CB 6on6 OC Fall 2012 - Groups Preview

As usual, we cannot officially publish the 6on6 OC groups until the corresponding EC qualifiers are finished. However, we have prepared a preview of the groups for the ClanBase 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2012 season!

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image: cb_text_big4

Premier League

Group A:
Europe *Team from EC Qualis*
Chile Chilean Scrubs

Group B:
Europe *Team from EC Qualis*
Europe #supski.et
Poland head-hunters
Europe V. dieSel

Group C:
Europe *Team from EC Qualis*
Netherlands EFFECTUS
Europe inSpiron
Europe quaco

Group D:
Europe *Team from EC Qualis*
Europe Devastation
Finland Improper Bastards
Greece Sagapo

Second League

Group A:
United States of America demolition
Finland HerneVarkaat
Germany QPAD.MYserious-gaming
Netherlands Team Bomb Squad

Group B:
Russia etcfg
Poland Fanatics.et
Belgium iNTENSiTY .be
Europe mikehs low gamers

Group C:
Europe enhanced v2
Italy ProGamerS
United Kingdom Team Keen
Finland Z Salamapartio

Group D:
Poland Boozers
United Kingdom Cat In a Hat
Germany noobPatrol kG
Netherlands Verdiend!

Third League

Group A:
Germany kG-Late Night Mix
Europe instant
Poland Ruthless Killers
Europe Team Ego

Group B:
Europe Controlled Gaming
France Daddies
Europe The wild Paradise
Belgium Unplugged - Team Pries

Group C:
Europe Chaos
Brazil Favelas-Rocinha-1893
Europe offi only
Europe Still One

Group D:
Israel #Fidelity
Sweden addicted 2 id
Poland ORZEL 7
Germany PowerMaurerClanGermany

Fourth League

Group A:
Germany ###GATE TO HELL###
Czech Republic iabg
Netherlands national 0wners
Poland TryOut

Group B:
Germany business as usual
Europe Number One Gaming
Belgium supersized
Finland Techno-only.com

Group C:
Poland atomowki.et
Germany Team - Inst!nct
Europe teamALBERT
Finland UseMF

Group D:
Europe Eternal-Esports ET
Europe Massive Monkees
Poland Prove it
Finland w0bble

General Information

- The first matchweek is from Monday 8th to Monday 15th.

- In the Groupstage, maps are forced - the maplist for this season can be found below.

- Each team has 1 wildcard which can only be used before a match.

- All scores must be reported in the Cup Forum.

Map List

  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_battery
  • sw_goldrush_te


We will, of course, allow teams to swap with each other if requested. Please note that you may only swap from one league to another, not from group-to-group within the same league.

If you'd like to make a swap, first find another team with whom you could trade places. Both team captains must then provide links to each team and explain where you'd like to swap to and from. You may either leave a comment below or send me (or GoldoraK) a PM with all information.

Swaps can be made until Sunday 07/10 - 23:59 CET.

6on6 OC Fall 2012


78 registered clans? glad im not playing anymore :o
yeah, about Dev, we literally never play as a team and I think our entire lineup is not playing ET whatsoever, we're just in it for the lulz

move us down please, thank you very much
what is your definition of this "lulz"?

you've been put in a division that matches your skill, in my honest opinion. if you don't prac or prac 7 times a week is no one elses problem but yours. This is exactly what's wrong with this community, there's nothing wrong with playing just to have fun but that doesn't have to come down to you playing in a league you should not be in.
Playin without TOMOYO, Kirej, domi etc. so the line-up isn't that good.
You dont even know the lineup of this seasons. Please check your facts before talking bullcrap. Thanks.
seeing as there is no 'real lineup' listed anywhere it's hard to base my statement on any facts, so do enlighten me.
twizzt, otyg, hste, kevin, 6th, me

We dont even have 6 players, twizzt, otyg and me hardly play ET. So does Kevin, but he's always been a good player so its actually just him and possibly hste that can "handle" prem.
have you actually looked at the other teams? read ohurcool's statement below
Well, pretty sure enhanced has a better/more active lu than ours. Don't have a clue about the others, but Im sure that there are 2 or more teams that want to play premier and are active enough.
we haven't had a full lineup...probably since lan :D and our pracs involve of running around like idiots until one of us has to leave.
lol your line-up is easily premier level. There are some teams in premier that don't prac either.
groups look good. KRP aiming to play-offs, just need to get our pracs running :P gl all teams!!!
TBS ready to rumble
ERMAGEERD, I'm playing OC prem!
wo spielst du den? o:
ach bitte, es ist das jahr 2012 !!!! :DD
2012 - Das Jahr in dem jeder Prem spielen darf :P
After a short discussion, we have decided to replace it with missile_b3. :)
please no missile_b4, it has the AXIS door that can be opened by allies without a fucking covie.....
After a short discussion, we have decided to replace it with missile_b3. :)
i thought it was missile b4
After a short discussion, we have decided to replace it with missile_b3. :)
needs b5, map with potential
Signed up with low rating cause w're playin with a fun line-up (without tomoyo, kirej, etc.) and thn we are in premier.. Very nice
what is your lineup then? cause i think you're making too much fuss about being in prem, seeing what other teams are in there
Have you taken a look at the other teams in Premier and Second League?

Feel free to suggest to me a team in Second League that can handle Premier League better than your team can.

Yes, I know your team's lineup this season, but I also know every other team's lineup.
Jullie zijn niet eens compleet kansloos, zelfs al spelen jullie bijna niet...heb je de rest van jullie groep niet gezien? :D
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