Evolution Challenge finished!

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Right after the Country Championship winners have been announced it is time for announcing the next winners! The prize featured Evolution Challenge has come to its end. 16 teams joined this special tournament and fought for the prizes during the last four weeks.

The Grand Final
After losing the Upper bracket final 2:4 colt45 had to win twice but Team Decerto ET showed a nice performance and finished the tournament right after the first match by winning the match 3:1

Netherlands Team Decerto
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Netherlands saKen
Netherlands L4mpje
Netherlands JALLAAAAAA
France An7ho
Canada bN
France karnaj
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Tournament Prizes

United Kingdom colt45
image: 7530_1270811504
United Kingdom Kamz
United Kingdom sqzz
United Kingdom R0SS
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Finland olBaa
Belgium Kevin

First of all the guy who made this tournament possible will have some words.
Quote Canada Marck Hernandez - Manager Team Decerto
We are very glad for have been given the chance to work with a serious and responsible company such as ESL, and we certainly believe this tournament is just the start of a great and prosper cooperation. We hope to be able to keep the good work going and bring you more tournaments like this one in the near future. ESL has delivered more than we ever could have expected and the tournament is considered by Team Decerto a huge success, which we hope will match the expectations of its participants. Thank you everyone for being part of this project and to Ozone Gaming Gear for trusting this venture and supporting us as good as they always do.

Team statements
QuoteNetherlands saKen - Team Decerto (lineup)
We're glad to have won this tournament, arguably the biggest online tournament ET has seen in a while. The toughest match was probably the winner bracket final where we were forced to play with two mercs, special thanks to kresti and xperia for helping us out there. We had a little buffer for the final..read more

QuoteUnited Kingdom kamz - colt45 (lineup)
It was great to be part of such a tournament. No doubt the highlight for me was winning the first match vs mPG when anim ran with west parts in the last second, I went crazy at that point haha. I think we done very well to get to the finals and Decerto managed a lucky escape not having to play mPG but Decerto had better teamplay than us in the final. It was their night and we couldn't break through their defense. I'm obviously disappointed we did not win because after beating mPG..read more

The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
Info: The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear. The Electronic Sports League is not responsible for the prizes. Shipping by Ozone gaming Gear!

All in all it was a nice competition and quite pleasant to host this tournament apart from two team-sided exceptions. We want to thank all teams which completed the tournament and Team Decerto along with Ozone Gaming Gear for making this possible! Congratulations to the winner!

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It was a really nice cup with a really nice coverage by Sn4ke, keep the good work up bro !
ggs nice cup
nice coverage Sn4ke, just shame about some admin's behaviour and lack of ingame admining

gratz to winners, hope you will get your prizes
Well done!
cool cup & gratz to the teams who made the podium! :}
QuoteIt's nice to see that stableish kind of teams that prac a lot get a reward over newly formed teams like us.

Oups pardon! :_D
it's true :(

with colt we played like once every 2 weeks and decerto pracced together most days.. it's a good thing, but others just don't have time for it nowadays
lol please most of the time we pracced we played against you even x)
most of our pracs were pretty much vs u to be fair and we played like twice or something, but i remember always being around and seeing u guys were searching wars a lot.. also u guys are in like 5-6 other competitions? that counts as praccing too, and u are playing drafts daily...

don't be defensive about it, like i said it's a good thing =]
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Since when are you hating on me? :(
since his nose is brown aswell :D
don't think so. but still better just a nose than whole face
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you should have respect for people that actually do proper contributions for this community like robert
he has no respect for anyone at all, that's why he's banned from next CGS lan
good move imo. maybe he'll learn his lesson.
no, I don't think so. In fact I'm sure he will even flame stronger now.
nice asslick man :DDDd;d:D:DD

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Fuck you nigger parrot :D :D:x:dax:X:xad:a;X:da
congratz decerto
nice coverage dudes ;)
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