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As a result from the unfortunate recent announcement that TZAC will close its doors an official statement was needed in order to clear up with some prejudices and nescience around the topic of ESL Wire Anti Cheat. Therefore you can ask questions in the comments and we will answer them more or less live in this newsposting which will be edited with every new question/answer. Along with that we want to deliver some insight into our plans regarding the future of Enemy Territory in the ESL.

After some discussion the current Admin team decided to go on - if you will go on! Generally it is all up to you - the players who keep that game alive. Of course the game itself will be different now but we have received a lot of positive feedback during the last months. Prize-featured tournaments like the ESL Evolution Challenge or the currently running ESL Decerto Storm Assault showed us that the game is not dead - yet.

In order to ensure a sufficient number of active players we have to warrant fair and clean matches. The big question is the "How?". One keyword which occurred in the most recent comments was "ESL Wire". Correct, it might be a solution but it is combined with a lot of work for the ESL crew and depends on the community if they will use it or not. The decision itself is not made yet and depends on several aspects which still need some time to be cleared. In the meanwhile we want to give you the possibility to ask everything around the topic of ESL Wire and its Anti Cheat (EWAC).

Before you read on, get a first impression about the upcoming topic by investing 64 seconds!

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ESL Wire Anti Cheat is the successor of ESL Aequitas and was developed by the Electronic Sports League.

>>>>>> 1) Is it only for 'official' matches?
No! EWAC supports the gather function and ESL VERSUS as well as all 'official' matches like cup/premiership and ladder matches. Via the gather function teams can meet in a separate chatroom, clear the match details and then just play e.g. 'IRC wars'! Via VERSUS every player can search a 1on1/3on3/6on6 and is automatically put in the respective format he is searching. Via this way you can play any mixes you want. Both matchmaking features need < 5 clicks - easy for everyone.

2) Can I use EWAC for my very own One day cup?
You can only use EWAC when playing a match which was generated on the ESL platform. Due to the fact that you can even play 'non-official' matches via the gather function you theoretically can play any match.

3) Is it only an Anti-Cheat?
No! You can also consider it as an Anti-Fake tool. Multiaccounts are detected and locked. Furthermore matchmedia (demos, screenshots etc.) can be automatically uploaded after the match. In Addition to this it comes along with a chat-function and a screeenshot-tool.

4) What happens to the cheaters?
Every guy caught by EWAC is banned for two years. In some special cases the guy can be rehabilitated within 6 months. Due to any circumvention attempt the ban starts over again.

5) How do Cheaters get caught?
EWAC detects current cheats and modifications on the player's system and inform us in different ways. Means there are silent and non-silent detections - so you will never know if you actually have a EWAC-proofed cheat or not. Due to a special modul ("Linesman") EWAC can even take ingame screeenshots and scan the configs.

6) What happens to my data?
All collected data is sent encrypted and as Hash-value. Only a few authorized people have access to this information, primarily Turtle Entertainment GmbH staff (the company behind the ESL). So no "normal" ESL Admin will have access to your data but only a very very small amount. The Turtle Entertainment GmbH is liable to the strict German protection of data privacy law. So you can be sure that no third party will ever have access to that data.

7) Will you kill Clanbase if ESL Wire turns out to be a great program?
Thousands of players around the globe are using ESL Wire. So it is actually a great program and other esport leagues still exist.

8) Will the Versus system include some kind of skill level matching as well?
If you use the 'normal' versus search yes. But first you need to play some VS. matches. If you use the party function you can modify the teams according to your wishes.

Your questions
Every new question will be answered here in a consecutive way. So you state your question in the comments or send me a private message (question + answer posted here afterwards).

In relation to keep this as clear and simple as possible we ask you to abandon from any flame and lame comments. As said above no decision was made yet if we will and can introduce ESL Wire Anti Cheat for Enemy Territory.
New questions: answer to this comment that i get informed.
Will you kill Clanbase if ESL Wire turns out to be a great program?
Some guys already started to make new AntiCheat so i don't see the point of using ESL Wire. What only allows us to play at ESL ladders only? Which is kinda dead anyway? So Basically you are trying to kill CB ladders and random mixes? Please if you make it so it can be used for mixes and CB games also would be good! But if this AC won't feature such options then it's kinda pointless to use. Only 5-10% Games played per day are official so.... I don't really see the point of it :(
i will not add this to the FAQ because it is more like a comment/feedback and no question.
I have no clue about CB and their plans. I am only pointing out some proposals to save ET. Furthermore wire can be used for nearly every game hosted in the ESL and might be interesting for guys who do not only play ET.

So after you edit, i recommend to read the FAQ because your current statement contains wrong information
Who is this "some guy"?
yeah who the fuck could be bothered to code an anticheat for this game at this state :D still, id prefer that over esl wire -- so if anyones doing it, keep on doing it!
There are some guys who are interested of coding it.
and who are these "some guys"?
can't say right now :) SEAREAL IMO :DDDDDD

yeah can't tell you names :( non of them are ET related.
How is ESL Wire a solution for the current problem if:
  • It's meant to be used at officials only, which is like 5% of daily ET games?
  • Can't be used by CB or any other league?
  • we don't even know how does it work.. who tested it for ET? Did it catch any cheaters?
nearly all of your points are answered in the FAQ. So plz read it first. In addition i wrote: it might be a solution....
oh Ok, alright, thanks for the answer.

So only the last point is still to be answered. Does it work as expected at ET?
This would actually work, the gather system for random 3on3 6on6 mixes is a great idea.
I support this, gl
hope it will work
Why have you never tried to integrate it earlier?
There was already an 1on1 EWAC Test Cup for ET when chaplja went inactive for the first time. The cup was a great succes. However, TZAC came back and we were forced to drop ESL Wire, because the community wanted TZAC.
Sure hope this won't be the future.. There are already a lot of shit that has to be done just to play ETPro, if we have to use some 3rd party sites just to play casual irc wars I dunno, I don't like it..

Even TZAC was easier, and TZAC sure wasn't always easy with all its bugs and errors.

edit: Not to mention ClanBase (who didn't decide to drop ET like ESL did in their Major-series (needs citation)) wouldnt work without a hell of a lot hassle, and dammit I prefer ClanBase over ESL for ET.
And it wouldn't work on publics would it?
well im quite tired of such non self-reflected comments:
- We did not drop ET and especially we did not kick it out of EMS but actually you did by playing less matches. EMS is activity based. Did other organizations even have sth. like EMS?? In addition to this we had and still have prize featured tournaments for ET.

- this is no third party function but TZAC was
EWAC is used by thousands of players world wide every day and the Turtle Entertainment GmbH is liable to the strict German protection of data privacy law.

what you do is up to you and i will not try to convince you but if you spread wrong information regarding the ESL is will clear them up.
Quote- this is no third party function but TZAC was


that sentence makes no sense and I can't recall ever saying that
They recoded ET and it's integrated now
:D thatd be cool
that was referring to this one (information / flow of your private data collected due to anti cheat)
player <> ESL
and not: player<> Anti Cheat <> ESL like it is atm
oh alright, completely irrelevant to my post but I get it now :p
Well, TZAC was a serverside anti-cheat system!
Personally i think thats better than a program on someone's computer!

What about scrims without ESL Wire?
What about tourney.cc?

Those can be played without ESL Wire?

At the moment no1Hosting is talking with TZAC to buy TZAC and keeping it developed!
hm no tzac was client side, it had a server side check function though
Really do hope you are not serious, huge waste of money. Just take in consideration that it's a failing AC for a non-important game, nothing to be gained from it.
Only directing this towards him really, plus if you wanted to make no comment just don't do so :D
i read Cheaters will only 2 Years Banned looks too me an step backwards

will u TZAC Banned Players Ban on Wire ?
tzac is considered as a public banlist and therefore everybody banned on TZAC is banned in ESL too but for a certain frame of time starting from his violation.

cheating in an ESL match will result in a 2 year ban
lifetime ban's are better :)
That'll just make people create 10000 accounts
thats the other side from the medal
why I cant detect ET on wire? :(
faded out because it was not used in order to keep the overview in the list (only active games which actually use versus/wire).
so we must use versus mode to play ET ? :°
you can play with anyone u like via versus by invitations, check the youtube video on news. You can play any irc war (versus, gather)/official via ESL and ESL Wire.
Now is my time to shine, ESL, I'm waiting, make your move.
How's this your time to shine?
Hah alright, looking forward to it. Who's to bust nowadays though?
No idea, not following the 'cheater scene' that much, only tuning in to LAN infos and such, cheaters aren't really a problem in the competitive scene imo, it's only in the lower tier scene which cause a problem. The problem is busting them will be much harder without an anti-cheat, so some type of anti-cheat is definitely needed. I remember the few weeks when PB dropped support and we had no anti-cheat to play on, like 60% of the matches had a cheater in it, you didn't even need to download a hack, all you needed to do was unlock cheats and put shownormals on, you unlock so many possibilites and scripts or even rivatuner, basic cheats. So please don't play ET without an anti-cheat make sure you choose the best anti-cheat (between ESL and CB). ESL will start/continue on ESL Wire, ClanBase will continue on UAC4.
Why couldn't we just have some sort of independent anticheat like TZAC was? It could start with just the simplest feature (screenshots) which would render most cheats useless.

Oh and cheaters hasn't been a problem in years, and it wasn't too bad even then (the paranoia however..) -- I don't think people will start cheating now regardless of what happens.
Paranoia was high, that's true, but the ban rate was also very high as well, ET was competing with CoD2 and CoD4 for a few months, and they had like 20 times the player base. Problem is ET is free, old, and kinda dead, nobody would want to support an anti-cheat financially enough to keep updating it, even PunkBuster (which was absolute trash) stopped supporting it, something like 3-4 years ago? :/ It's sad that no MGC sponsored TZAC, there are MGCs pouring with money at the moment wasting money on anything LoL players need, million dollar mansions and such :D A few thousands would have kept a lifetime TZAC support.
but many guys on TZAC use some proxy shit and no one care about
screenshots is to easy to bypass, i used screenshotremover or what its called in a league called spelarenan, screenshots went black.
So would not be that good tbh.
depends on the anticheat :) wasnt easy with tzac I think
Is there a way to create a new "matchmaking", like sending an invitation link (like the vs-party-links) to the oppos you found on IRC so everyone from the opposite team just has to click the link to get in the "VS"?
yes, works with versus and gather
=> you find your opponent @ irc, u give them the link all press ready and thats it
gl with it
I don't get how some people still offer a partial solution for official matches to have anticheat and 75% of this midgetbrain community keeps bitching about it not being available for Clanbase or non-official matches...

1. Every team can switch to ESL without too much trouble, also this would create up to date lineups and less retarded mix rosters. Also creates one competitive scene which is actually offering ET prize-featuring competition.

2. Non-officials, in my opinion, don't necessarily need anticheat? It'd be nice if there was but realisticly, people should be happy with a partial solution and use brains and get opponents that are atleast thrustworthy or known?

My point is, stop making idiotic demands of those people who atleast put effort into this 10y old game!? Either go with a partial solution and have atleast that, stop being cheap cunts who don't want to put their money where their mouth is or just get the fuck out and go play a game that isn't 10y old.... I think a major part of this community should let go of their ego's abit and realize this game should be VERY happy with the offer ESL makes and just take it with both hands!

ps: egofags should just gtfo tbh
I love the way you think :)
Somehow my sarcasm-o-meter is acting tricky on this one?:P
ESL would be the future, its easy to play 6on6 mix, just click versus and wait = play.
A active 6on6 Ladder again @ ESL + a trustworhty AC program with alot of effort by ESL, nothing against chap but he was ALONE ..

ESL can get prizez, ESL is the biggest esports league.. so why discuss. get ET to ESL and the competition would be alive and maybe save with some nice prices, people who wants to play without just stay on like now.. go IRC search your games and play CB ladder/cups.

I dont get the problem ..
we should have done this from the beginning, the game would have been more recognized in the eSports and would have been easier to get sponsor, multigaming, etc ESL should be more actif than CB !
I have always admired and respected the ESL admin team, you guys have and continue to do a great job. Keep up the work and hope to participate in some more ESL tourneys with the anticheat.
I heard something in the video about multi accounts will easily get caught, what about brothers with 2 different accounts on the same ip, will it be seen as multi accounts?
Surely it would detect hardware too, if anything you'd have to open a ticket and inform the admins of your situation.
ofc your brother can own an account too. This will not be rated as a multiaccount after talking to the admin team
There will only be a problem if one of you gets banned....
Good luck and nice job! As you probably are aware the problem is the change, not the system itself...

Anyhow I did mean to ask, say if we wanted to find a top tier game (prac/irc war) and other "proper" teams were off, would versus shove us the next best thing? And will we have a chance to review the opponent's lineup before accepting the game? Generally I dislike the idea of an algorithm deciding what opponent is most suitable for me, and even more so if it's "a blind date".

I hope you don't take my criticism as offensive, and while I may disagree on some points, I have the most utmost respect to all admins, leagues, referees who help keep this old game alive.
yeah this sounds good to me too, review to accept :)
looking good!
sounds good, if you're merc avi just join versus and it will gather a game since noone of the mercs will join #et.gather and do !add on irc :p
sounds interesting but is no replacement for a basic AC. having to use the ESL site for scrims rather than IRC is not something i see the community do and as far as i understand it it is no solution for pubs.
With versus you can join with all your friends to a match, then you look on irc for a war, instead of giving ippw you give the link to your match. Or you can create a match and wait until some other team creates a match.(the 2 matches will be connected eachother automatically).
If you are a merc you can create a match and wait for other mercs to join, as soon as there are 3/6 people you will be able to find a match.
for scrims it would be an inconvinience.
for pubs its not suitable at all.
why is this not convinient? You know with whom you are playing before the match starts, how often did you get fakeskiller?
To start a game you need 2clicks.

Wire is for the competitive scene, like tzac is/was.
cause i have always hated the ESL site.
Just say you hate esl, but dont say wire isnt a good solution.
Why do you hate ESL? ESL is doing great things for et. It's true we have no more EMS, but that is fault of the lack of players. To have EMS the game has to be active, but at the moment noone plays matches on ESL.
We have a lot of cool cups and great prizes, but we can only get 8 teams for a 6v6 tournament.
What did other companies do for ET?
i dont hate ESL.
i hate having to use a webpage for scrims.
and i especially hate ESL (and CB for that matter) page. So much bullshit I dont want and/or need.
I am just not used to it and not excited about it at all. ofc for offis it would be awesome to get wire for ET cause there youll have to put up with that stuff anyway but i can see how having to register with ESL, adding your GUIDs plus what not and getting used to that system might just be another addition to that list of entry barriers that ET already has.
ET does need a "basic" AC for pubs and scrims in oder to survive. wire can be a great asset for offis, i dont doubt that.
Yet against ESL slaps a their penis on clanbase' face! GO ON ESL FINISH CB FOR GOOOOOD!
cb is not gibbed yet
The idea is not to kill CB but to make sure the ET competitions are played fair.
I would rather you just kill CB off because its awful!
EWAC replace tzac ?

if yes where we can see bust ? cheaters? ect....

and this fonctionement (nice english !) ?:d
QuoteMost of the cheaters played Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 3, the Call of Duty series and as a premier Crossfire!

if we are moving to ESL WIRE ,however

are the tzac banned cheaters going to be allowed to play again ?
tzac, pbbans, gv etc are considered as public banlists and every player listed on such a public banlist is banned for 6 months starting from the date of violation. only in case of playing an ESL at the respective date/time the player will receive a 2 years ban
so basically , the ET is revived if we move to wire right ?
esl versus is kinda shit.its like a gather ,but people can leave/not show up/fake results and they only lose some points.will be really hard to play a 6on6 teams only.i guess the no pb times will come back.
You receive a link you can give to your teammates and opponents to play a fair and private game.
As Kenzi said, you can organize matches with ppl you know. Besides, what stopped ppl on IRC to leave/not show? In ESL matches there are penalties for no show and faking matches.
I really think we should give it a try, if it will be a fail then no pb times will come back, but if we do not give it a chance how can we know?
It's all up to this community to accept Wire and Versus or not.
i didnt say to not give it a chance but i was just saying from my experience with shootmania esl versus that i didnt rly like it.u will also see that the ladder system will make people be very lame(so prepare for massive whine/protests) :D
Bă, da' nimic nu-ți convine! :D
La gară!!!
iar ai aparut ma =)) nu mai joc oricum,imi dau si eu cu parerea :))
nici eu nu mai joc, dar mă freacă adminii ăștia să-i ajut :))
as long as it busts cheaters it's fine
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