ESL Storm Assault - Last Eight

We are back on schedule! Half of the teams are gone, only eight left and Sunday night we will reduce the number of teams by two! The lower bracket round three takes place. Check out the schedule:

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Lower Bracket round III
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The second match will take place between Poland to make odds even and France loca:
Available Statements
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Upper bracket:
Only one match is missing in the upper bracket before we will know the first grand final participant. Netherlands Team Decerto ET and United Kingdom will battle for this slot! We will inform you as soon as we know when the match takes place. Stay tuned!

The tournament
Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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gl devilry!

good luck
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