The Razer Academy Launches

image: 20-Razer-AcademyRazer has recently announced the launch of The Razer Academy. The Academy is in many ways an educational platform on coverage and learning's from people who have something to share from their position in eSports. The platform will feature Live Streams, VODs and Columns from contributors on a variety of subjects. Personally I'll be promoting a number of the games eSports often leaves behind and that includes ET!

Speaking of Razer & ET. I'm glad to say that Razer will be sponsoring the next edition of the Battle for Berlin tournament. They have kindly donated our first place prizes and along with The Academy and BFB2 are looking to work closely with Crossfire and ET in the future.

Here's the press release:

Carlsbad, Calif. – March 15th, 2012 – Razer™, one of the world’s pioneering supporters of e-Sports, champions an all new e-Sports learning platform aimed at every gamer from casual and competitive amateurs to pro-gamers, driven by some of the world’s most experienced and celebrated gaming personalities.

The Razer Academy, currently in its beta phase, designed to provide an interactive, in-depth and enjoyable learning experience for e-Sports fans, will provide gaming shows, guides, game analysis, commentary, articles, interviews and documentaries, brought to you by some of the most famed individuals in e-Sports history.

The Academy contributors will include:

Abdulatif “Latif” Alhmili – Streetfighter champion
Bachir “Athene” Boumaaza – world famous gamer and YouTuber
Toby “TobiWanKenobi” Dawson – professional Defense of the Ancients commentator
Ben “MrBitter” Nichol – professional StarCraft II commentator
Martin “AngeL” Olsen – professional Defense of the Ancients player
Protato Monster – League of Legends YouTube channel
John “Swifty” Pyle – World of Warcraft legend
Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico – e-Sports journalist and gamer
Stuart “TosspoT” Saw – professional commentator
Kendall “arCtiC" Smith – professional console gamer
Leigh “Deman” Smith – professional commentator
Kevin “RotterdaM” van der Kooi – professional StarCraft II commentator
Alexei “Cypher” Yanushevsky – Quake professional
GL cypher x}
Nice! Gl cypher!
great stuff, gl
Would be cool if you can get even a dozen new players to ET, Mr. TosspoT!
Great news, look forward to seeing what's to come in the future.
Great stuff, ET might get the attention it needs to attract more gamers!
It seems to be a nice project. Will it be possible for ET players to provide some content or is it only reserved to "the crew"?
Stuart “TosspoT” Saw – professional commentator

oh u :p
give me some hardware

lOl. but really nice. gl :D
MrBitter such a cool caster, but rotterdam is def not a good catch, his english is so fucked up

gl toss !
rotterdam and his typical dutch accent :}
yeah, such a pain in the ass to listen to him. I'd rather see a combo like bitter apollo or wheat day9
H to the usky husky is your man!
actually considering he has such accent hes a great commentator. not to mention he knows about the game much more than many others casting sc2(mrbitter is ur examplE)
they need a sc2 player in there:(
With the stupendous explosion of e-Sports related podcasts and shows lately, I can't help but wonder what this will add. I am skeptical especially when it comes to the Starcraft 2 part; Mr Bitter and Rotterdam are great casters for sure, but I'm puzzled about what they could add to the already vast number of high-quality tutorials, guides and community content that spawns from sites like Team Liquid and Reddit.

There's more to e-Sports than SC2 though obviously and looking at the list of people involved, plus it being a Razer project, interesting content is almost guaranteed I suppose. Besides, the more e-Sports, the merrier.

Make us proud Stu.
nice : ) 2 bad thers no cs guys there oO
dont think they concider cs an option for the future especially with cs:go getting bashed so hard atm
would like to know more about their aiming styles since its a "Stand still and aim" game, werry diff aim skills needed there then et/quake
i highly doubt they are going to talk about these type of subjects there especially as they only have one "aimer" there
to provide an interactive, in-depth and enjoyable learning experience for e-Sports fans, will provide gaming shows, guides, game analysis, commentary, articles, interviews and documentaries, brought to you by some of the most famed individuals in e-Sports history.

by some cs player since cs style aim is diff, dunno howto explain it with other words nor i do want to try to wake my brain up at this time :D
There is only one fps player therefore i doubt they will touch these "aiming" subjects, they might touch mouse control in rts games.
yeah i said i miss some cs players up there, aswell as other fps players, but i think cs aim > anyother aim except et & ql ofc.

i doubt that anyone will talk about mouse controle in rts, i mean, prolly non of the players even know theyr actualy aiming :PpP
maybie something quick about sensetivity like With high sens u can scroll around faster , but with lover sens u have more "Control" :x
now thats a really good news there :D
now only if their products would last longer then a year and didnt have such crappy quality. yours truly, a dude who bought 3 razer abyssus in two years. two of them have a dead mouse1.
i had a razer deathadder for 4 years and finally broke it recently by pushing mouse5 inside the mouse =p not that bad!
how did u mange to do that? Hammer time?
fumble was playing like a retard as usual and i was shouting at him the whole game (pushing my talk button a lot) and finally i pushed it so hard inside my mouse x'd
i still got my diamondback 1g and my deathadder 1g... i dunno what they did with the abyssus but i also got my 3rd one now ... first one was dead after 30 secs and couldnt be recognized as usb device an 2nd one had a broken hardware hz switch
Well, I keep buying their products but its really pisses me off to have most of it being broken so fast, while my old mx518 is still in perfect working condition after 5 years.

The current count is:

4 diamondbacks + pro click 1.6
3 deathadders
3 abyssus

1 mx500
1 mx510
1 mx518

I rest my case :)
mx518 the best :)
no i love my razer abyssus, uberlight and no error correction shizzle
My Diamondback 3G is still good as new, even after 5 years of extensive use.
QuoteKendall “arCtiC" Smith – professional console gamer

The personification of an oxymoron.
MLG and other leagues are very popular with console with such games as COD, Halo and even Bf3 having huge prize pots
was rather thinking Tekken/Street Fighter but i guess Halo/CoD are also big esport games on consoles :p
And it's as exciting to watch as trying to get two braindead dogs to fight.
nice :)
Got the email a few days ago, nice one Toss! Have to say though... you were almost sexiest in that Academy promo pic until..

image: 580x380-seltzer3

I think even RazzaH would approve!
Good news!
Alexei “Cypher” Yanushevsky – Quake professional

When will Be the bfb2?
nice work there
anthene loel
good job!
Nice to hear, hope it will get new players to ET
nice, gj :)
Razer sponsoring ET? OMG
QuoteBachir “Athene” Boumaaza – world famous gamer and YouTuber

t'es super drole comme gars toi dis donc
Nice, and I guess they'll be amazed by the coverage there will be with the BFB2.

Really nice one TosspoT x
gogo tosspot, but you have to provide a downloadlink for ET, all patches and a howto & some configs :p also a link to this site and maybe the users here should be a little less troll and more helpfull if some sheeps appear here :o)
CF4 will feature most of this.
ok, did not know that
TosspoT with WarWitch would be awesome!!
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