ESL WL 2nd Matchweek Opening

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After we've seen almost 40 matches on Sunday in the 1st Matchweek, a week with a lot of surprises, it's time for the 2nd matchweek to start with a 6on6 match between a super polish team that has many players participating in the current NC edition, and with a team that has to win today, otherwise it's all over for them! Our admins will be spectating this match so expect a quality match and also a full match review in the next news!

Polish superstar team, PolandtMoe, will meet EuropeDevastation in a decisive match in this 2nd Matchweek of the ESL Winter Leagues! Devastation has suffered a defeat in the previous round, losing 4-0 to NetherlandsDraakjes. This means that if they lose this match, it's all over for them! However, some of the players seem quite confident, as you can see in the statements from below.

On the other side, PolandtMoe needs 1 more victory to secure their way to the ESL Winter Leagues Playoffs, and they hope to get that victory tonight, against Devastation. Most of their players believe that this match is not an easy one due to some new talents in Devastation, but they are still confident that they will win. All in one, the match will be very interesting to see so don't forget to tune in TONIGHT, 21.30 CET!

Polandfanatic: We're playing a lot lately, like few times per week. Maybe not exactly in the same lineup as we're going to play on Thursday, but it will be quite similar. I expect a good performance from our side. Devastation have been playing together for a long time with almost the same lineup + I see 2 former bF players joined them recently, so I don't expect an easy war. I predict...view more

Polanddialer: tMoe is more like a fun team atm since we are just playing in ESL Winter League. Nevertheless, we are in good shape and we're doing kinda well. I think I'm doing my job in the team and team is happy with me even thou I'm not as active as before due to upcoming exams and I'm in process of writing my BA thesis.
About our opponents, they are a solid team with some recognizable name such as BelgiumGifted or Sup3r, we also had the chance to play against them once or twice and as far as I remember, the game was kinda even.
My score prediction: I would say 4-0 for us. The man to watch would be Polandhunter.

NetherlandsOtyg: I'm hoping for a fun and exciting match. Altough we lost the first game against Draakjes, we have been doing good in pracs lately. We had to change some things in the line-up for the first game because of people not being avi, for the next game it should full line-up again. Since FranceTomoyo got into Team France, PolandKirej got asked for team PL, I think they will be motivated to show that the NC captains made the right choices so I would say they are the ones to watch on our side. In tMoe...view more

FranceTOMOYO: This game versus tmoe will be pretty tight as most of our members are busy after those end of year's eves (NC, personal, exams...), but we remain confident and hope to do our best.
to Make odds even is a strong team, most of them represent the polish national team and they will have a strong teamplay in addition to their strong aimers. But this isn't hopeless so far, we already showed some great performance during praccs and will try to do the same for tomorrow's official. My prediction, 4/2 dev obviously. Players to watch:
- from deV : PolandKirej superstar
- from tMoe : Polandhunter
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Poland tMoe

Poland fanatic
Poland czaro
Poland dialer
Poland hunter
Poland Krein
Poland palemki
Poland grzesiek
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Europe Devastation

Netherlands Otyg
Norway Domi
Belgium Gifted
Poland Kirej
Belgium Sup3r
Belgium Boss
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Date: Today
Time: 21:30 CET
Maps: Radar, Missile B3
League: image: etESL Winter Leagues 2011image: game30051
image: s_foot
As promised, we will always do match reviews so that players that didn't watch the match to take a quick look at the reviews to see the main actions! You can see our recent match review and after-match statements in this ESL newspost. We hope you enjoy reading it and if you want to give out some feedback, you can always do it via the comment section from the ESL newspost!
Good luck & have fun
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