CoD2 at WonderBase Lan in Sweden

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Another great CoD2 event is just around the corner and this time the location is Ahaga, Sweden. Although WonderBase does feature the usual suspects, Quake 4, Warcraft and CS, they have also allocated a hefty prize sum to Call of Duty 2. With over €2,000 for first place you can expect to see some of Europe's biggest names making their way to Sweden this November and it looks certain to be an exciting weekend. Popular Swedish community site have teamed up with the organisers to run the event and after a disappointing Dreamhack tournament, Johnny "toker" Törnvall will be hoping for more luck this time around. WonderBase have backed up their words with action though and although the news that the event will have it's own chef is an added bonus, most attendees will be more pleased to hear the news that CoD2 will be the only game where tournament PCs are provided, eliminating the need for players to cart their computers all the way to Sweden.

The event will be held in Ahaga, with space for over 1,200 gamers and all useful amenities nearby. have also announced that their partners Activision will be present at the event and as well as giving you the chance to try out the unreleased Call of Duty 3 game they are also in negotiations with companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia to increase the prize pot for CoD2 even more. This would be great news and with the likes of Dignitas and Speedlink already showing an interest would only serve to boost the event's publicity even more. Exact dates and times for the CoD2 tournament are likely to be announced in the coming days but it appears likely that it will run from the 2nd to the 4th of November, finishing one day before the event ends. Be sure to check back here for all the latest updates concerning dates, times and of course what you all want to know about... prize money!


Name: WonderBase
Location: Ahaga, Boras
Date: 2nd-5th November (CoD2 dates TBA)


- 1st Place €2,150 + Qpad/Sennheiser Hardware
- 2nd Place €800
- 3rd Place €270

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