RtCW in 720p tonight with Warwitch!

Hello ladies & gentleman! It is another sunday night with RtCW & United States of America Warwitch bringing you the best fights in RtCW Fall Cup 2012. Tonight is a bit special aswell. Read more to find out!

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So for the past couple of weeks the stream has been what it is, not so good or not living up to peoples expectations. Just to make sure everything is all set and done we have tested for the past week for better quality of the stream so everybody could enjoy the sound & picture together at the same time. United States of America Warwitch made a huge decision towards the community and himself aswell and bought new PC which includes i7,GTX670 etc. so from now on the stream will be brought to you in 720p HD! Yes you heard right, tonight you guys will have 720p in HD Return to Castle Wolfenstein!
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So lets get down to business. We will give you 2 matches tonight which will include huge amount of close combat action! Don't miss it tonight, show begins 19:00 CET with Frauline Natalia in her SP adventure. Tonights co-casters are United States of America Nail, United Kingdom DtSje and United States of America Sabo!

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We will bring two matches tonight as usually. So grab your pringles and coke. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
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Also I would like to give you heads up on the rankings currently in the group stage and its the end of matchweek 4 so heres the current
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Important Links
Cup Link - http://clanbase.ggl.com/news_league.php?lid=12928
WarWitch Bunker (where all the magic takes place) - www.twitch.tv/WarWitchTV
RtCW Pack 1.4(includes everything) - http://www.crossfire.nu/tutorials/198/rtcw-14-pack-2012

If want to be featured in weekly fragvideos then check this link out : http://www.crossfire.nu/threads/46259/rtcw-cup-video-week-4 & don't forget to watch the previous week fragvideo here : http://www.crossfire.nu/videos/1632/rtcw-fall-cup-moments-of-the-week-2

Many thanks to United Kingdom MerlinatoR , Netherlands bully , Belgium homie , Netherlands voice & all the others that have made huge impact to make all this possible!

Visit us on irc @ quakenet.org #rtcw.wars and query me if any questions or you want to be part of this epic adventure!
Nice! But Dts needs to play the offi with us aswell :D
dont worry I am avi
good news!! thx so very much ww (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*┻━┻*✧
warwitch is incredible u bought pc to be able to stream in 720p. that s passion baby
720p fraulein natalia
ze Axis goat was getting some love on ECG last night <3
Oh baby!
That turned out pretty good. Match delay was unexpected but it happens. I'm pretty happy with the quality, though the audio codec I picked for the match needs fixing (audio pops). That'll be fixed next week. It's always a work in progress but it'll get better and better. Thanks all for the support.
That's what I'm hoping will happen. If the community continues to rally then we'll have many more exciting games to cover through 2013 and beyond!
Really nice casting. It's great you have so many people helping you so you don't miss any of the action.
Dts was a great addition, since he knows most of the players. Still think it would also be great if Tosspot joined em since he also knows at least some of the guys and probably still got a better feel for how the game is played (no offense =] ).
My job is to entertain and make things exciting. I bring in other people (like DTS and Nail) to bring the tactical commentary (knowledge of the game) to the mic. I find it's good to have a balance, otherwise the cast starts to sound like golf commentary (ie: boring). And if Tosspot would like to come ONAIR and join us, he'd be more than welcome.
Hope you didn't get me wrong here. I absolutely LOVE the shoutcasts. I couldn't even have imagined something like this happening to the best game ever after all this time in my dreams.
The way the whole shoutcasting team (+ the teams playing in the cup btw) is doing this is just awesome and your personal commitment is admirable (my girlfriend would be my ex-gf by now if I did this =D).
Heh, no worries. I understood your point. I don't try to pretend to be an expert at the game. I'm definitely not, haha! What I am good at though (in my humble opinion) is being a good host and providing an entertaining experience for people. And I'm glad you're enjoying the coverage so far. I'd like to keep it going as long as we can. Hoping a 2nd cup will have the same support. Show matches are always an option too.
Im really really hoping for a cup after this one. Else I have to play some lame FPS like CoD:BO2 or CS even.
Cheers for the nice comments mate.
Well deserved =] Keep it up!
prefer it without tosspot, at least warwitch doesn't pretend like he's been following the scene for the last five years :)
and i prefer warwwitch in microphone, bc its a spartan scream, I don't want to listen a kitten scream :D
There is a lot to cover for sure. I like to focus on the doc grabs and dynamite plants. I let the other guys talk about the strats and tactics and all the detailed stuff they know so well :)
i think having a constant 1xx ppl watching the stream every sunday says everything WW. 2 words to describe this stream... HUGE AND MASSIVE! and i belive now with the rly good HD stream mor ppl will come to see it :) cheers and keep the good work :D
Thanks! I'm happy with the numbers, especially since the game is 11 years old. I have more fun stuff planned that will add to the overall quality and interaction, so I'm invested in us all keeping the RTCW action going past this cup into the great beyond.

*crossing fingers*
fuck yeah!
so so awesome <3
keep up the good work!
I think I've improved the quality of the stream even more. It's like fine tuning a guitar or a piano or something. Easy to get it working, but really challenging to get it perfect. This week I think the picture and sound will be even better than last week, and if issues come up I now know how to fix them on the fly. Hope to see you all this coming Sunday!
Your doing a good job, just get rid of that shit shoutcaster DtS ;)
(so he can play with us again, i miss him on comms :< )
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