ESL Storm Assault Grand Final

A last squall will hit the remaining teams but this will be a fierce one. The Grand Final of the Storm Assault is coming up! Who is in the final? How did they gained into the final? And of course, who will take home the prizes? We will pick up all these topics in this posting!

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Road to final
The last clash between these two top teams ended in a 4:2 in favour of Europe
even though it was not as close as the odds may assumed (12.13 : 1.09).
Netherlands Team Decerto had to go down into the lower bracket final. Here Poland to Make
odds even made the community sit up and take notice when carrying home victories
over Poland devilry and Evolution Challenge finalist United Kingdom colt45. But this time the guys from
Netherlands Team Decerto were able to put the whammy on the 5 wins in a row streak. Now
they are back in business and ready to take revenge! Will they be successful? We
have asked the captains, take a look!
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The match
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Community Predictions:
While the teams themselves were a bit taciturn we have asked several guys and asked for their predictions:

What do YOU think?

The tournament
Winning team will get the
following prizes:

• 6x ModMat V2
• 6x CPU Cooler Storm 610
• 6x Powerfuse Card Protector

The prizes are sponsored by:

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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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gj with coverage :)
nice keep it up
nice writeup and nice match!
hf both, but be smart enough to join over to cs.go after this lads :)

gl tho! razz<3
stab stab stab
Troo statement from Kamz

Nice write-up
can someone get me in touch with a player who has ip ;o
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