RtCW Fall Cup: Groups Week 1 - Summary

the first week of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Fall Cup 2012 (12-19 nov) is ending tonight, with only 2 games left to be played. Over the week we saw some amazing games! Unfortunately United States of America Warwitch wasn't able to shoutcast yesterday due to technical difficulties, but he will be up & running again next sunday (25/11)!

image: rtcw234


Maps: mp_ice / mp_base

Group A
United States of America Naturally Gifted vs. United States of America Radd: 0-3
United States of America Stable vs. Netherlands national 0wners: 4-0
United States of America tehbirdz vs. Australia ubik: 4-0

Group B
Belgium BooZZe vs. Sweden Kno i Hörn: 0-4 WTV Demos - Youtube Stream
Europe raw vs. Germany aToOn: 4-0

Group C
Europe badazz vs. United Kingdom one.soldier: 0-4 Stats
Europe Chickens With Guns vs. Europe aZe: 0-3
Germany HighBot vs. Netherlands SDI: 4-0

Group D
Benelux Kreaturen vs. Europe team-mortis: 2-2 Stats
Europe overPowered vs. Hungary Cave: 4-0 WTV Demos - Shoutcast on base by TSN|Sabo - Stats
Germany PMCG vs. Estonia squad.ee: 3-1 WTV Demos

Moments Of The Week Video

Furthermore, as some of you will know, I was collecting demos to do every week a video with the best moments of the week. Here is the result of frags from (29oct - 11nov). Feedback is very much appreciated!

You can download it here

To relieve myself of the stress of movie making while simultaneously having a lot of school work to do Netherlands Bully suggested to make the second installment of Moments Of The Week instead, which was of course music to my ears.
You can find more information about how to send demos here


The matches that aren't being casted by United States of America Warwitch can always be requested on WolfTV via GTV. But unlike on ET, you need a camman to spectate the game! This means that if there is no Camman available to cast your game, you won't have coverage. This means that you should first contact Germany Showtime, United States of America Thunder or Poland Toxicgirl if they can cast your game before requesting it on GTV. Cause yesterday we had too many games on GTV that didn't got casted. Also when you request on GTV, please add games as "Self Organised"!

Tonight we have one of the last 2 games of week 1 covered on WolfTV!

image: game36360

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nice post mister! many good games to come!
Exactly what was required, great job!
Great work mate. Those stats make for rather depressing reading however!
Had a rough week technically and with personnel. Next week I'll be back on the field in full force!
Need the axis wife in uniform now as a consolation!
Happening this coming Sunday as part of pre-game. It's gonna be hilarious. She's quite a character ;)
record viewing figures?
Might start building numbers once people find out about her. Should be funny in the very least. She has a tendency to shoot the Nazi's right between the legs...every single time. It's funny stuff :)
Happy days!
Nice post and awesome vid homie, thx :]!
Thanks for uploading the matches to youtube Malmen, very much appreciated.
come on HIGHBOT!
Nice content
Nice picture, missing ET in it tho
awesum coverage
TY for the links! Great video, great games. Too bad about last weekend with Warwitch having some tech-issues. Hopefully there's no problems this Sunday :)
QuoteHighBot vs. SDI: 1-0

Wrong score!
fixed, on cb page it said 1-0 before so not my fault ;)
ye it is wrong... it was 4-0 sdi :p! nah im just kiddin... highbot won 4-0 ofcourse... raped us bigtime as i expected! was actually amazed that we could plant dyna @ ice and get the flag :p! and also amazed we hold highbot off for 5 minutes @ base :p! good games tho! had lots of fun!
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