FGH offers free CS:GO servers!

Freegamehosting is proud to say that they have managed to support CS:GO this soon. This means everyone can use CS:GO servers completely FREE! We implanted CS:GO as soon as it worked, so for now you can only host a CS:GO server via the frontpage for now, however we will also implant it in your control panel.

Note: Because of technical reason the gameservers have a max clients of 14. You cant choose this yourself.


Visit: www.freegamehosting.nl

You can host your server by clicking on the game icon representing their game, this will open a form below the icons.
Fill this in and click "Start your server". You will get the ip of your gameserver.
Once you played on the gameserver and leave after that which results in 0 players in the gameserver it will shut itself down in a few minutes.

Currently supported games:

Currently supported:
  • Call of duty 2
  • Call of duty 4
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Counter-strike: Global Offensive
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Coming soon:
Counter-Strike 1.6

Contact / Support:

Irc: #Gamehosting
Mail: info@freegamehosting.nl
Contact form on the site: Link

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Kind regards,
The FreeGameHosting Team
remind me some old website doing same, you could borrow a serv for some hours :D

and it was the "good tip to know" xd

ps: just give me key, i dont need serv 8d
Not running the latest ESL config.
If anyone is willing to sponsor me a cs:go server, I would be *really* thankfull!
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