5on5 OC Spring 2011 premier league final

inteRaction versus tMoe 8D

image: 2wh3093

Team inteRaction is going from upper bracket and didnt lose a single map during cup and therefore might feel confident about todays result.

Czech Republic inteRaction 4:noshow Poland Pucka
Czech Republic inteRaction 4:0 Germany Teamoxid
Czech Republic inteRaction 4:0 France Pharaons
Czech Republic inteRaction 3:1 Poland tMoe 8D
Czech Republic inteRaction 4:0 Europe Rise and Shine by oSk Gaming

Team tMoe 8D, previously named Squirtles, is going to finals from losers bracket, as they lost their match against inteRaction. Despite their LU changed, they are team with great players and will do their best to win this.

Poland tMoe 8D 4:2 Poland back 2 kill
Poland tMoe 8D 4:0 Finland TURBOAPINAT
Poland tMoe 8D 1:3 Czech Republic inteRaction
Poland tMoe 8D 4:2 Europe epic
Poland tMoe 8D 4:2 Europe Rise and Shine by oSk Gaming

Who will win and be champion this year? Will it be inteRaction on its winning spree, or will it be team, that is recently preparing for LAN, tMoe 8D? Will tMoe 8D beat inteRaction teamplay, or will inteRaction overteamplay tMoe 8D, which is relying more on aim? There is only one thing for sure. Noone can say for sure. who todays winner, team, that will put golden pocal on their page, will be.

image: game26482

Quote by GiftedI think IR will win this & I hope they will. they have been playing together for a long time & they deserve to be the new OC champ! Player to watch => Denton.

Quote by ElvissIn my opinion iR will win this 4:2 , player to watch - jalo and greenclon

Quote by stRayWell, I think this Game could be very close. Played both the last weeks and both have potential! I like the Teamplay of iR, but I guess squirtles is aimwise the proper team. I think it will be a very close 4-2 for iR, if jalo pwns!
gl tMoe :)
gl both teams :P
best of luck iR!
lineups bro? hf lagging :_)
Not sure who's gonna play today :P
and iR lineup is like always ,unexpected .
interaction will take, but gl to both teams!
greenclon will carry
I've been nerfed recently imo, so not OP anymore :D
:< Nerfhammer is mean
hf jalo :o)
well played na CG
Mixed squirtles were far from enough for the mighty iR :P

GG, deserved pocal!
gz iR
low do mycia odeslane
no mOJA no win
ojajebe, tych to nawet ja loilem
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