Czech (non)BYOC LAN in September

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Several months ago, there was an announcement of Czech BYOC LAN with only rough information . But now I am back with more than just that! In this newspost, you'll find information on the following:
  • BYOC / nonBYOC
  • Entrance fee
  • Registration
  • Prize pool
  • Where&when
  • Registered teams

Firstly to say something about whether its BYOC (bring your own computer) or not. For these who want and/or can it is BYOC - bring whole your gear, PC, screen, mouse, keyboard.. everything.. for these who dont want and/or can not, there is an opportunity to "borrow" basic gear (PC+screen) for 18 euro.

Entrance fee
€20 PP (total €38when want to borrow pc) for 5v5 cup
-lunch is also included
€3 PP if you want to play 3v3 cup

Registration [important!]
You only have to pay €10 (PP) in advance, rest is payable at the venue (or you can pay whole, though €10 is minimum). Bank account is 176884209/0600 and you have to write your representative nick and name of your team. Registration has to be done before 1st September. When you do so, I will put you on a list in here, so all people can see what teams are attending. Also please, when you send money, contact me here or on irc so I can add LU aswell.

Prize pool
  • €120 + valuable prize (~€150)
  • €80 + valuable prize (~€100)
  • €40 + valuable prize (~€50)
  • Network cards worth 300

LAN itself will take place in Cachovice 2nd-4th September.
The most tricky thing is accomodation. You can sleep on carpet or in the army tent right next to the playing place - all you need is just sleeping bar or sth. Also you can sleep in some hotel, afaik the closest one is and
2. The first day just a "meeting day" with pub, pc setting etc. You may skip this day if you will be ready next day in the morning but it'd be better if you told us in advance
3. is The gaming day when most games will be played. Cup starting approximately at 9 a.m.
4. - last games will be played including finals + winners announcement

Registered teams
inteRaction]Czech RepublicDenton
Czech RepublicGreen_Clon
Czech Republicjalo
Czech Republicmalfoy
Czech RepublicmilhAus
is Denmark adi involved?
inofficial 2on2 cup needed there :)

(Cause rakji wont come with me else :) )
are these PC's for 18e good enough to get 125fps etc?
p.s. Poland tMoe coming!
so i have to pay 38euro to win 24euro (120/5)?
+valuable prize as are mice mousepads etc.
but yes, generally you are right. on the other hand, its because of very low entrance fee - more like friendly LAN than "big action with huge prize pool"
if you precise what valuable prize there are then its fine, otherwise it may be a 5e mousepad and a microphone. I understand its a friendly lan but even then 1st place should be more than an entrance fee (not mentioning accomodation and travel costs)
ok, asked the guy who host it and edited. hope you like it better now :)
wouldnt it be better to just simply write what exactly it is instead of how much it cost?
and what about fuel to your private jet :D

copy paste that in your news if you are to stupid to type it yourself.
you should make a post with proper english (let someone else write it for you if you can not do better).
Considering it is true that this has already been hosted a few times (with success) I can only say: GL&HF
20€ to play 5o5
3€ to play 3o3
gl with that
gl with this action :)
kannst gleich nen abstecher nach prag machen :)
jup hatte ich vor ^^
du bist auch für jede LAN avi.

und bevor du fragst, ich bin nicht avi, Freundin... wieder einmal...

wie jetzt?
1. er ist für jede LAN avi der Simon :)

2. Ich kann da nicht auf der LAN spielen, weil meine Freudin am 2.9 Geburtstag feiert, und ich am 3.9 erst ca 16 Uhr da sein könnte.
dann muss ich mich avi melden falls ich dahin gehen will? :<

ohne euch geh ich eh nicht :<
FimS, denn1z, du und ich + noch einer - wie wärs? ^^
jo izi bash ne
avi /q
I've tidied up your english and deleted some of the comments from people who clearly want ET to die. Good luck with your event, if we can help let me know :)
Thank you very much :)
nice job :)
prehaps you can shoutcast it, i'm sure many people would like that!
Maybe you can link them to some possible sponsors (ESH or companies you've worked with) to higher the prize money and get more European top teams interested? :)
Sponsors/Sales dont work like that, they work off of audience metrics, location, reputation etc. You can't just go, Here's bob at intel knock your socks off.
+ 0,5€ euro for 1on1 tournament ^^

but still a nice idea, good luck with that :)
Make the 3on3 fee a bit higher so there could be a actual use able price.
3v3 has useable price maybe?
honour doesn't count :DDD ;)

Good luck though
Network cards worth €300

who is speaking about honor?
there are network cards worth €300? I thought killer NIC M1 was overpriced at €180 :P
for first place together :)

Network cards worth 300

.... not really.
Cash or Peripherals could be more useable
sure, but this is strongly sponsor-based, and sponsors dont give cash much
QuoteMake the 3on3 fee a bit higher so there could be a actual use able price.
gl nerds
This looks awesome tbh, too bad and im poor and cant come
very nice, but post some pictures from the plaza like PHX lan.
Goodluck with that!

3o3 <3
skilled rifle avi for this :)
pm me
lan standards dropped dramatically
meh, y so early in september?:<

still avi if any cool guys going
If you consider myself as cool and I hope you do then let's prove people we can be awesome even offline.
that's very nice to hear, it's only a 3h drive, so I can decide rather spontaneously
where you at?
studying in bayreuth, originally from around nuremberg
mhhh, too bad. thought, we could probably share a car or so (commin from leipzig)
but anyway, im not sure if i will come yet...
same..most likely not, as its too kurzfristig + im going on holidays now, so can't even see who will go..
gl with that ;)
Nice :)

Hope it turns out well!
see you there
avi for this :)
It is people like you, that will keep ET alive for some years ;)
I kinda like the whole idea of this LAN being more of a social even than an actual 'competitive' LAN with big prices, good way to keep the entrance fees down!

I won't be going but GL and HF to all who do!
i think the renting a PC part is a huge improvement and will lead to a lot more intesrest in the event. I wish you all the best and if someone as incompetent as Seanza can do it, you will manage!
Awww thanks!
Need team, full support
fully supported skynader incoming
doubt it :D
gl with that, get some sponsors maybe.

sure, but this is strongly sponsor-based, and sponsors dont give cash much
already read that but maybe with more sponsors, cashprize would be a bit better.
fu :(, I would have been avi to go there if you didn't make the date right at the schoolstart :<
meight be avi for this :D
possibly avi to admin for GTV :P (driving to CZECH)
gl greeeenie, great idea!
gl snad se to povede
Will do my best to come, would love to visit :) D:D
Nice, good luck with your esports endeavours.
I"m avi for this lan if Any decent team need one! Both 5o5 and 3o3
again 3 team?

but... avi :D
Už se nem&#367;žu do&#269;kat :))))
its working great with the poking girl btw x
awesome :) am happy for you

since a few weeks im out of a relationship after being together 2,5y

+ 6 re-exams, so my summer wasn't/ or won't be that awesome i guess
thanks bruv, sucks to be you. but after rain there will be sunshine again. & maybe its for the best, focus on the exams : ). then after summer you can be a butterfly & go find your flower : D
yeah it was for the best, just didn't saw us together anymore, thats why i /quit'ed it.

hehe true dat
I think thats the most homo comment i ever seen
hehe go fuck some koreans
Doesent that comment that I pointed out sound any gay to your ears? :|
ye but i was just messing around :D

Could use some korean chicks tbh
i'm more into swis girls :PP
bit short notice on that and with phx not long after that I can see 2nd silesia lan but gl :)
what do you mean with short notice?

Posted by GreenClon on Tuesday 15th March 2011, 17:19
well was it 100% confirmed back then? basically it's 1 month ahead info
it was 100% confirmed, only the details about prices, sleeping and stuff were posted now ^^
well ok technically you're right but you still should give more details earlier or at least remind people about lan :D
6 months short notice???
registered team is 5 from the Czech Republic
what about post list of 'em?
list of people will be August 25, 2011
where is the list
Sounds great, ET needs more of these events. Hope it turns out well!
avi for this lan
avi for 3v3, high+ only:))))
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