One day Autumn Cups vol. 5

With a delay of one week due to recent TZAC developments we are presenting this week's 1-day Cups. Join our cups, collect the rankings points and win some prizes! Unfortunately we had to disqualify the two finalists of the last 1on1 cup due to rule violation and misbehaviour. Hopefully this will not happen again!

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We are hosting eight cups in total for 1on1, 3on3 and 6on6 each. Every cup will be announced in time so that you can sign up. Below you will find a table explaining the qualification stage in order to gain into the final cup.
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For brackets check out the ESL website or the full ESL News.

One Day Cups Vol. 5 this week:
Pay attention! The "Check in system" is enabled. Means you have to confirm your slot some minutes before the cup starts! You can do so by clicking the "Check in" button or ask an admin.

5th Cup 1on1:
14th Nov 21:00 CET
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(till 14th Nov 20:30 CET)
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(from 20:30-21:00 CET)
5th Cup 3on3:
15th Nov 21:00 CET
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(till 15th Nov 20:30 CET)
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(from 20:30-21:00 CET)
5th Cup 6on6:
18th Nov 21:00 CET
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(till 18th Nov 20:30 CET)
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(from 20:30-21:00 CET)

As little gimmick we have some prizes for the respective final cup winners! Thanks to our partners and sponsors for providing some severs as prizes aside our premium packages (at least 8 contestants/ cup needed for prizes!)
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In case of problems, questions or whatever feel free to contact an admin by private message or IRC ( quakenet or use the browser IRC.

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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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omg, how many times do i still have to say = gentleMen. I already told 3 admins, they said they would change it, still not changed.
You mad. ;D
Parent is other team then gentleMen. That team signed up and even if lineup is the same (which at matchsheet isn't), It's still other team.
lol, i signed up with wrong team, because we only had 1 minute left and forgot to change team.

We played with gMen lineup, none of these players were in

I even asked you and you said you would change it.

avi for this
as always avi xD
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