The Arena powered by AMD Sapphire #3

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This Sunday starting at 17:00 BST, we are pleased to present you with an 8 man Quake Live invitational tournament, part of our "Arena" series of events under The GD Studio. The Arena features monthly tournaments for Quake Live, Bloodline Champions, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2, all supported by AMD Sapphire.

During the show you will have a chance to win a SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 7770 GHz EDITION OC graphic card courtesy of Sapphire Technology. In order to do so you will have to like their Facebook page and then post a comment guessing who will be the 2 players to make the final and what will the mapscore be (bo5).

Your hosts for the evening will be United KingdomJames "2GD" Harding and Sweden Pelle "fazz" Söderman. For the first time, we also have a russian stream provided by Cyberfight.

Invited players:

Belarus Cypher
United States of America rapha
Russia Evil
Poland av3k
Sweden Spart1e
Sweden madix
Netherlands Weird
Lithuania guard

500 $
200 $
100 $

GO Cypher :)
where twisterrr
hihi just bought that same card from sapphire

go rapha!!
this is a online comp aye
single player mod
haha very funny motherfucker
this is a "warmup" for dreamhack and since strenx isn't going to dreamhack he won't play in this either
he playin shootmania right
Cheering for Russia Evil!!!!
so unlucky :s
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