ESL Storm Assault - sign ups closed!

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Sign ups closed? wtf? They were not even opened! Correct! But we have already found the 16 teams competing for the prizes. In total 21 teams requested a slot but not all teams got one and we think that there will not be any additional sign ups of stable teams corresponding to the reached skill level.

The invites
Several teams requested an invite slot but we also asked several teams to join. Therefore the invites look the following (random order, no groups!, for estimated line ups check the announcement)

Europe aeabad
Europe bSTURZ
Germany Team.PDEG
Poland to Make odds even.ET

France Pharaons
Germany Mysterious Monkeys W:ET
Germany Lost Soldiers
France sticked

Poland devilry
United Kingdom colt45
Poland neverminds!

Netherlands Team Decerto ET
Belgium EUNd

The tournament
As soon as we know the teams we will seed them and put the bracket online! So the first matches can be played even before the first matchday ends on 26th September. The full schedule as well as all other information on this tournament can be found in the previous announcement news. In the meanwhile all teams have to get in all players and upload a proper logo representing their team.

image: prizes Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

The Electronic Sports League is
not responsible for the prizes.
Shipping by Spire Corp!

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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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image: decerto image: spire image: hiperz
what's going on with anexis? are they even attending lan?

gl Abjecto
pha vs sticked niiiiiiiiice :)
(random order, no groups!,
heureusement pour vous !!
aha :D sa serait cool qu'on joue contre vous :) en plus y'a pas missille dans la mappool :{D
ouais si on arrive a être six... mauvaise période en ce moment :(
oh my god j'avais pas vu pour missile... La b4 à complètement tué cette map :(
gl hf cu battlefield

add nuggan to our lineup plox
Swani wins eazy
hummel & stray to win this, u heard it here first
off the record, on the q.t and very hush-hush
oikeesti? :Dd
movie references

satuin just lattoo la confidentialin
If there is any team thinking of dropping out / or not to participate, give me a shout got a team willing to play :)
Imho they should do tradical thing and kick one of the lower attractive clans and give you the spot. Would make this great tournament even greater, even though it wouldn't be fair for one team.
This man speaks wisely! Give him a beer!
that would be very big of one of the teams to do, hopefully they do!

why the fuck would one clan deserve a kick just cause a clan with pro players wants to play it but didnt fucking signup for it even though there has been shitloads of time to do so
thought u quit?
does that mean i cant comment on crossfire?
dunno, normally when i stop playing, i stop being active n shit.. but even when u quit, ur still nerding around?
I get your point, and of course the one clan wouldn't "deserve" it, but I'd prefer to see those "proplayers" playing, I won't watch matches of half of those teams anyway.
should u be removed from crossfire for good just cause i prefer to see someone elses comment?
You can't see the difference between those 2 things?
i guess Logic dropped out try to pm one of them ;)
true dat

heard rumours of some "anexis-mix" taking the spot.....
anexis disbanding will form two teams now..

good news!
if both are nearly as strong as the one before, that really are good news!
well thats not really possible tbh
thats why i said nearly, since i dont know lineups, i cant judge their strength i guess ;)
ross sqzz koop olbaa sala squall

night clown freeze reload etc
ye if those are true, not as good, but still really good id say ;)

looking forward to really see some action of those
better to have two teams than one team dominating everybody anyways
You know what would be awesome?

"dignitas" with olbaa, squall, night, reload, (drago?)/clown and random 6th

and then queens/random name ross, sqzz, koop, can't think about any others atm.

and btw do you happen to know if it's true that reload is back in ET?
supposedly reload was gonna replace maus in anexis for lan, but they are no longer going to lan (anexis don't have spare money for more than their squads in other games).

but yeah it's true that surely people could form 4-5 GOOD top teams nowadays but it's not possible due to motivation issues :) (good example is old h2k, were planning a comeback but butchji etc didn't feel like playing).
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