#ET-Cup Stays True To 6v6

We are proud to announce a new round in the history of #ET-Cup: The XVIth (16 for non romans) version will once again feature 6on6 matches.
We want the community to show they still did resist on Clanbase's propaganda and favor the good old 6on6. YOU have the choice.

Before you launch another browser window or tab to signup your team read some useful and important facts:

[*] 32 Teams will fight for the Gold
[*] 8 Groups a 4 teams of which 2 will advance to playoffs
[*] Groupmatches will be played during 2 weeks (Sunday 1st - Sunday 15th)

Signups are now OPEN and will remain open untill FRIDAY evening. The grid will then be chosen on Saturday and it will not be a first come first serve basis. Teams will be by admin decision.

The maplist is available for inspection via the 'Read More' button.


Supplydepot 2
Crevasse_b1 (If updated through cup, please use most current version)

We have taken a gamble to see how Crevasse_b1 works in a competition format. This is available for selection in the group stages and will be forced for at least one round in the playoffs.

All rules will be the same apart from that teams should be playing with the ESL Config, ET Pro 3.2.6 and ET Patch 2.60b.

Good luck and Have Fun!


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