Stormy Sunday - The matches

The first matchday is still running! The last matches will take place on Sunday while some matches of playday 2 might take place as well. Read on for details about the upcoming matches and the teams' statements

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Four matches still pending! But on Sunday round I will be finally completed. Due to the fact that Europe aeabad folded and the replacement Europe needed some time to complete their line up a fixed dated before Sunday was not possible. Nevertheless the match will take place on Sunday.
Check out what the team captains had to say regarding the 1st match!
Statement by Netherlands Lightning
Statement by Germany ramoz
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But the gaming Sunday will start with another match...
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Parallel a 2nd match will take place. Our partner's hometeam will get involved too
Statement by Netherlands saKen
Statement by Netherlands PHOTO
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Last but not least there is a 4th match on Sunday which was forced in order to keep the delay as small as possibe. Hopefully this match will be actually played otherwise there will be a default lose.
We have informed and remind both teams several times and no further delay is
possible. A proper statement by Poland neverminds cannot be provided but we got one
from France Pharaons-KareN:
QuoteWe are just starting to play , our teamplay is not that good at the moment i expect
this game to be tight , 4/2 for us , players to watch kaze or talG

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The tournament
Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

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