Freegamehosting now supports Enemy Territory!

First of all, I would like to introduce Freegamehosting to Crossfire.
We've started in Februari of 2011, offering Call of Duty 2 and 4 servers.
In the beginning, we started hosting just 4 servers, but we have now expanded to 80 available gameservers.
We are currently supporting Call of Duty 2 and 4 and CS:S

Here's a little inside view of how our system works:
You Choose the game u wish to play in our dropdown menu. You fill in the form u see which for Enemy Territory contains the options:
Hostname,Max clients,Setup exists out of Mod Anticheat and config, Map, Password and referee.
Once u click on send the system will look if there is a server available and will give u the ip together with your chosen options.
If there is not an available server u will get the message that the servers are in use. Also if u are in need of Referee commands just take a look at the Rcon commands page.

U can find us at
If u want to contact us u can either fill in the Contact or visit us at irc quakenet #Gamehosting

- The Freegamehosting admins
nice :D
wow, awesome!
oh god, their servers are already extremely lagging without ET, they should get their capacity right or gtfo :o
Its free gtfo =D We fixed that problem in the past :)
in the past? hahahaha man, your cod4 servers are unplayable lately, why would that be different with the ET servers?
Nice of you, thanks.
this is rly nice.thank you
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Total Votes: 2270

Yes I am interested to buy a server
No I will continue to use the free servers

Date: 18-6-2011

nice, hope it works for long time :)
Really nice!
Now I need an easy on/off button for adblock
disable adblock only for their page :o
Damn I edited that post but it appearantly didn't save it

solution: Add it to the don't block ads-list
nice one ;) there is my server :D
your missing sw_goldrush_te
I believe its called just goldrush in the dropdown, will fix it today, :)
nope, its old version of goldrush just tested
I tested it too but i get sw_goldrush_te ...
yes its okay now :)
Been using your service alot for quite a while now for cod4, really reliable, Hope its the same for ET!
free game - free servers :D
What's Februari
Never heard of Marchatti?
The Dutch word for February.
nice to hear, good job ;)
lol... awesome hope u get any money with ur website and adverts deserved.
E: big thnx
good shit, hope its lagfree. Where are these hosted?
The netherlands, Noord-brabant home-hosted 100/100
What server are you using btw.
servers* good enough :) the only thing that is holding us atm is the router etc but planning to move to DC
I am just wondering when i ping the servers i get Ziggo/Chello cable providers and one ADSL connection.
None of those are fiber optic and 100/100.

DC would be great, you got something in mind already?
I am also sponsoring some clans with 24/7 servers got 12 atm on my 100/100 connection.
since it looks like you havent got the clue about ET (goldrush =/= sw_goldrush_te), someone should better give you a list with all the needed Maps and serverconfigs

keep up the good work!
maybe try it instead of just watching the name =D changed it though was only the name
Mooi werk Hali :)
nice :) good job halidith m8

e: would be nice if you could get it to support ettv
i know had that in mind few months ago dunno why i did not do it
anyone tested pings?
A bit higher than YCN NL location for me, routing is fine though.
i got 43 ping
pings are nice
for me
Didnt work for me :'( It loaded the server ingame but couldn't get into it.
What msg did u get? btw rather ask question on irc
The server ip. It just didnt go trought the loading screen in et, i saw all the server info etc...
I don't get it, what is the service?
Free warservers, book a server play ur war disc and someone else can book it.
didnt fgh support blackpoint already?
as far as i know not
Ping 100-150 and not stable.. :p
We have some issues today , working on it.
Good job! :)
100-150 ping ..
We have some issues we are working on it as hard as we can, although we have our school/work life too.
yea i understand
lag should be fixed
played on it yesterday, ping was normal at first, but constant lags and/or packetloss after like 15 minutes :o
Yes i know we are dealing with unexplainable lag problems
I remember i used it for cod4 servers. Awesome and most of the time no lags :p
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not true :<
this is awsume thank you very much :)
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