ESL Storm Assault - Last four

The Adroits Lan in Enschede is finished and the ESL Strom Assault is back on track.Who will be able to carry home the decisive wins and gain into the finals?

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The lower bracket half finals were already played right after the LAN last week. Against all odds Poland to Make odds even.ET was able to take home a 4:0 victory over the favoured guys from United Kingdom colt45 while Poland devilry was also able to gain into the next round. So we will have a pure Polish half final! The teams from the upper bracket still need to recover from the LAN. The upper bracket final was not scheduled yet. We aim for Monday or Tuesday so stay tuned!

Lower Bracket round III
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Community Predictions:
Who else than fellow countrymen knows best? We asked some PL insiders!

The tournament
Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

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money on Devilry
culan za brak wiary
dzien pozniej zagralismy jedno offi i pcw wiec forma musi utrzymac sie do dzis!
no trzymac trzymac, lepszy meczyk będzie
po froscie poszlo rozluznienie. nikt nie wierzyl w spuscizne boskiego. a tu kurwa cale serce wlozyli jak troskliwe misie i rozbili nas zarozumialcow
dialer pozwolił na rozluźnienie? :D
kapitan je rekomendowal!
taki błąd... kto by się spodziewał
btw why pdeg lost by forfeit?
they didnt want to play
It was forced to 1 day after the lan, and fireball went to holiday and no one knows that we had to play mostly unlucky for us, and the opponent dont wanna reschedule, everything for the prizes you know :p
u kidding now right ? well we accepted monday because of ur lan and agreed to play 1 week earlier i dont care that u couldnt get 6 players and told too ekto that cup is delayed and if admins agree we can reschulde it but on the other side we didnt have any free day except thursday so ekto decided to gie us forfeit because of lu problems so dont blame us start to blame blade or kresti who couldnt come and play with merc.
pdeg lots problems with players online on time :Pppppppppppp lots lost problems i must see here :P
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