Evolution Challenge - Matchday 3

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Twelve remaining teams in the Competition! Who will be next to get kicked out of the Evolution Challenge? Check out the upcoming matches and statements! For all statements and the lineups check out the ESL newsposting.

image: test4image: test4The first four teams had to leave the competition. We want to thank
  • Europe Sleeperzzz
  • Italy ProGamerS.et
  • Poland TryOut and
  • Europe Team Decerto
for their participation and the exciting matches! Hope to see you soon in upcoming competitions!
Second I have to apologize for that layout but the possibilities to create a nice layout are less than before or bugged (at the moment). Therefore you have to take potluck with that layout based on images from the ESL newsposting! Nevertheless we have to come back to topic - the 2nd round in the lower bracket.

Lower bracket Matches

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More Statements
We gathered some more statements regarding the other lower bracket matches:
France sticked.et vs. Poland blurred vision
France logic vs. Germany lost soldiers

image: new_message For all statements check out the ESL Newsposting

Upper bracket matches
Round three in the upper bracket! This means four teams, one goal: Not going down to the lower bracket! While the lower bracket teams have a tight schedule we have a bit more time in this part of the bracket. The teams can take a small and deserved brake. Therefore we also have to wait a bit longer till the matches come up!
Netherlands overload vs. Europe Jungle Brothers
United Kingdom colt45 vs. Finland mPG

image: new_message The statements can be found in the ESL Newsposting

The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
Info: The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear. The Electronic Sports League is not responsible for the prizes. Shipping by Ozone gaming Gear!

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Nicely written, good luck to all the teams
great stuff! gl to mM!
Goodluck all, especial colt45 :)
Goodluck all, especial colt45 :)
Goodluck all, especial colt45 :)
Goodluck all, especial colt45 :)
Great stuff!
dat ramoz :D
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