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image: crossfire_news wishes to announce the launch of it's 'create your own' competition service. Providing an extensive feature set for both administrators and participating teams/players, aims to provide the definitive platform for those wishing to host their own competitions, be it a one night cup or a full league.
  • Your very own 'portal' providing detailed competition information, scrolling 'recent' and 'next' fixtures specific to your competition and automatic forum creation/feed of your event.
  • Demo and screenshot upload on fixture completion for all participants
  • Betting system specific to your competition
  • Award system specific to your competition
  • Config and config screenshot upload option

Please note: Having been out of the ET scene for a fair while, I'll more than likely require a heads up on specific MAPS that require adding to the Wolf 'profile'. I've already added the default plus a few more. Please contact me at FirstFrag via PM or forum discussion.

Many thanks, Red.
oldskool red from etn?
Yup *blushing*

Oldskool h20 from ETN! Hi m8y :)
omg , nice job! 6on6 back in ET .I Dont know for how long u've been away.
E: There's TZAC Anticheat
supply grush adler radar bremen (+ missile)
6on6, TZAC
if u can post there some news and if this site grow up maybe there will be some guys who are interessted in playing et. so it could be a good choice to manage some cups and stuff via this page.
can do it but dont see the point... why u need to add news ther also?
advertising why u need to creat journals if u do 1day cups? :o
Looks like a great site indeed. Seems to have aspects we wish to build into our site but missing others we currently provide.
you should add league of legends too else nvm
If there's enough interest, easily done :)
well im interested for LoL, it looks really good so if u add it ill use it and make some reclame at LoL forums etc
I'm not familiar with this sort of game so I think it would be good if you could school me in specific requirements from a competitive standpoint. Please head over to the forums and we can discuss further?
ok ill make a thread there
btw can u delete a event by urself or does it stay forever cuz i want to try how it works etc
make some reclame :D
Just give it a go. I can tidy up :)
Oh, there's TWO ways of creating events. One the 'easy way' from the "Create Your Own" block on the portal and the other from the "My Events" link in the nav menu which is a little more comprehensive. We can also stipulate custom fields etc.
Looks great, maybe you should get someone to organize some cup to present the page
I'd like to mention a few things as I'm the guy that wrote most of the software that this site uses ...

Me and Red have known each other for years and first colaborated on and later , I'm sure there are a few oldksool ET players around here who remember those sites. is not designed to compete with It will be hosting it's own events for other games including an up-coming league for DOD:S for which the guy who owns FirstFrag (a multi-gaming org) has provided some cash prizes.

It just so happens the software has a "create your own" facility and we decided it was worth a punt advertising that fact on here knowing that you guys use a fair bit for that sort of thing already.

The site offers persistent player and team databases, with rosters, game ID storage (and history), config repository and pretty much anything you'd expect to be able to record against team and player records.

Match data includes commenting on matches, betting on matches, voting for "player of the match", uploading demos and screenshots and a searchable demo database.

Event types can be Ladder, League, Double Elimination or straight Knockout Cups (or a combination thereof). You can view matches from a list or calendar, with team specific calendars available on the team detail pages.

There are RSS feeds so you can subscribe to next and recent matches per event or per team (put your results on your clan's homepage with a simple RSS feed etc.)

The site intends to host and run it's own events as well as offering you the option to use our resources to host yours, and if anyone wants to get their own ET league going but doesn't have the time or inclination to build their own site to do it come talk to us to see if we can work together to support ET.
Nice for cups, even tho I dont see whats wrong with the way they are currently being hosted.
however it would be a shame if there were "too many" ladders / lengthy tournaments cause i fear that could spread the activity and lead to lesser teams in each competition.
Where's Razzah! I just clicked the firstfrag link by accidents cuz I thought it was gonna be a pic of a hot chick. : < : <
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