Liga4Fun is missing Scores

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The Groupstage should normaly end yesterday. But we still missing some scores in 3on3 and 5on5 league. So the deadline is the 3rd july if i don't get any scores from the games which i list then i will rate them with a 0:0.


noBra!n.KIK.AIM vs Sagapo

Sagapo vs survive-Gaming

noBra!n PIMMELBANDE vs gamesboard

Team - Zodiacx vs gamesboard

Team - Zodiacx vs noBra!n PIMMELBANDE

noBra!n creatives vs Fuck The Name

TEAM warpig| vs The Following Day

etweb vs #OUTRAGEd eSports

etweb vs unpleasant

#OUTRAGEd eSports vs unpleasant

inCardia vs Anal-Stufe-Rot Rosettenkomando


unpleasant vs addicted 2 id

Team - Zodiacx vs etweb

noBra!n PIMMELBANDE vs w0bble

noBra!n PIMMELBANDE vs nutsacks

DreamCatcher vs The Following Day

Jamaika vs The Following Day

TEAM warpig| vs Team PMCG2

business district - business as usual vs I don\'t care

business district - business as usual vs zeroskill

So please, play your games.
Mal ne Frage! Welcher super Admin hat denn alle Matches als Loss für Unbreakalble Gaming gewertet?

Match Unbreak 2:0 Anstufe Rot mit demo und screenshots.. sogar versucht über die kack seite einzutragen aber da wurde nie was bestätigt... also was soll das denn?
pmcg ist nicht erreichbar genau wie dopec und co
haettet mir auch einfach bescheid geben können ich trags ein und is umbegeaendert
important match is important
DQ teams after 2 noshows? :)
we won first match 3-1 and the entered score is 2-1, i wrote message, but no response from you.

business district - business as usual vs I don\'t care, idc won 4-0 I entered score 1week ago.


PS: delete us from cup, idc doesnt exist anymore as team
so when ur team doesn't exis anymore then the games will ente with a defwin for the opponent :)
isnt l4f just like 1 point per win.. so 3-1 is not possible ( besides u played a 3rd map without needs)
normaly if you win the map its 2-0, double fullhold = 1-1
but not @ least not some seasons back.. they kept the oldskool system with 1-0 for win and 1-1 for draw.

to lazy to read ruls to see if i got changed ..but tbh there is no real reason for that.
sagapo dont response at irc :>
Not newsworthy
well the most watching crossfire not the hp of the league so the chance that the guys who should know, read this is higher.
I understand your motives of doing this, however I think the proper way would be to make a journal and do some effort and contact teams by your own.

This one lacks of ANY content a possible user would like to read. It would look way netter if you at least put some current rankings, post scores and then point out missing matches. But for this moment your "newspost" deserves flame.
stfu idiot it is newsworthy, your just talking bullshit.
stop flaming him, it's senseless
The only idiot here is you, your comment makes no sense at all such as your low life.
TurkeyMudWestlers ended first as usual :-)
noBra!n PIMMELBANDE vs nutsacks > will be played this week i guess ^^
noBra!n creatives vs Fuck The Name, will be played today
wir spielen am mittwoch gegen The Following Day
nobrain everywhere! management seems to be shit! :D
h3h3 every team manage themself :)
unpleasant vs addicted 2 id

to be played today at 21:30 CET
/q D4vid when game is done
will do if unpleasant shows up.. :C
Ok, so if I understand this correctly:

1. unpleasant tries to post a fake score.

2. we all agree we haven't played, and we also agree that unpleasant posted fake scores "by mistake".

3. I try to get ahold of some kid called sprez who doesn't use IRC.. I pm him through crossfire.. (we had been trying to get in contact with them before you urged all games to be played..We thought that #liga4fun was a good place to find opponents.. silly us..:D).

4. I suggest we play on thursday.

5. Then sprez somehow gets his IRC working (this is monday), and tells me they can't play on thursday - suggests tuesday (tuesday being the lates since he is leaving on "holiday" later that week). No time or anything - just tuesday.. He tells me to message him on crossfire if we can play.

6. I pm sprez with ip/pw, date and time (the same night).

7. Since I dont recieve a message on crossfire the following day - we try to get in contact with his mates.. (this is tuesday around 18:00). When we finally get a response, they are not sure they can play. no one has seen sprez, nor talked to him..

8. We wait on our server until 21:45 (we suggested 21:30 CET) - no one shows up.

9. I then tell u that we cant get ahold of sprez, that his mates are acting like kids and so on.

10. You give us a default win.

After this everything is fine, of course we wanted to play the fuckin game, you agreed together with me that trying to get a game organized was a lost cause.

Then to my surprise you pm me today:

[8:37pm] <D4vid> what's up with the game unpleasant vs addicted 2 id
[8:47pm] <blackie> ?
[8:47pm] <blackie> there was no game
[8:47pm] <D4vid> is it possible that u can play it this week
[8:47pm] <D4vid> ?
[8:48pm] <blackie> we proposed thursday, sprez said no - he said tuesday, we agreed - he did not show up/pm or anything
[8:48pm] <blackie> his mates behaved like 12 yr olds
[8:49pm] <blackie> this weekend is not posssible - (sprez said they couldn't play + we have holidays and stuff)
[8:49pm] <blackie> so when do you want us to play
[8:50pm] <blackie> ?
[8:55pm] <blackie> this is the pm I got from sprez, his only response, (got it today)
[8:55pm] <blackie> Got kids and still playing this game ahhhahaha
[8:55pm] <blackie> shut your mounth lowtard, its a liga4fun dont take it toooo serious daddy boy
[8:56pm] <blackie> so, we will not play them - if you feel like this is the kind of behaviour you want in your cup - give them the defwin..we won't play them
[8:56pm] <D4vid> ok
[8:57pm] <D4vid> then it's done for me
[8:57pm] <blackie> I've got a pracc now, so pls pm me with your decision - soz m8
[8:59pm][Nick D4vid is now known as d4vidoff]
[9:41pm] <blackie> haha, you really gave unpleasant the game.. nice one

That's what I call great admin skills.

Good luck with your cup..
ist survive noch am stART?
etweb isnt answering !
click on link an pm him he is warorga from etweb.
reagiert keiner !
There is no S'Agapo :D

We wanted to play but we had no enemies in 2 matches. However I lost my motivation to play this cup because of that.

You can reach us in

/q me or flip

we are there every day and have bouncers :D
Been trying to contact your clanleader for quite sometime.

Are there any other guys to contact at

we (w0bble) can be found at #w0bble channel @ Quakenet
team-turbot 4 - team dignitas 0
immer noch??
Team - Zodiacx vs gamesboard

Zodaicx isn't answering on irc. PM'd them few times.
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