Evolution Challenge - lower bracket final

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Three teams left! Who will join the grand final of the Evolution Challenge and face the guys from the old team Netherlands overload who found a new home at Team Decerto side? The decision will be made on Monday when the lower bracket final takes place!

Recent results
What was already announced in the last news (statements)
turned into truth - an interesting and close match! France sticked.et
were able to beat the favoured Europe Jungle Brothers in a close match
with 4:2. But 48h after that triumph the tournament ended for the French
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The guys from mPG showed them their limits by winning
4:0 and therefore sticked finishes 4th in the Evolution Challenge
while mPG still can win the tournament!
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The lower bracket final
But before they will join the Grand Final where the guys from Europe Team Decerto ET are waiting, they need to win against a known opponent: United Kingdom colt45 which beat them in the upper bracket round three. So it is time for revenge!

Europe mPG
image: mpg
Finland miNd
Finland Lepari
United Kingdom Baggiez
Finland Squall
Sweden NuggaN
Netherlands perfo
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Tournament Prizes


United Kingdom colt45
image: colt
United Kingdom Kamz
United Kingdom sqzz
United Kingdom R0SS
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Finland olBaa
Belgium Kevin

QuoteFinland mind
Expecting us to actually be underdogs here due last game versus them lost and the fact that their players play a lot more than ours. Dont really know what else to expect, prolly a close good game.

QuoteUnited Kingdom kamz
This match should be interesting. mPG has a stronger lineup now and definitely want to win badly. olBaa in our team gives us a better chance of winning as it also allows sqzz to focus more on his medic work. Even though we beat them last time, we remain the underdog here so It's a tough one to call but I'm going to stick my neck out and say that we can win this one again if we play at our best. But it should be an awesome match and i'm looking forward to it. This is what I came back to ET for! :)

The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
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OVERLOAd will win anyways, send them the LANbags so they can start packing already
nah colt will win.... goeiesmorgens
Oublies pas ta promesse à propos des LAN bags An7ho :D

GL HF colt45 !
My feeling is that the winner of colt45/mpg will win the tournament but let's see what happens! :-)
why the hate ?! :(
there's no hate at all ;) just my opinion..
Don't worry, saKen will give you free hugs at lan ;)
Thats not what i've said.

The quote is from abort from team JB on their previous game versus sticked.et. Please fix that.
indeed. fixed!
So both teams are underdogs? :D
Good luck Kamz!!!
A guaranteed win for the underdog tonight.

I see what u did there. I think mind wanted to convince himself he was the underdog to take the pressure off but we all know mpg was the favourites to win both times :P
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