CoD2 at Netgamez 2006 Autumn Edition

It's hard to believe it was only earlier this year that we saw Speedlink and Check Six, at the time known as TmG, battle it out in the Grand Final of one of the first major Call of Duty 2 lans. But that was Netgamez 2006A and now the B version lies only around the corner. Featuring a fairly impressive €1,000 for the winners this event will be no slouch and you can expect a number of big name central European teams to be showing their faces there.

This is a BYOC event which makes it harder for teams from further afield to attend but the 2006A event had over 40 CoD2 teams in attendence so with an even bigger prize pot this time around you can expect more of the same. With space for over 1,500 gamers in the BYOC area and an impressive stage for the finals there is a lot of space but book your tickets fast to avoid disappointment as the Dutch gaming community will jump fast at the chance to rub shoulders with the likes of Grubby and Forever who will both be in attendence for their respective games.

Name: Netgamez 2006B
Date: 13-15th October 2006
Location: Nieuwegein, Holland

CoD2 Prizes:

- 1st Place €1,000
- 2nd Place €300
- 3rd Place €150
- 4th Place €100
- 5th Place €100
- 6th Place €100

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