ESL Storm Assault - lower bracket final

Only two matches left till we will know the winner of the ESL Storm Assault! On Monday we will know the second finalist which will face the guys from Europe!

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After losing 4:2 to Europe in an intense match Netherlands Team Decerto ET wants
to fight back themselves into the Grand Final to take revenge. But there is
only one problem: The reinforced polish powerhouse Poland to Make odds even.ET.
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Lower Bracket final
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Community Predictions:
While the teams themselves were a bit taciturn we have asked several guys and asked for their predictions:

What do YOU think?

The tournament
Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

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Community Predictions
Here are some community statements.

Well, I guess decerto will make this. It wont be easy for them but they should be able to do that. They might miss again some players from their main lineup which should help tmoe maybe to take a map.

I am not sure what Decerto's lineup will be, but over the past 6months they have been a really strong team - pushing me and the various teams i have played with into a 3rd deciding map. tmoe have a strong lineup individually but i dont see them matching Decerto. 4-0 Decerto for me

It´s going to be nice match. Team Decerto played very well vs Kingz, so if Decerto starts play their game, they could win. On the other side is team full of polaks playing long time together. Well, It will be close game and I predict 4:2 for Decerto.

kReSti :
4:0 decerto if they play with their lineup :)

This match will be another exciting war that will face 2 high teams. After watched Decerto at lan i can say they have a pretty good teamplay atleast if they play with a stable LU like TMOE. Hope to see Team Decerto showing with the best LU against the polish team to play a great match full of lotto and nice actions like a (loser brackets) final must do for their spectators and followers :P Expect a 4:2 for Decerto

Decerto should win 4:0, but I think the poles have been praccing for the polish lan already, so they might be a tough opponent! Decerto wins 4:0 still.

Depends on who plays for decerto as i can see on gtv they have a 8 man rooster, but if they bench razz and josh playes it will be a 4-0 decerto, on the other hand if razz plays i can see it go the other way.

The polish guys at 'No Respect' will be a hard opponent for Team Decerto as they are a group of players that have mixed and teamed up a few times before. Should be a tight game though but I think the Poles should take it with a 4-0 result. SQuid and l4mpje performances will be key to any decerto success as well as Lukey and dialer for No Respect.
Here's mine:

18:40 ESL|Gabri22 • hi Kamz, can I ask you a question?
18:41 • ESL|Gabri22:#ALMIGHTY.ET [] has left #ALMIGHTY.ET
19:48 Kamz • yo
19:49 ESL|Gabri22 • hi, i am collecting some statements from the community regarding the lb final of esl storm assault. Do you have anything to say?
19:50 ESL|Gabri22 • Decerto vs tmoe
19:53 Kamz • got nothing to say sorry :(
19:53 Kamz • hate both teams dont care! :D
haha, win :D
mad cuz raped by both. 8)
care, im better than everybody in both teams

didn't u get benched from polak team anyways?
i'm sure you are, and that's why you lost so hard vs both of them :D

nope, i left
haha yes left not what i heard :D

aint it funny they started winning games when you "left"
haha i have no doubts that you speak with them more than me xdD

aint it funny i won (or almost won) with them everything already.
well i know most guys in your team and i heard different story :)
well if you know them so good, I just hope you will join them then and finally win something :)
like what? cgs lan, great achievement :D
next cc8 lan, i heard they give new sport tracksuits as prizes
i heard they gave a toilet brush as prize for cgs and you were all happy n shit
like that pakilan years ago when your parents won greencards playing russian roulette
dont be mad cos i got more money in my wallet than your dad earns in a year :\
plz stop that hurts
truth hurts :)))
osama pls stahp
i would name a famous polish person right now but i dont know any

bad education bro
nobody teaches anything about poland here, useless information
Need report button.
Snake didnt want to add it :(
The gtv link leads to us vs devilry :D
<3 you 2 phyzic haha
true statement tbh
According to gtv, Decerto won over tMoe 4-0, so it will be a very interesting final facing Decerto vs one more time, and a hard final for us Team Decerto.
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