Welcome to Crossfire 4!

Welcome to Crossfire 4! Long in the making and even longer overdue we are pleased to welcome you all to our new humble abode. The goal of the new site is to open Crossfire up to the next generation of users. Whilst we will always be true to our heritage we must also be forward looking, this ideology will safeguard our long term future.

So what is Crossfire 4? Crossfire 4 is one of the most flexible user generated content engines in the gaming space. Merging the freedom of user contribution with strong administration and quality content.

Whats new? Err..everything? Since you last saw the Crossfire 4 Beta over fifteen thousand more lines of code have been added. We’ve also taken onboard the overwhelming feedback that our previous new design was unpopular. In our new, new design we’ve stayed true to Crossfire 3’s previous colour scheme and tried go for evolution rather than revolution! We’ve also reprioritised certain features on the front page.

Oh, and we’re not done yet either! We’ve still got a list of further features we want to add but we wanted to get this out to the community as soon as possible. Coming quickly will be a “Get Enemy Territory” section, we’ve got it designed, written and ready to launch we simply had to wait until after the migration was done. Search will be getting better day by day, we’ve migrated to SOLR search and this is indexing currently and will replace the Google search in about 72 hours.

This site wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of a number of Crossfire’s finest! So many thanks should go those who have worked on this site conceptually, technically and bug testing-ly... Belgium Krosan, Germany skooli for being captains on the ship! Ukraine I2Y, Netherlands 4drenaline Netherlands Excite as developers, Finland J_ for his superb design and Portugal ag0n for his expert bug testing skills! Other bug testers Netherlands SimonKinsler, Netherlands Frop and Iceland LION.

From here its over to you! We want your feedback, please use this site tell us what works, tell us what doesn’t work! Tell us what you want next! We’ve got an active development team and we can really keep going with your feedback.

Thank You!



If you have a Crossfire 3 account, but no longer have access to its email address, you can activate your Crossfire 4.0 account by filling http://www.crossfire.nu/user/emailMigration with your Crossfire 3 information.
site is slow, but the looks are good!
it's super slow man.
how to get old cf2/3 design ? \o/
yo mate, already whining? may I join you? <3
- Lawaman :)
It's quite slow now, hope it will get better.

Don't like the new look personally, looks like all the other gaming sites. Crossfire was special because the looks dated back to WW2.
Some questions: How come my profile is fucked up now? Are the codes different? And can you stop the Recent/Event/Polls thingy from switching? Same goes for Videos/Albums.
Welcome back ya'll
Don't really like the new design and all sadly.. and everything is quite slow still but that might just be in the beginning only, atleast I hope so. Getting 502 Bad Gateway at very page loading :P

Personally think the CF3 design was awesome, should have just edited/modified/updated that design in stead of rewriting the entire thing. Oh well, perhaps I'll start to love this too.

GJ on still having the will and time to improve this though.
uberslow :((((

How come my profile is fucked up now? Are the codes different? And can you stop the Recent/Event/Polls thingy from switching? Same goes for Videos/Albums.

profile anyway wtf about codes, cannot see who is online of my buddies :((
n1 stealing my comment schnee!
well the content is the important thing :PPP
nice, a bit slow tho!
I don't like it and it's slow ... how can i change to old ?
everything is ruined.
Not yet, because you still here!!!<3
It is going to be slow now. Everyone needs to stop running around like headless chickens. The site launched less than an hour ago. Get you inhaler out, back away from the monitor, and relax.
slow, messy, buggy.

hope you get everything fixed
The dev team is working on it :) be patient
too late now
Why? You have no idea how much bugs have been fixed. CF4 was working almost perfectly before the public release today. There was some known bugs, but they were not a release blocker bug.
Some of the current problems are related to cf3 to cf4 port. A open release like that is needed to find the latest issues.

Just relax and let the team work.
you are the one, dickhead!!!

did you earn money for this?? or only for selling your hairy body?
ofc i didn't get any money. Helping a bit, doesn't hurt.
time is money, but maybe someone earning a lot of money from cf is your friend.
Everything is way too compact/ugly layout
come on man
change is hard, first impressions are not amazing for me but will improve Im sure. One thing I would like personally is bigger contrast between chat boxes / comments / sections - it looks like one big pane for me. was a little hard to even find comment box :P
everything is ruined.
ey dunzy mate same profile pic nice

on topic: site is ugly as fuck and really messy
idd m8 :) profile pic just suits this white lay-out

still pretty gay
My life... It's senseless now
My life... It's senseless now
it's horrific as x ppl said in the beta, give cf3 back-.-
whiny nicon :D
interderping, looking forward to test it, layout change isn't that bad, gj cf team
Of course people don't like change, but it's actually a step in the right direction, just a few things like profile hits and gtv integration should not have been compromised. Good job tho!
Profile hits will be added, all hits have been preserved in the database move!
And gamestv integration, well, if you know the technical lead is the same guy who created ettv & gamestv.org you can imagine such a feature isn't far away :)
where are my pre-xfire 3 hits son?
I like it, the design is nice (I have some small nitpicks with various things, but that's just the devil in the details). Great job overall, and I'm sure it will only get better as people swamp you with feedback. :-)
CF4 looks modern and fresh but veryyyyyyyyy unfamiliar. Maybe I just need to get used to it, but I kinda miss the simpleness of CF3.
could u pls rage -.-
what's the point? they had to at some point, and it really can't be that bad. just give it a go and can your rage for a few weeks to not doom the launch in the first place :)
oh the irony....

np at all.. i raged for some hours, but i guess they will improve some things, if they see all the points which have been posted. imo they wont be that straight and blind to not react. so im more than calm :P

anyway it wasnt meant serious by me =)
Tbh I love the design! Only thing i noticed after 1 minute of using is that the usernames as well as the comments aren't bolded out, so it's hard to find a user if scrolling through the page. Would be great if the usernames could be bolded out.
looks more like a blog lol
Bad to read comments and journals , the style kills my eyes , but overall it seems nice.
Feels a little like I have sold my soul after reading a bit into the terms of use and agreeing to them.
sorry but in my opion it looks ugly
http://speedy.crossfire.nu/user still giving me a 502 and the cheaters on CF3 no longer have the /!| here!
Cheaters will be tagged in due time :)
Please don't do that. What's the point in giving them the attention? Just create a new section 'cheaters' and pull the info from here -> http://tz-ac.com/cheaters.php
agree with vimm
Sexy avatar :D:D
this sucks
cant take you seriously with that avatar of yours =)))
Even Tags website looked better.
impressive :-)
not bad actually
well done
mechiny is talkin :DD:DD:D:D:
da kommt er aus seinem loch :D
mpg site is/was the best.
good job so far ;)

will need some time to get used to the new look but the first impression is nice ;)
cheers guys
- :
migration function doesnt work
accessible only with difficulty for new users
journals ante 2012 are aparently lost
search function quite confusing/unclear but you have access to way more results (compared to cf3 search)

+ :
i like that facebook style
cool award system
site looks more modern and adapted to 2010+
functionality basically the same as cf3
site looks pretty nice, but need to get used to this new layout :) good job
I don't really like new design...
I don't like 4.0 version at all...

gief me cf 3.2 back pls!
seems gay
I like it I think!
I like it I think!
I like it I think!
I like it I think!
I like it I think!
I like it I think!
I like it I think!
comments are just floating in nowheres land. a big white page with texts :(
I agree with the comment section, needs a redesign. Other than that, pretty good! I think flags should return though. Also the PT Sans font is pretty bad. Open Sans would be better imo:

You can set flags (as opposed to avatars) in profile settings.
where is that "GET ET" button everyone was talking about all the time?
Coming this week. Pages are done, just need to be implemented.
i still dont see it. just so you know ;).
Other bugs have higher priority for now.
no last viewers gg :x
dafuq is that
It will take some time to get used to it :(
You guys have transitioned the data across perfectly (I remember the dataloss with xf3!) - love the 'Activity' tab in the profile.

Congrats & nice work.
is it possible to change my nick? I would like to use the real one.

This site is good, but I don't like it. I found many usefull and good features, but I don't feel like this is complete. Not bad at all... but the previous one was better in my eyes, for an example: this 4.0 headline is boring, the whole site gives me a feeling I am reading some kind of clanpage on random domain with free design, sorry.

- Karrde
It will take some time to get used to it, but it looks pretty cool. Maybe a bit empty but other than that it's nice.

Keep the good job up!
The 'More' on the Flags bit shouldn't be a link to another page but load the content on that page - however techies do that.
Don't really like the new design, need to improve it but atm i really dont like it at all
well done! I still have to get used with the new cf

needs a skin that's not as bright as this one
I want to see the online users, members list+ birthdays
what about my hits pfff!!
the section where it shows the groups u r assigned to it's too large/big
I want to see as well if a pm that I sent has been read or not (as you could do it before)

In rest I quite like to explore the new cf features. Lovely :)
The white spaces on the left and right make it look a bit lifeless and dull. Also the monotonous white colouring of thread/journal/news/tutorial titles can be hard on the eyes to distinguish one from the other, generally the whole look is a bit too bright. Other than that the changes are great and ergonomical so far. Loving the profile options!
For the most part I like CF4, but there's a lot of room for improvement:
- No responsive CSS (Hello, this is 2012)
- Fonts: Too inconsistent (size, unnecessary italics, bad fonts in general, buttons) Just look at the title on this page: Welcome to Crossfire 4! by TosspoT • today, 16:29 • News
- The layout of the comment section needs more work: Especially spacing and those round user images (looks much better with flags only)
- The top right part of the navigation bar looks disconnected because of the lighter part with the user name etc
- The background of the search form is lighter than the column which makes it look like it's floating
- Profile looks like there's no layout at all
every change faces resistance since ppl are used to things and now they are gone.
I think, as far as I could play around with, are mainly better then the previous version.

what bothered me most was the circular avatars.

good job
Changing Avatars to Flags makes it look a bit better but 3.2 > 4
nice job ;D
the new site is fucking crap
Don't like the new site at the moment but will see how it grows
No highlight for new posts :(
Got an award on login so i'm happy, nice work lads :}
needs few modifications and tweaks, but overall gj
Hey it looks good ;) Need TOP botton
looks too much like the ESL-site, if possible, I'd like more personal colouring.

not saying I hate it, but just takes a lot of getting used to.
[ ] cf 4.0 is good
[x] its utter crap
Crossfire has become totally mainstream now, and the redesign is like Facebook all over again. I guess things are supposed to be more user friendly and yet it feels totally inhospitable.

This avatar system needs to be abolished and be replaced with the flags again.
Also, this whole "follow" thing is pretty ridiculous. What's with the whole "you're no longer a fan of so-and-so" after you opt out of following them?

GG for Crossfire selling out.
Thanks for the incredibly constructive feedback mister Suji.

You might want to go to your account settings and change the comment system to flag-based fyi.
there you got your typical crowd, loyal but rarely showing it :P

i like it so far, also not having performance issues or the likes.
and don't mind the bright design at all, the contrary :)

e: an explanation on the awards could come in handy. at what point you get which.
oh and the awards need a redesign, they look french xD (j/k)
image: NeF7R
image: Hw0ET
Things I like:
* Movie section
* Preview for comments, really nice!
* Logo lookin' sleek imo.

I don't mind avatars in posts at all, but as it is, it looks kinda bad. I reverted back to flags. If you're going to have avatars as an option, you should force people to upload an avatar in the correct resolution or fix a script that allows you to crop your avatar imo. Something like this (quick mashup) would be my ideal way of displaying avatars. Anyways, I think you guys did a pretty good job this time. It's very hard to please everyone, but add a select-able darker template and some minor tweaks here and there and it's all good.
I don't really know what to say. From the last month/s of beta testing, the white color didn't really bother me at my lcd screen, but today i was checking it at my old screen and it looks bad, indeed. My eyes were exhausted after a while.

Also as i said before, the font is not really helpful :(
Thanks for the good feedback!

That avatar mashup is quite slick :)
Np, and thanks [x
where is a comment preview?
Next to 'Post Comment' =)
haha totally overread this =) thank you
That Clans stuff is pretty fuckd up :/
There is still a lot of room for improvements, but I kinda start to like a few things now that the site is running at reasonable speed. colours could indeed be better - and I cant see who visited my profile :D
On the overall it looks good but the boxes need definitely more contrast, maybe just some grey to white gradients would do the job, it's not a big deal to edit some css.
This centered layout looks also a bit strange according to the fact that most of people are using widescreens nowadays. Here, I have something like 50% of the screen not being used at all. A floating width would have just been perfect for this kind of content imho.

-Minor annoying thing: This 'recent/event/polls' keep switching itself, it's really eye attracting and not user friendly at all.
Good job anyway.
change it back :/
Crossfire LAN veteran

Oh yeah!
oh i like when i drop down reply to see actuallly a name to who i want to reply
should add more skins... this is just so frekin white!
Finally can login *_*
fuck off back where you came from!!!! :D
oops i thought it was razbo my mate, sorry :)
hahahaha :PPPP
WTF.... No images in Forum posts?? Or is it html code now <> instead of bb code [] ??

And why does it keep logging me out?
White bg = eyecancer
changing or flashing boxes (recent/events/polls) on right panel = braincancer (is this 1999 or what? web 4.0? who the fuck though it's a good idea)

as constructive as you can get

won't bother with small bugs, but these things are really annoying
There's an old saying; If it's not broke, don't fix it. This is crap, really.

Almost everything I click on I get a Redirect Loop Error, then I can't get back on the site for awhile.
I try to send a PM and it tells me I need to log in. I AM logged in, ffs

My good friend Kaoss.. his profile doesn't even exist anymore. Do a search, then click on his profile and you get "No such user: '21803'" Same thing happened to him in the past.

No offense, I know you want to make it better, and I know there will be bugs, but seriously, this sucks
whats whit that follows?
now cf is ugly :|
Less downtime, more fun


whine must go on
cant get to my inbox
cant logout
not realy a good template
LION is from Israel. Learn your own flags TosspoT!
you are still alive ;D? we do need an old all hungarian lineup ;D
That won't happen I think, would be good though! :D
Ask Seraph? Maybe he does want to play some games with Fobje, Future and you? +2 others?
srph is playing one hour each day on his xbox, then he shuts it down. he can't deal with both real life and gaming, true story.
my friends cf account is lost - his nickname: Strik3R and his account number: 28609 any chance you can fix it?
Good work, I guess it will only be a matter of time before things will be improved.
I think I can get used to this :-)
can't even figure out how to edit my profile...

ok i figured it out after like 10mins or so lol :D
I like the new feautures a lot , but the new look is so white and tbh dont like it,
new feautures+old look=win
great job guys keep it up
ugly design
:/ this is the end of the internet.... everything is ruined
I know CF3 was in need of a technical update and there are sure some nice additions to CF4, but I do not like the usability. The design is sort of o.k, but as far as usability goes there are a lot of things that were actually great about CF3 that are now lacking in CF4.

Indenting of comments for instance is a lot harder to following as there is no visual reference on the sides anymore. Comment collapsing (not hard to do at all) would've been a good addition, and also making it visually easier to follow the tree structure of comments.

What I also dislike for a 2012 site is that you still go to the bottom of the page to post a comment. That would be ok for wanting to put a comment at the bottom, but how about replies? You should've put the comment form underneath the comment you want to reply to. Much better UX.

The "Recent/Events/Polls" slider takes up too much space. It should be put on the homepage as something apparent, but not so apparent on every other page.

Oh fuck it, I could go on and on with pointers that could improve the UX of this site, but I will not. Also because I'm not on this site as much anymore, or at all actually. But seeing CF4 makes me miss CF3 imho.
Did you even click the "Reply" button? The feature you describe is exactly what has been implemented. Strange :/
ah, goody.. one thing of my ranting list :)
Awful to look at now, eyes hurting... so much white and very little contrast/color(24LED).

This is "modern design" in a bad way.

Was away for a few weeks and when I come back this happens. ;o

I don't really like the new layout, not saying it's bad but the old one was somehow original and unique.

Something that I really miss from the old layout is when you could see a flag in front of the name because it gave the person a certain "feel". Most of the people here I recognized based on the flag and now it's just confusing.

[edit] Commenting is also a bit confusing, don't know why.
oldschool look was much better - change it back - was so similar to the game we are still playing - at least change the white color everywhere
Tis cool me thinks, good work!
less activity on this site -- who knows why ?
haven't been on for quite some time, thought about starting to play again this fall. Now it's insanely less tempting, the new version isn't good at all. Why not just keep everything floating along, doubt this will give any positive boost.
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