Day Z - Team up!

Day Z has been going from nothing to one of the most played games in just a few months, and you will understand why!
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Day Z is a open world multiplayer zombie survival mod built upon the ARMA II engine. You are one of the few survivors left on Chernarus, a post-soviet state, with only one thing on your mind, survival. Team up with friends or go at it lonewolf while you explore the vast wilderness while zombies are looking for fresh meat.

But Zombies or “Zed” are not your only threat, there is also player bandits lurking in the shadows wanting to snipe you down for all the loot in your backpack, you can identify these bandits as they have a camo outfit. Although not all bandits are dangerous, some of them earned that skin in an act of self defence, it is up to you to use your own initiative to decide if this bandit is actually friendly, though I'd say you should trust no one but your friends (and still..).

You can travel alone or team up with other survivors while you explore this brutal and chilling landscape, you can look for all the best guns and supplies or even fix up a vehicle for you and your buddies to get around quicker. You could set up a fortified area in the woods with tents and sandbag bunkers to protect you from all threats, or if you’re feeling destructive you can find a sniping point on the hills and scope into a town and shoot everything that moves, the possibilities are endless. The world is yours in this fantastic spine tingling game, every move you make, could be your last.

Firsty, when you spawn on the game you will find yourself on the long stretch of coast of Chernarus, the very first thing you should do is find out where you spawned, as soon as you spawn look at the bottom right corner of the screen you will see 3 lines of text, the 2nd line is the most important, DO NOT FORGET IT, there is no way of seeing this text again. That is your current location. You should now refer to the image: mapqbu, it should be pretty easy to work out if you just follow the coastline.

Your first priority should be getting out of sight, the entire coast is a well populated area as people are always wandering along to the next towns and cities using the ocean as a guide, you should run north into the tree line where there is less potential killers. When you're in a secured place, check out your backpack and it's content and familiarize yourself with it.

Next to do? When you spawn you only have a makarov and a backpack of very basic supplies, it is now up to you to decide what happens next, you could wander over to the many nearby towns and get yourself some extra supplies or venture into the big cities such as Cherno or Elektro be warned though these cities are rife with bandits and “zed”. When you are navigating using the map if you want to travel east keep the ocean over your right shoulder, if you want to travel west keep it over your left shoulder.

Food & drink are important in this game (just like in real life!), if you go for a prolonged time without food you will eventually die. When you first start you have a water bottle in your backpack, this can be filled up at any water source such as water pumps and even the ocean, if you find a pond you can also fill up there as long as the water level is deep enough to swim in. If you do not dispose of your water bottle you can also find cans of Pepsi to assist in your hydration. As for food you can find plenty in loot spawns such as tins of beans, but if you want good quality food then you can hunt and cook your own, if you own a box of matches and a hunting knife you can go into the wilderness and hunt animals, skin them and then cook them on your fire.

If you are on a server with nametags enabled you will probably be asked multiple times “Goku, friendly?” the guy is simply asking if you are going to be friendly towards him or try and kill him, if you stop and look around chances are you won’t even see him so just respond to him before you get shot down. Things can get a little tricky if nametags are disabled, someone could be asking you if you are friendly and you may not even realise he is talking to you, he should describe the scenario thoroughly like “survivor by the church in elektro crouching with sniper rifle, friendly?” if you are all of those things then it’s probably you he is talking to. The same goes for when you have spotted anyone, you should keep an eye on them without being spotted while trying to communicate with them via global chat, if you feel threatened in anyway then you should get the hell out of there or take the shot. Use your brain and people skills to come out on top.
Currently there is no integrated party system in Day Z, but luckily I made the #DayZ.ET channel to gather the Crossfire people together. So be sure to idle there to meet up anytime!

If your objective is getting all the best loot then generally the further north you travel the higher reward. You can come across deer stands in the fields which sometimes have military spec weapons, be careful though as these have military zombies guarding them. Stay away from main cities as the loot is standard and it’s a high risk going at it alone. The NW Airfield is famous for it’s excellent loot, this place is hugely popular with survivors AND bandits, be very cautious if you travel there.

ARMA 2 is currently on sale on STEAM so be sure to get it while it's there, you will not regret it! (ARMA 2 is needed to be able to play Day Z)
You can use Six Updater ©potty to patch your game correctly and Day Z Commander ©twidi to browse and join servers!

Would be a great game, too bad I don't have time for it :/ Lot's of friends playing it, nice stories & moments from those sessions.
back from balota airport, got only shitty loot and used like 4 bandages :-(
#DayZ.ET ! :-)
only available on steam? or can you buy it in free record shop or smth? ^^
I am not sure but I think Steam only ^^
watching some video's and really looks cool :(
Kan je via Steam niet kopen dan?
heb geen steam en geen paypal
gonna install it today, so if anyone wants to play tonight lemme know
Looks quite cool, too bad I don't have ARMA 2. Maybe I'll install SCS with the HoH mod again, just to play some Horror Shooter. :)
ARMA 2 is on sale on STEAM! Don't let this opportunity go!
do u need ARMA 2 and the expansion to play dayZ?
Yes, it is one package/bundle on steam.
Downloading right now, anyone willing to play tonight? Around 23:20?
Play earlier because I am raping face right now...

(when I say raping I mean more running away without a gun)
work till 23:00.
Downloading the games right now.
ok np, idle in though.
this game is so easy once you get it :P
Probably going to get this today ;D
if someone is willing to trade pm :)
i really want to play day Z now :D
you should mention that you need Arma2: Combined Operations to play DayZ.

Anyway great job! This mod is going to be huge!

e: Oh missed the link, my bad :-)
Wait for Arma3 they are working on making the mod official.
Any release date?
And what is €20 anyway :)
20€ c'est 15 pains connard.
People should just buy Arma2:CO since it's pretty cheap atm. Waiting a year or even more for arma3 is just pretty stupid since DayZ is already a huge success. You'll not regret buying the game, just saying.
tg ac tes posts
why on earth you post so many news?
It's called contributing, something you never did.
It's called copy pasting, something you do everyday.
Not exactly
c/p is not contribution kthx
Yet it's better than what you ever did.
It's appreciated by the community, why the flame?
Anyone in Cherno?
how much is it all together then?
Combination "ARMA II Demo" + "ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead" also works
ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead @ steam : €12
Tomorow morning 10:00 - DayZ time!
Tried to play a few mins ago but its night and somehow my flashlight doesnt seem to work :/
Way to dark without it.
had the same thing with my light, just keep hitting the [L] and it will work:p
i'm gonna try to find a party bus tommorow getting bored of the walking already.
I'll patch my arma later on hope i can get my irc working aswell :D
ah yeah forgot about that, cheers bro ;)
just found a supermarket with tons of stuff and 1 min later i was murdered by zombies..

if anyone wants to play i'm on uk115
I still play there man, go to the town called chernogsk
stole pickup, atv and motocycle

1 hour later the server crashed and they were gone :(
i pirated it and uses tunngle ^_^ yarrharrrrr i dont spend money on games
just found a AKS-74 Kobra and a M16 :D
but i dropped the m16 and it did poof and it was gone...
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