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Hello crossies,

ET's rebirth gave us motivation to play active again and thanks to a few motivated players, we managed to build a new line up in order to compete in the next cups, especially Eurocup.

We are also quite confident that additions like former squad.ee member Canadamonkeyy, former r&s and good old dev bro Netherlandsstib , and former bF BelgiumGifted will help us succeed.

We're going to participate in most of the active cups so far, and hopefully we will build a line up for the Adroits ET LAN.

image: 6955_devlogo

Team captain and manager : NetherlandsOtyg

Line up :

And what is a team post without statements from other players.

Belgium Kevin had the following to say
QuoteDev's lineup looks like it could grow out to become one of the strong subtop teams out there. If this team develops a good sense of teamplay then they could actually become quite good, especially with monkeyy taking on the mini-Maus role (while being supported by a solid teamplaying other 5 ). The only downside is that they have Domi, Domi bad, Domi very bad.

Poland fanatic:
QuoteEC/OC spring season is going to start soon and we can already see a decent teams! I think this lineup can suprise us this season and hopefully get into EC, monkeyyy will carry + great chance for Kirej to prove his skills. I wish all the best to those gentlemans!

Netherlands Frop:
QuoteDevastation.et is certainly going to be a top contender.

Finland blindi
Quote I came across deV boys last year. Considering there werent any big names except for Domi (:D) they managed to get quite good results back then. I was honoured to play with them for quite some times and the atmospehere on comms was really nice; mature guys (even that Domi guy), all laid back playing not so serious yet serious (you catch my drift?). With the addition of Gifted & stib and the most recent discovery, monkey, the team will surely be even better skillwise. Im looking forward to see their performances on the next EC (ye, they'll make it there). One more thing: Kirej is one of the most underrated players atm and I advice you to follow his performances on the battlefield!

Wish us good luck, and also I'd like to give a special shoutout to all of our devastation brothers.

Thanks to idle @ #devastation
good luck domi, beast
gl mini-maus!
mini-maus ;-D

gL !
Gl boys x
Domi will only be in team until d3 is released.. gl ! ;D
ET will die a little on may 15 and entirely on june 30 :'(
gl mannen!
good luck guys ;)
who will be the rifle between stib and tomoyo?
gl bestest friends : )
hf domi tomoyo
Some CF operators certainly are funny and mature.
GL Kirej and Gifted
not gonna make it to EC with tomoyo
main news please
compared to the main news of the other day... this has way more potential en should be main news !
quite decent lineup,gl :)
good luck homoyo etc))
nice to see you got ur motivation back domi.

Good luck dear friends
gl domi and monkey <333333
nice team GL !
gl Domi and Kirej
Gifted aast op een 2de oc premier overwinning
sure fair player, oh wait.
nice! gl guys :)
retardness at cereal lvl over there!
QuoteOne more thing: Kirej is one of the most underrated players atm and I advice you to follow his performances on the battlefield![/9

half of the team neverheard, but monkey and gifted re :O
then you dont follow the scene at all
gg fanatic kurwo stara pierdolona

die on aids, my statement
gl dev bros especially stib <3
gl all! :)
Stib going to roll face
hf monkey
gl stib mate ;)
nice guys, gl!
1st true challenger vs pussyhunters in OC
Nice lineup, gl guys!
pretty decent lineup, u can win OC premier easly, gl :)
really nice lineup, always fun to play against (minus the domi vs danl drama)

best of luck guys
just hope you have more luck in ec than what you do at building towers in minecraft buddy!
:DDD My current masterwork is going good though! Just my house thats fugly
put the door on the wrong way round? roof on the ground?
Nothing in it yet, apart from some bookcases, 4 dogs in the basement and furnaces + tables :D
stfu with the OC shit,
Nice lu. Gl.
gl friends! nice lineup:) except for domi, domi bad
Gifted dropping LoL career?
nah combine xx
LoL really hard game :P
good picks, promising team. Kireczjik will finally shine! Good luck
I wonder if this team is able to succeed since Domi is in it.
Good luck guys! :)
GL friends!
Kevin for president!
finnish drift uncatchable for me, good luck France TOMOYO tho ;D
Good luck, hope you're gonna do good!
the best of goodluck from aza :)!
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