ESL Summer Signups - 29h left!

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Summer Series Overview
Only some hours left to sign up! Hurry up! Here is a small overview about the important dates. All information can be found in the newsposting. There will be no 2on2 tournament in summer due to a lack of interest. Do not forget to send in a team rating after sign up!

image: detailsblack123 Sign ups close on 26th July
image: detailsblack123 Cups will start on 30th July

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If you need help feel free to send in a Support Ticket or ask an admin via (quakenet). In case of an emergency, feel free to send me a private message with team id and rating via the 911 Button!
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avi for this (6v6)
avi for 3o3 (dont care about team/skill)
how to delete mine signup?
contact an admin (support ticket or irc)
he did not reopen the ticket is up to him...
Where is Spring Series winnermans announcement.
omg only 22 6o6 teams :(
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