ESL Storm Assault - Teams & Kick off

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The storm has arrived and already blew away a team! No problem! A new team already filled this gap and offers more resistance to the turbulency! Here is a short overview about the teams including statements regarding the entire tournament and of course the bracket is finally online! Along with the bracket being announced the 1st matchday starts! So get in contact with your opponent and start playing! The first matchday ends on 26th September! Hurry up!

We present....the teams!
For line ups and all statements visit the original news

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Netherlands Team Decerto
Netherlands saKen
We're looking forward to this next cup hosted by Team Decerto and the Electronic Sports
League. With Team Decerto sponsor Spire Corp putting some prizes up for grabs and LAN
coming up in about a month I'm certain most teams will be using this cup to see what level
they're currently at and have some good preparation games before the LAN. I think it will be
an interesting cup and we will obviously be looking to take the win in this one like we did in
the Evolution Challenge. Good luck to all teams participating and thanks to the ESL,
Team Decerto and Spire Corp for hosting another great cup for us.

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Finland Salaneuvos
I am pleased that our efforts of forming a team didn't go all in vain and we have an
opportunity to play in both of this autumn's top online tournaments. Enemy Territory is
without a doubt going through some rough times and that's why I'm especially glad to
see so many teams participating in these events. I see our team being the favourite to
win these cups, but I do realize that it isn't going to be easy either. Many of the teams
boast great experience and teamwork, the latter being my main concern for our team.
However, with a few pracs we should be up to scratch, hopefully finish top2 in both
tournaments and with a bit of luck, take home some prizes other than just e-fame.
I'd like to thank all the sponsors in ESL Storm Assault as well as both CB and
ESL admins. It should be an interesting season with close games and a lot of surprises.
See all you in the tournament!

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Poland to Make odds even.ET
Poland fanatic
We're glad that we can take part in such a great tournament like ESL Storm Assault
that feature some awesome prizes. It will be a great opportunity for us to practise
a bit more against some top teams and since we haven't been playing much lately
(well we're practically inactive after CGS LAN) it's a good chance for us to come back
to active gaming. I'm sure we have got a potential to finish this tournament at least in
top5 but I hope that when we come back to our old style of gaming we can fight for
prizes. Big thanks to everyone involved in this tournament..

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Europe aeabad
• failed, contact an admin!
image: bsturz
Europe bSTURZ
Statement by Swan
image: colt45
United Kingdom colt45
Statement by kamz
image: devilry
Poland Devilry
Statement by Czarek

image: effectus
Europe effectus
Statement by PHOTO
image: erase
• failed, contact an admin!
image: eund
Belgium Join the Force EUNd
Statement by Cupra
image: lost
Germany Lost Soldiers
Statement by Buzzer

image: mm
Germany Mysterious Monkeys
Statement by Ramoz
image: nvm
Poland neverminds!
Statement by Pius
image: phara
France Pharaons
Statement by KareN

image: sticked
France sticked
Statement by skynet
image: pdeg
Germany Team.PDEG W:ET
Statement by ekto

We ask all teams to complete their line ups as soon as possible! Only players added to the team are allowed to play! So get in your mates and schedule your first match! Bracket

image: prizes Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

The Electronic Sports League is
not responsible for the prizes.
Shipping by Spire Corp!

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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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nice brackets gl all teams
seed 12

are we really that underrated :S
u r in the lu =D
EUNd vs

i would've ranked eund a bit higher than 14

still waiting on that big surprise of yours, almost saw it in the game vs pdeg
Doing our best :)
Where do u see ranks?
Thx, is i written somewhere how they calculate it?
Admin judgement, I suppose. Probably based on past results, activity, stability.. pretty much like CB EC qualifiers/invites
btw original news are suck
Really good job!
tMoe first round


Good job, hope to see some coverages during this cup aswell! would be awesome
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