WarWitch finally live with RtCW!

As some of you might know tonight is the night when United States of America WarWitch is making hes return!
Yes, thats true the one and only WarWitch going live tonight at 21CET / 3PM EST!!
The match is between Europe overPowered vs. Germany HighBot.

image: warwitchtv-channel_header_image-8d75b69652e0779a-640x125
Europe overPowered
Finland sirkka
Finland Sipperi
Netherlands bully
Norway kris
Estonia mata
Estonia pudi


Germany HighBot
Germany fireBall
Germany humM3L
Germany kraft
Germany ver1tas
Germany souX3D
Austria Raul

For the stream please go to http://www.twitch.tv/WarWitchTV !
WarWitch has alot of suprises for us tonight so make sure you dial in in time! Don't forget to tell your friends aswell ;) Sit back , relax and enjoy the show!

kraft :D
thought exactly the same when i opend the news :D
Warwitch for president
nice one!
This is the most professional stream ive seen. Beating LoL,sc2 etc

Makes me want to play RTCW already.
Installing is what is stopping me;p
Link pl0x

So doing pub on ET ":D
Well appearantly it's laziness since a quick search would have linked you to the download/guide to install.
Yeah I watch a fair bit of sc2 and those full time professional casters don't have shit on Warwitch and Boomer. These guys have so much character and rare natural feel.

I use to think it was that everyone bitched about the new age casters because they were used to the old guys. In this case they just better.
Never really played RTCW (just demo in 2003 :D) but you guys are awesome! Finally really enjoyable stream.
nice one! :)
Awesome stream :)
stupid question but where can I watch replay? :P
yes, scroll down and click videos :)
That was amazing. Loved that they tuned into the op vent channel. That makes it really exciting. Even though they obviously didn't know they were gonna do that =)

Very wp OP!

Edit: omg Sirkka, you backstabbed aZe xD
Was an amazing cast - really enjoyed. Shame about some of the RTCW kids. Will watch the next one.
You must be doing this on purpose to wind people up. Hopefully you are anyways, otherwise it gets slightly depressing.
Was fun to watch, too bad the chat ended to be "et > rtcw, lol no rtcw > et"...
Epic nostalgia.
Nice Cast - shame about some of the ET kids.
very well done warwitch and the others, was great fun to listen/follow the stream ;) looking forward to the next one!
Wish there was a way to turn the chat off. :p Nice cast, enjoyed it. Got to admit, sometimes me and the badazz crew were laughing about you Warwitch :x Shake the rust off! ;D
If in Twitch, just click the cog then hit 'hide chat' or go fullscreen. If on WolfTV, there must be a way to turn chat off as well.
Awesome coverage guys <3
My work schedule will typically prevent me from watching these live. Will recordings be available? Links?
Never seen such a shoutcast in any Wolfenstein game before. Keep up the good work!
watched the replay - wow! just great stuff! keep it up guys :D and think about keeping it up for etlive when it comes out ;)
not gonna happen
nvm it was awesome
it was awesome <3
Glad you guys liked the coverage. I have received feedback on what worked and what needs work. I plan to impliment it this coming Sunday. I'm pulling in professional players each week to really give in depth commentary on the game. On top of that I'm going to focus 100% on the teams and the maps to give you guys the best bang for your buck. Dial in, follow and enjoy :)
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