers could just listen to someone instead of making retarded decisions. But couldnt care less anymore, played it 1 week and it made me reAlize- that the vanilla is totally unplayable.
well it's not like it wasnt another cod, cod as in fish

HF waiting for ET2

get your asses on Terraria - Super high competitive FPS

Ranges between 4th and 8th most played game on steam biatchez.
Matt, you're my favourite xxx
*girly shriek*

omg you found my guilty pleasure
still need some peepz to play with. SP becomes dull quite fast
which passwords should get changed by brink-players?

there isnt even any register- or login-button on (=no accounts)
Some xbox/ps3 stats site. You could have registered there without the game and with a PC-user, but there is no point since there isnt a pc-thingies yet.
so they dont have any user-data's of me, right? (PC only)
Nope. Unless you have registered there. And still if you have, they got only your register name & pass (max)
great succes, thanks chaplja :)
why did you ask chapja to do this ? you were going to win this LAN, but now, that dignitas will come back you have no chance.. stupid boy
I think most users are on xbox... this is no pc game
Can you please explain where it says LulzSec stole the game sourcecode?
game source code? nowhere, but "some" source code, yes:
can't download from torrent on uni, so didn't check it
It's the web site source code, PHP, a very long way to game source code.
that's why I said nowhere :P saw the file (can be downloaded on lulzsec site) + nothing worthy for non-coders except emails and passwords (I got on someones facebook account but was suspended already)
low = low
downloading , thanks for heads-up
Brink could have been AMAZING, it had plenty of potential. But there were too many bugs, it was unfinished, things like server browsers were missing and it lacked a TDM mode which would have suited console players. Also an SDK has been too slow in coming. If Splash Damage waited another 3 months and finished the game using a BETA testing pool then this game would have killed ET and alot of other games. Shame.
Not sure if it would've killed any games, especially since ET would still be better but I agree with everything else (except TDM, lol).
TDM mode would have suited console players as they can't understand objectives
Also ET servers like cybergames are basically TDM servers now so why not have it as a mode
I haven't played the game nearly as much as I initially intended. The reason for this is a mixture between other priorities and the game running like shit.
If a game is awesome other priorities get pushed aside
Unless it's a LAN event :P
Where is your LAN event?
SAGE, the S is for Stuart
Thought we agreed that I'd take all the credit?
I've just stabbed you in the back, sorry.
Took me a minute to get that! :D
Stuart's Awfully Ghastly Event
Where's YOURS?
aef is coming back in 2012, dont you worry Sean.
Let's hope it includes ET again (if it happens) ; )
Potty says no.
Quotecan download the entire game source code

New low? I beg to differ, this is just what we need for a promod. Rejoice!
Nothing can beat ET .
Now lets come back to 6on6 and ET will be awesome again
were you even playing when et was 6o6?
i'm glad i didn't buy that shit :D
Meh, they can have my account. It's not like the glitches in brink will ever be fixed anyways.
so the 3 week excitement is over, kinda expected anyways , its always same with any new game, glad i didnt waste my money.
i was so close buying it, now i am happy i did not :D
was a good promising game, fun to play online (although a mod would make it pwn) It got killed by ESL though. They rushed the ESL tournament with poor rules and decisions. But ah well.
guess your team didn't make it? :D
It had promise, but it seems like all the issues at the start have hampered it's chances. Just like Wolf'09, just like ETQW (though ETQW was still somewhat successful - it just took a while to get there). Sadly, I think it was another $50 down the drain for me. I'd really like to see a return to "it's done when it's done" rather than "ok we've got something half-finished that we wont really support so let's rush it out the door and move onto the next thing".
The big problem is that Bethesda and SD made it look like they spent a lot of time on developing this via their extensive marketing campaign. When it is clear they either messed up or did not spend much time on improving the core mechanics of the engine.
We want ET Live!!!
A free version with subscription options to get additional benefits instead of your free version? Are you sure? : /
not refering to the business model, just to the revitalizing of a very good game
Problem Bethesda?
QuoteBrinks player numbers are depreciating faster than assets on a Greek balance sheet

image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTql5xG-8baCwIQcgC07Aj6zoIF4M7P_BPxHcOH7vqxCK8Sztaw7w&t=1
Im glad someone mentioned that, I thought that was a great line!!
:D I just wanted ur attention! It was original!
cmon id, get your heads together and make RTCWLIVE FFS
What a surprise :l
The game still has so much potential imo with the addition of a promod. But it's not as fun to play as et or css so whats the point :|
sad but true ;/
The Lulz release of email addresses and resumes could be beneficial for a support or rtcw/et live. I wouldn't mind throwing down $100 for them to develop a game in which we want.

Who's with me?
Glad you're still fighting the good fight sir!
new quake wars
Problem with how this is worded though...

QuoteVisitors to the popular Torrent site the Pirate Bay website can download the entire game source code and database passwords for the Brink site.

QuoteToday, LulzSec made the hack official by releasing a file on The Pirate Bay containing the source code and database passwords for the official Brink website.

Game source code vs website source code... not having a go but the way you have worded that just makes it sound worse than it actually is and as others have pointed out, mostly only affects console users.
It's a common known fact TosspoT enjoys his opium.
i just recognised that even black ops is better than brink

i already regret spending money for it.

Still, our server is full within minutes if we go on it..

I do see there are not many full servers though, it lacks the real warmode and sometimes it's just impossible to win in certain maps..

We still enjoy the game though, but that's mostly cuz we just all go on teamspeak and have fun, the fragging is easy, the objectives are mostly easy to capture and harder to defend..

I don't know, I'm not as addicted to this as to ET, but it still is fun.

Also, the community in Brink is a bitch. There's no talking involved in the games, you'll never see a decent conversation except between those that already know eachother, it's all about fragging/objective/teaming, although there's so many people that just EGO rather than helping out others..

Oh well, we'll see how it goes, atleast our server stays online for now :)
I bought it for the xbox and the game wasnt console friendly. Couldnt even start a party and go play with you friends together. It was geared towards PC uses, but still failed them aswell. At least I got £30 back when I traded it into Game :) Roll on BF and MW3 :P
Too bad kamz =U
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