Return to Castle Wolfenstein Anniversary cup 2012 !

RtCW Anniversary cup!
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been over a decade since the release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The game that has inspired us all, the game that spawned Enemy Territory. The time has come to return one last time and fight for glory.

image: ll_rtcw


With this cup we want to give the game the celebration it deserves. The aim is to get the old schoolers back for a final blast and show the new kids what a team based game truly is about.
Add to that it will be one of the last chances to get your name written in the books of RtCW history!
The key word is fun, of course getting stabbed to death will still be humiliating and rusty skills need to be polished once more but sometimes it really is more important to participate than to win.
The cup also provides the ideal opportunity to fight against your heroes or your nemesis from the past. With confirmed teams like SwedenKnö I Horn and Hungary?cave we already see the return of two former Euro Cup teams and those who’ve been paying attention to the IRC channel might have noticed the return of some familiar old faces.


It is with great proud and honor that we are able to tell you that it is non-other than the legendary shoutcaster
United States of America WarWitch himself taking the stage once more to tell you who killed who and which team is taking home the win. Time hasn’t stood still and where you once pressed your headphones to ears to hear every word he said, now you’ll be able to tune in to a live stream of WarWitch working his magic!


· Hosted by ClanBase
· Format: 6 vs 6 SW ABBA
· Group stage, playoff stage
· Signups will be from 1st september till 7th october 23:59 midnight!
· IRC channel - #rtcw.wars
· Cup website -

And now a taste of what’s to come….

thanks to Netherlands bully for making this awesome trailer!


Netherlands; password base
Netherlands;password mordi
Germany PUBLIC dFw
Sweden;password time2kill

Many more to come in upcoming days!

***SIGNUP HERE!!!***

Big thanks to Netherlands bully, Netherlands voice & Netherlands zeni !

like us on facebook!


Netherlands SDI
Belgium BooZZe
Sweden Knö I Hörn
Germany PMCG
Germany HighBot
Germany GateToHell
Europe overPowered
Hungary ?cave
United Kingdom one.soldier
Skandinavia aZe
Europe fallanx
someone let me borrow a key?
Why even bothering with cd key altogether?

We've released patched binary for 1.4 years ago that removes key checks and works just fine with PB...since there's no point for legit keys due keygen what's the use bothering ppl to generate one and creating confusion...just use patched one and get over with it imho.
i just copied what the post said :( don't whine at me :D
:D Well wasn't really aiming at you, was just a general question :)

I mean, I could understand about players having restrictions and second thoughts with playing on cracked servers but with keygen now days that's pretty much the same with difference that people don't need to bother with keygen on cracked servers at all. PB still works just as fine as on any other's just configured not to bother with keys...and if assitance is need it. I'll gladly help with it - not that's it's much work anyway.
I remember having the 1st cracked server, and I didn't get it from you.
Also it's easier to ban players having a non cracked server (back then).
And some hosts won't even allow cracked servers.

But yes, for the cup it would be handy.

I've got a 24 sl. cracked server, let me know if it's needed for the cup.
No, you got it from Richard. ;)

Cracked binary generally has nothing to do with hosters disallowing it, it's simply that one doesn't have the rights to upload executive binary since it's a security risk to allow someone to upload executive files...Most of hosters (ycn, noghost..), actually upload stuff for you if you ask and send files to them - so they can scan it before making it available for use.
comeback van eZbh?
nah :p geen zin meer om een team te leiden, zou ook niet lukken de skill verschillen van ons team (als ik al alle spelers trug kan krijgen) vgl met die van 1.4 die zullen signupen (meeste toch)
cool, gl with it :)
QuoteIt is with great proud and honor that we are able to tell you that it is non-other than the legendary shoutcaster
WarWitch himself taking the stage once more to tell you who killed who and which team is taking home the win.

image: 500792d1324451118-pcgh-adventskalender-heute-asus-engtx580-dcii-2dis-1536md5-gewinnen-von-10-20-uhr-mitmachen-awww-yeah
In fucking deed.
if you need any support (servers,casters,any kind of help) contact me
avi if fixed doesnt play!
Awesome. :)
Am I seeing things?
he was on ts3 the other day, no biggie :o)
nice gl!
AVI for a offi only team since i cant pracc coz of the ET Lan :)
skill low+med =)
Thank you ZeD for all the effort you've put into this, I can't wait until it starts!
how many of those frags in the trailer were by you? :D
Hehe, from 0:21 to 0:41 are my frags.
I'm interested in playing this cup if anyone needs a player for their team. PM me here
Gl for the cup !!!

Will you also stream the cup? Would be awesome
Most certainly, we want to give the old schoolers a propper stage to perform at ;)!
please do, as i dont have the game it would be cool to have a way to watch this anyways
I would like to have WTV back ;)
the only surplus imo that wtv has is that you can chat with other players at the same time when watching the game. Always funny :D
If all goes as planned (still setting up) the covered games will be streamed through video via or something very similar. There is still a lot to setup on my end before I can promise anything though. But that's the ultimate goal.
would be awesome mate!
I'm so in!!! Great effort guys! :)
Simply awesome, I'm really looking forward to the streams and to hear warwitch. Good luck to all the players and organisation.
image: 4876696414_d3f62d18be_z

No you're real !

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woohoo :DD
I fucked up at the buttons but I only wanted to put in a hide tag since the image is huge.
Oh I thought someone hated me and deleted my awesome comment. Then an angel put back my comment with new tag. I see you fixed your sentence :D
Greetings soldiers and soldats!

It has been years since I last had the honor to set foot on the battlefield that is Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In fact, I hung up my microphone and took a long break from the world of shoutcasting after wrapping up a long and exuasting world tour in 2005. But lately, more and more, I've been feeling the urge to make a comeback. Shoutcast technology has really taken a leap forward and it's inspired me to make a grand return.

What better way to get started again then in the most legendary game of all time, RTCW!

I have a full checklist of things I need to accomplish before the Axis Shoutkasting War-machine is back up and running, but slow but sure I'm making preparations to rejoin all of you on the beaches of Normandy. It's an honor to be remembered by those who remain. I'll endeavor to bring exciting coverage to what will most certainly be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for all of us.

- Herr Warwitch (and ze Axis Goat)

P.S - Though nothing is yet confirmed, I'm hoping to bring some other shoutcaster personalities back from the past to assist me in this mission. We'll see how that all pans out in the coming days. Stay tuned!
nice to hear!
nice! What about justice?
I spoke to Justice and DeeAy this morning. They both seem very interested in helping cover this event. I would love to work with them again!
Really great to hear that! :)
All hail warwitch! This is gonna be amazing.
when i was 14 me and my brother were always listening/watching you together!

Thanks for all the epic games you shoutcasted!
My pleasure! It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to picking up where I left off all those years ago.
who the fuck are you?
considering your status among shoutcasters I think you should definitely come back.. after the RTCW cup you should try the big eSports FPS titles nowadays, you always seemed to groove right into shooting games like you knew everything about it in your first time casting. :D

some new titles are CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive, very popular, probably will have very big tournaments). and the hyped up "ShootMania" - not sure how good it is but it's getting a lot of attention from all of those people who promote eSports games (all MGC organisations and leagues like ESL, etc).

also the Quake player/caster 2GD is creating a game called Reborn which will hopefully be the place for Quake Live, ET and other old gamers to migrate to ones these old games finally die. (which they haven't, as of yet!). seemingly it'll be using a similar engine (or at least similar physics) to RtCW, Quake 3, ET and so on. the kind of fast movement that we all like in comparison to your Call of Duty's etc.

looks like you'd be all set if you decide to start professional casting again!
I've been a caster without a game for a long time now. Getting my feet wet again in the world of RTCW just seems like the right thing to do. From there, only time will tell. I do appreciate the recommendations though! I'll keep my eyes open to some of those titles. I'm sure the chips will all fall into place one way or another.
warwitch & tosspot

image: OQa3H
that's you reading CF news :
image: excited6
D-d-d-did you just say KiH

inb4 all ET nerds searching team and saying high+
Looking for a team; /Q me

Skill: high+
Looking for a team; /Q me

Skill: high+
Looking for a team; /Q me

Skill: high+
Looking for a team; /Q me

Skill: high+
RtCW hosted Cup 2012 - Clans

No clans found.
Nice! Avi for a team, as always for rtcw cups :p
Avi for cup
so f****** awesome that this game is still kept alive by organizing this cup!

some of my old sdi (sterk door inzet) players will join me and hope we get 6 then!

so looking forward to this!

deltastars ftw!



additional info:

if you want to practice in mixed teams... every evening we play 6on6 with mixed teams...

we use ventrilo server version 3.0.5
port number: 4567
pass: mordi

hope to see you join this cup and have fun!
local :--)
If we manage to put team of randoms together we'll surely need some scrims to polish our we'll be in touch. :)

If you're people short, dont hestitate to ask some ET players that dont have alot of RtCW exp *hint hint* ;D

great job, once again zed!
nice, pm me if you are avi and i know you well enough! Might going to bring back liquid when i will have enough people
take me for liquid and get dtsje to ya know us both RTCW is running in our veins :)
Me, you and Goldo is 3 already brah, we'll have a world conquering team before you know it.
Hello - looks interesting.

(wasn't the anniversary last September?)
Trying to get some chaps together to play this, wanna join? Curbs and I are in, I'm sure Merl will be too when he comes back from the dead. Then we just need to add a panzer and a rtcw god like hoontah and we'll have the perfect team to pound Sipperi all the way back to his Delta roots
Awesome :)
looks great!
avi, no skill
played yday rtcw on pub for the 1st time was accused of cheating and kicked from the server lol

avi for cup but dunno many maps

special thx for guys from #rtcw.wars for help :)

moar lulz
ughh... bloody ECGN, such a shame it's pretty much the only active pub left in rtcw...
You could perhaps try the allstars server ( people usually start joining that in the evening.
Another idea is to try to get the dFw server ( active, which is running osp rather than shrub.
Just slap some people on rtcw.wars and I'm sure you can get some activity going on there :).
what about another pub server like the xmas pub server? since activity will rise due to cup announcement, it could be a nice idea no? :D
Just found out we have 2 pub servers, besides dFw there's also RtCW OSP ( ), this server might actually be better than dFw because it doesn't restrict mapoverbrightbits to 2 and picmip to 1.
We've put just yesterday a pub osp server up. It was meant more for internal use but we're flexible and can easily reconfigure it (or put another one up if need it) to be more pub friendly. So if any suggestions, feel free... :)
Hey, sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for providing a new pub server! :)
Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with server configs, but I can most likely arrange for someone to upload a good server config for you.
Have you got the ip to your server btw? I can check if it's conflicting with some basic settings at least.

greets and thank you :)

It's running also few custom maps as we mostly put it up for duels when we're bored, but feel free to use and abuse it. :) If any suggestions pm me and I can reconfigure it if need it.

P.S. To avoid bothering with what server is up and crowded you can use live server list - goes directly to master server so it's always actual and up to date, as well as for 1.0 and 1.4 versions.


woooaaaahh, funky shit!
Arick...Perfect time to get the old legendary Fallanx guys for "one more round!"
I am av!
agreed! Need to find our pacmaster Jul :D
cu on irc!
Avi for this shiz!
lol rtcw
best game ever made!
image: 24

rtcw of win
Got some trouble in reaching old .@: Amnesia / mysod players. However, i'm av.
make a team, i'm your man!
darv still goes on CF from time to time if you have no means of contacting him =P
gl guys <3
I would be interested in playing this!
Finally a game that's worth playing
Cool! :) hope many old players sign up. Will be sure to watch, when does it start?
sounds awesome!

should make a list of signed up teams and players. i would definately be avi to either form a team or to join 1.
in 1+ month = :(
amazing \o/
Funny thing is, I still haven't completed RTCW single player lol!!
i bet the ubersoldat rolls you
I bet you dont get your self past the guards in the prison! :)
avi , know you only :)
There should be an anniversary cup every year from now on!

haal fdnl terug!
Awesome! Was dreaming of something like that happening
This is extraordinarily good news! Will watch for sure. It's really quite pleasant to see such a distinguished gentleman shoutcaster to return to castle o' Wolfenstein. What a delightful treat ! </8-)
Welcome back WarWitch! :) Gonna be a blast to listen to you again casting some matches. Hopefully we see some old school NA guys showing up for this putting together a few teams.
Perfect time to get the old legendary #Fallanx guys for "one more round!"
i was on #rtcw.wars yesterday when i saw humm3l saying hb will play this :)... fuckin hell this is getting big

im avi q me
They signed up on clanbase already, even rated themselves a 10 :P.
needs sticky :(
teams line up pls :D

O_O thers something weirdo over here!!!!!!!!!

:D:D:D no offense indian cunt :D
johnvoodoo from castle warbitz in the days :DD?
i remmeber him :D
...SO FAR :]]
Boozze signed up, we try but still not succeed... :)

This.. is so awesome!

Nappie and I are trying to bring the gAim.boys back together for some old school rtcw action! v57 !!!1
Spent some time today working with ZeD. With his help I got RtCW up and running again. Going through my checklists of things to do and everything is looking good. In the coming days I'll be working on getting Xsplit up and purring like a kitten (or a goat).

More updates as available. I'm excited about covering this event. It was a real treat hopping back in game for the first time in years. It felt like some kind of crazy time warp!
Great to see you're so involved and motivated to do this, the cup will be a blast for sure :).
Hah! That's awesome that you found that online. Good times, good find :)
@ dusty... lovej always deliveres!

nice to see gAim is trying to get a team together and same goes for the bierzuiperzzzzzz (boozze/bzz clan)!

doing great warwitch! keep up the good work!

sdi still needs to play their first practice but actually we dont need any cause we are all deltastars! :p
aZe needs you! pm yoda
aZe is going to play? Awesome, I will contact yoda asap!
anti lag :[
if an american team is playing it, so can you!
avi for this =D

this time I'll defo have time, unlike 3 years ago ;o
Anyone got list of OSP servers?
What's the schedule?
just watched some old clan movies, those were such good times.
Hmm, good to see some old friends back like BooZZe clan!

Don't think FDNL can get its old team back on a decend level to participate in the cup.
Pasmanni ;)

good to see you here, pik! Get FieTser, and Rog to play! there are more then enough noob clans to play against m8! And also enough people who are looking for a clan!
lol its not about playing decend... its for the fun! sdi (sterk door inzet) sux too since its all people in their 30/40's with kids and they didnt play the game for over 4/5 years! just get your team together and play us sometime and you will see :)!
I've added a few of the alive Osp servers to the Popular Live Server List.
More updates:

A lot of the old TsN shoutcasters are rallying around me to make a (pardon the pun) return to Castle Wolfenstein. I'm pretty excited because I haven't worked with these people in years: DeeAy, Justice, Chadman and Boomerman to name a few.

In other news:

Was having serious internet issues. Those problems are now solved. I should be getting xsplit setup here in the next few days.

P.S - I'm really rusty when it comes to the game and Wolf. Be kind :)
very nice news :D so exciting gl in your re-meeting!!
How do I get involved?

Can someone organise a night to have an active pub?
join mirc #rtcw.wars 6v6 mixes going on every day
Sexy bastard ;) Join #MaD and [[[Mad.4.wolF]]] or RtCW PuB
Baz you party animal! You still hang around these parts eh, will have to pop in and say hello.
My Twitch channel is up and running, though there is no content on it (yet):

I encourage everyone to get an early start and follow me there! It'll be from here that the action will play out live with some of the finest shoutcasters in RtCW history joining me onair for all the chaos and action.

It took ZeD and I a few days to work out the settings for XSplit, and while not perfect, I think the video quality will be good enough to satisfy everyone. We really pushed the limitations of my computer.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the field soon!
woohoo... this is gonna be good gabe...... been a long time since i been on the crossfire... had to create a new account heh.... email me the stuff for xsplit.

can't wait... and to all the old school rtcw guys..... the TsN bar-steward say's hi :)
YAY managed to get my old username back :) now to see if i can take the TsN bit off :)
I don't know. Keep it! It's very retro :)
yea that's what I was thinking :)
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