ESL WL Grand Final

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ESL Winter Leagues are not over yet! There's still one match left and this is one of the best matches that ESL have featured among time! Two of the best teams that played in this tournament will surely provide an intense match tonight as EuropeCashPlease will have to win twice if they want to become the new ESL Winter Champions!

The match will be shoutcasted by GermanystRay and GermanyPhazor in English! Here's the link: ! Also, they will interview allstar EstoniaNight and GermanyKevji at 21.55! Listen to their forecasts as this match will be the best of the night!

Quote by PhazorAs I already mentioned in my journal, the final will definitely be a cracker. We got so many experienced players at the team around Night but also so many new talents, mentioning kevji from a.ToOn for example.
a.ToOn managed to beat cP at the last match, but Night was missing and even drago returned to play with his old estonian mate, so my expectation: cP will take both matches and win the final!

Quote by aToOn|KevjiSince we haven't played for weeks with our lineup I'm not really expecting to win this game, I hope we can take atleast one map and don't get raped too hard.

Quote by ClownAs it's final, it should be close, but i hope we can take it, since we are actually playing some praccs before the official! Player to watch:drago

Quote by SalaneuvosSeeing the lineups and how cashplease overran codelust quite harshly I would bet my money on cP. What should be remembered is that aToOn has to win only once and they might pull off something great. 8-2 for cP

Quote by MerlinatoRBig game for both teams, atoon of course winning their previous meeting with a good performance against all odds and now seemingly no one is giving them a chance again. Cash Please on paper have an amazing lineup and I think it will all come down to the first game. If Cash Please win the first game they will go onto win the second, I believe. Of course if atoon win the first, it is all over :) My guess will be 4-2 CP first game, 4-0 CP second game - but the first game is key.
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Europe CashPlease

Germany drago
Estonia Night
Estonia freeze
United Kingdom sqzz
Latvia Clown
Belgium Jere
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United Kingdom razz
Germany Kevji
Poland Elviss
Poland stexx
France Kartez
Finland Statti
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Date: Today
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: TBD
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Quote by mentalI think CashPlease is going to win this game since I got faith in the new lineup of them. With some nice additions such as drago I think they are going to beat the offi only team aToOn

Quote by chewz-Todays game between aToOn and Cash Please will certainly be a close one. Last time they met, aToOn won. However Cash Please has shuffled their Lineup about this game and I think with the additions of freeze and drago, they should be able to take it 4-2. I wouldn’t rule out aToOn out though, when you look at the lineup, its quiet surprising how well they have done so far, so I do expect them to surprise everyone once again. I think CP will take it!

Quote by ALNC|dialerno kiwi no win

Quote by Bro^RobertTeamplay vs Allstars. My vote goes for Allstars. 4:2 cP

here we go!
amazing statements there
Good job, did what had to be done.
Jari versus cWg was the real final of ESL this season though!
Cause of the drama, nothing more lol
fatzor got some orgasms :O)
Y U No thanks for streams also? :)
Because you are not an official ESL supporter
I think that We as are all supporters if we are streaming it. Don´t you mean?
If I stream #et.tourney i support them with stream. If ESL than I support them with stream :>
Yea but you are not an official. ESL's big heads don't know who you are

Meh, too hard to explain :(
ofc they know ;) Atleast Foamea ;)
because you are not "affiliated" with ESL

+ your streams bring nothing new to ET -- we already have ETTV & good shoutcasters like owzo, tosspot, etc. so stop acting like you're saving ET by doing what you do :D
Hi mr. Hater :)

I´m just asking, if they can support everyone like random shoutcasters stray & Phazor, why they can´t support us too? :)

I don´t care about random shout. It´s just nonsense.
maybe they just don't like you :/
YOu need to provide at least 800p+ stream. Otherwise, there's no point doing those casts
I dno.
I love streams. Im too lazy for opening game and listening shoutcast.Stream may bring some new faces to the scene.
I started playing COD4 thanks to SAGE streams:P
Nice shoutcast!
aToOn played good tbh!
but deserved win for cP..
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