Missile Beta4

image: missile
Astonishing 29 months after the last beta release of Missile we are happy that the map has recently made its way back into the competition mappools. Thus, with the feedback gathered, we decided to pick it up again and create an improved Beta 4.
Major changes are listed below and screenshots of all changes are attached. We would love to get as much feedback as possible to get this map into a final stage soon ;)

connect; password missile

Quote- changed right allies attack way in first stage
- enlarged window at flag
- fixed door problem (2nd stage) by axis now spawning upstairs and having two holes to go to 2nd or 3rd stage
- moved missile towards the cave
- reworked broken wall in stage3 because of mg abuse
- moved the truck to a new area

If anyone would like to run a testcup with a few teams and maybe even Library_b3 as second map, please come forward and query my bnc in #reVeal.et or PM me here. I will be leaving for vacation very soon.

Thanks to Finland antman, Germany SPU, Germany Fendah, Portugal ag0n, Austria BIacky, Europe YCN-Hosting, Germany Eicher and anyone we forgot.

Netherlands xeoxis and Germany eiM
as I understand it b3 should be used for the rest of the running season. But serveradmins are encouraged to already upload the new version to their server (same for GTV). We hope to see B4 make it into the ladder mappools and ODC events asap

What OC season? have i missed something
there is actually no running OC season its NC :) and yes b3 will stay on the map pool but why not b4 for the next OC, it can be
when is next oc
then i timed my recrypost just right!
as said fanatic really soon :) i request it last 2 days
yeah typo :D
Nice! Love this map :)
i am starting to enjoy playing missile_b3, so i will give b4 a try to, even tho i feel b3 is doing its purpose at the moment.
changes are rather small. But atleast the problem with axis' second spawn and the direct loss of 3rd stage had to be fixed I think
what problem is it with axis spawn on 2nd stage?
allies often secure the objective right on axis spawn. Due to the mapscript the axis teamdoor next to their spawn is then locked and opens slowly together with the other gates of that stage. Trapping Axis in their spawn and giving Allies an easy win on 3rd stage -> "skipping 3rd stage"
ah, yeah. The axis teamdoor needs to be opened directly in such a situation. So now axis spawns on a higher level and has to drop down to the earlier spawnspot? or choose the second drop, which goes down on other side of door?
pretty much, yea. We though left the teamdoor in place aswell, if axis drop to the stage right before the allies secure they shall try to fall back ;)
that sounds good.

im abit unsure about last stage changes tho.. imo it is well balanced as it is today, but I need to see it "live" before making a comment regarding the new style.
The last stage was fucking awful. A nicely set up MG could only be taken down by coming from the spawn. If you place 2 guys to cover that way, MG covers the cave and half of main, other 2-3 cover the other half of main / up = impossible to breach unless you are a lot better than the opposing team.
i dont agree with you.

There are a few spots for MG inside the broken wall, but everyone of them can be taken out from different positions, and by different classes.. if the mg hide on top of boxes, its easy to kill it from cave with smg, and if it is on other spots, its quite easy to take it out with panzer or a well placed rifleshot.
I have never seen anyone take out that MG with an smg from the cave. If it's properly set, you can easily shoot to every position in the cave with it. Also if you're not blind, you can easily see anyone in the cave and well, you can't do shit then with ur smg.
maybe i should show u a special move on day then:)
Hope you guys enjoy the screens, they are a bit too dark, but thats how the map should look like. It's a night map!

Looking forward to play it at pubs atleast, because i don't have time to play wars now :#


edit: Don't forget to check the other screens here (there is some with color, can be used for banners n stuff)
already done that 3 days ago hehe
You fucking sherlockkk :D stop spying on my ftp :D
should have kept the last stage as it was before
All props for b4 go to eiM as I basically only tested it :]
best map ever
Thank god you fixed that door!
Godd job!
looks good
more shit maps
Team NL might be interested in a testcup, don't bother replying to Kiewan by the way, waste of time.
why change at 1 stage? oO

other changes are nice :)

why spawning at 2nd stage if you got the controls? oO
need moar servers
I like the changes!
EIM / Xeoxis

I have a question. It happened the other day and happened right now at your server.
If allies take the objective before blow the gate, get the objective at place / click at button, we spawn at last allies spawn for 1 spawn, then after build cp everyone starts spawning at 2nd allies spawn (flag) by default...

what the hell -.- bug!
just dont take the flag if you get a covop true. then np:)
Ive seen situations where the allies were unable to spawn at the the key dropoff, even after selecting it manually. Im not exactly sure on the conditions for that to happen tho.

All that needed to be done at the teamdoor is make it a normal/fast teamdoor that opens for axis only. Allies never need to pass that way anyway.
oh no :(((((((( just learned the map some days ago :DDDDDDDDDDDD

EDIT: hf dying instantly by a riflenade at the 3rd stage window
you mean that upper window? it was easier to get rifled when it wasnt there
the only place to shoot from was the corner
map is much better like this :)
Good work! I would change the 1st stage axis door to some other place, now covie can win 1st and 2nd stage often too easily.
good job :)

(encrypt would win the cup :D goo hvk)
i personally think b3 is already good, dunno why you changed stuff Oo
really liked that the last stage could be won really quick, but is also holdable for many minutes; hope you didn't ruin that!
This map was great, why fix it?

Only useful thing was the fixed door bug.

E: Tried it, it is much worser now.

Good job! Always liked this map, it has many potentials to become a main map in competition leagues.

If only the asslickers would stop posting negative comments so nazi admins wouldn't delete them, cause posting opinions is forbidden when your buddy admins this site.
Nicely done!
2nd stage with axis, awful. Normally obj-guy has to run like 2-4 secs before axis respawn. now it's a lot easier to attack...
last stage is harder..
Yes :DD Truck is hard to defend (far+no shootingspots), also didnt like that window in upper floor. Was just my opinion, don't be mad folks.
Good Job - hope you have fixes all texture-bugs i ve found:-)
Cant say i like the changes to the 1st allied spawn: way too easy for axis to dominate since all the entrance ways are visible. + A spawnpanzer/rifle is too effective imo.. Als the last stage with getting the obj to the truck was a nice final touch. I fear this map is now too unbalanced and if you are the weaker team you have no chacne to win..
Loved b3, and b4 looks decent.

Gj removing my position with moving the truck though.
this and delivery are just awful.
How can you still call map BETA, if there are few years after last release
Thought you rage quitted mapping? :)

Welcome back!
:D can not recall it being rage-alike, but yeah... This is not a comeback to the mapping scene. Blacky just got me motivated by playing his betas of Library and helping out a bit, so those few hours of work seemed "ok" ;)
looks good ;)
explain the retards how to download the map with their full potential speed,amazing but some of them still dont know how to make it
good job guys !

GO Missile BEST MAP !!!
I really like these changes;) feels way better!
Nice Job Folks!
don't like the new upper thing at allied first spawn; axis can't damage from the sideway that easily now, I also miss that room with the vent..
2nd axis spawn is better I guess; not possible to stop obj-carrier that fast, but at least u don't get insta spawnkilled and hv a 2nd way to be quicker at the missile/stop the allies
new place of truck is aweful, imo too easy for allies to secure it now->they can take the obj back to cave or w/e and hide it, while axis can only shoot from the broken wall, which is kinda difficult or jump down, but get easily killed then (2rnades, 1panzer and most are probably dead or at least can't keep all ways clear) [didn't play it in a war yet, just think so by walking through the map].. if you still keep this, making it possible to let someone prone in the truck might help a bit
also you can't rly defend from that new house there, too easy to kill with rifle/panzer/mg, the truck was good there, axis could hide without being too hard to kill at the same time.
it's a good thing though, that the mg@broken wall is easier to kill now
well, 3rd stage was supposed to get easier
Didn't try in war as said, but I was happy with b3, was my favourite map even.. some minor fixes would've been enough already ;p (2nd axis spawn, broken wall, door)..
but dno, I got holded only one time for more than a couple of minutes after constructing (I assume it still takes rather long for that?) and besides, it wasn't that hard for allies, with a good timed push it took like 4-5 seconds to secure(harder part was to build, which is then still the same), in b4 it seems easier to secure it, as you can just hide somewhere close until truck area is cleared, but it takes longer from building to finish I guess, I doubt there will be as much tension till the very end :/
well I saw a problem in the fact that you have to clear 3rd stage twice in order to finish it. First building it and most times a second time to run the objective right next to the axis spawn. A dorun (in my opinion) should rather be a guy chased by axis (short way) or allies that need to clear an area 1 man down (5vs6) to secure. Axis spawn closer to the rocket now and the objective has to pass their closest exit so it should not change the tension of that obj-run stage. BUT allies do have the option to take a safe path where they do not necessarily need to kill 6 axis in order to steal & run away as they did in b3. That was the idea behind it. We'll see how it goes
Indeed, games will show. But isn't it also much harder for axis to even defend this part now? You can easily take out guys at broken wall, especially with sniper at the new windowthingie, you can spam the upperway close to the truck with (r)nades/mg in cave and/or another sniper and also the new house is not much of a good spot, as if you show up, again sniper, smg will hit you easily, if you hide a rnade can damage hard or take 1-2 guys out..didn't see any other decent spots, as also you seem an easy kill hiding around those boxes..
But again, testgames will tell. [Just notice I didn't consider this in my previous reply, so building is indeed easier, too]
yea that is the point. Making it harder for axis, and easier for allies :) Might have been too much, but that will be seen.
1st stage worst, 2nd stage WORST, 3rd stage WWOORRSSTT. Why ruin good map like missile_b3?
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