Storm Assault re- and preview 1st matches

The first squall has hit the teams! Two teams have already been blown down to the lower bracket and some others will follow during the next days - for sure! Check out what already happened and what will happen during the next days in the prize-featured ESL Decerto Storm Assault!

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Two matches played, two winners found and a 2nd chance for two teams to come back via the lower bracket. Here is a short review on the respective matches:
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The 2nd match took place betweenEurope and United Kingdom colt 45. Click for the statements by Netherlands esSe and United Kingdom kamz!

Two matches are taking place tonight. We have talked to the teams...

Poland fanatic
Poland Frag'Stealer!
Poland hunter
Poland Lukey
Poland grzesiek
Poland wssquad
image: game35383Netherlands Artifexx
Belgium Buzzer
Netherlands jo0f
Germany laNgo
Netherlands vANQ
France Snatix

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Delayed matches
Some teams were not able to stick to the rules. Due to the fact that it is the first round in this competition, we allowed a little delay but this will not be the regular way. If teams do not stick to the schedule, they risk being set down to the lower bracket or even replaced! Nevertheless these matches are already scheduled. Statements will follow soon!
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7 isnt 8!
Correct! One match is missing in this posting. A second team was blown away. Team Europe aeabad broke into pieces even before the tournament started. Europe Taggers will replace them!

The tournament
Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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lol you said squall :p
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Suprised that tMoe lost from Lost Soldiers.
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