CB ET NationsCup XVI: Second Matchweek

The second matchweek of the ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI will come to an end on Monday 11th. All unscheduled matches have been forced to the last proposal or to the deadline.

image: ncxvi_big

This week's games will be played on frostbite and sw_goldrush_te. Let's take a look at a couple matches, as well as another close-up look at our second "Match of the Week"!

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image: game38074 image: game38050 image: game37923 image: game38081 image: game37955

Note that a few first matchweek games will be played this weekend as well:

image: ax92S0p

image: game38083 image: game37730 image: game37786

The second "Match of the Week" actually is a game from the first matchweek, but it should be an exciting one regardless. On Sunday 10th at 19:00 CET, Portugal setup's Team Portugal and Russia konstantin's Team Russia will face each other to likely determine which of these two nations from Group B will be advancing to the Playoffs!

image: eiKtUtG

Portugal Portugal

Portugal ag0n
Portugal luR
Portugal QkR
Portugal setup (c)
Portugal Sexclick
Portugal snsz
image: game38007
ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Group B
1st Matchweek

Time: 19:00 CET
Maps: adlernest & bremen_b3
Russia Russia

Russia Alex
Russia damaskus
Russia etplr
Russia eVg
Russia FuBoR
Russia konstantin (c)
Russia Leotiran
Russia slaw

image: eiKtUtG

We've managed once again to conjure up some predictions for this week's "Match of the Week". Here's what several members of our lovely community have to say about Portugal versus Russia.

Quote by casekWell, both countries are good, but i'll bet on Portugal since some of their players participated in the past EC. also Russians players are not that active. 4-0 Portugal

Quote by rNzWill be a tight match between two very level sides but I think russia will win 4-2 in the end.

Quote by sCopeGoing to be a tight game for sure, but I guess that Team Portugal players are a bit more experienced. 4-2 Portugal

Quote by SinnsykTeam Russia plays more games togheter so they got better teamplay. One question: Where is Mirror? Without him it will be harder to win this match 4:0. Anyway i dont think so that team Portugese can win. My predictions: 4:2 for team Russia.

Quote by sj33This is gonna be a tight match. Some players from team russia have been playing together for a long now and are playing really nice against strong teams. Team Portugal got some nice names in the team, but I don’t know about the team play, time will tell. I expect a 4-2 win for team Portugal, just because of their experience on top level.

Quote by SwanidiusWell going to be hard one for portugal. I expect russies to lotto win 1 map and score will be 4-2 for portugal. Russies have played a lot but they are despite bad :(

Quote by t4MjExpect some nice teamplay by team Russia since its mostly former of team etcfg, anyway I bet Portugal will do their best and will try to take this in big. As far I remember Portugal won only one match last year in groupstages, so I guess now its time for some payback. In my opinion players to watch? Fubor from team Russia and setup from team Portugal, anyway I bet ag0n can give decent play in this match too.

Quote by Thommwell, not sure how team portugal has pracced, they got few great inviduals whom could turn the much around... BUT! Russia has a solid team-play and some occasional skillers. In my opinion it will be a solid victory for the Russians. Unless something weird happens and setup gets few 6-men-kills.

Good luck to each and every team!

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI

.ca vs nl :(
.ca vs nl :(
RUS will take this one
gl ag0n mate <3
quote by sj33, et is dead
sj33 carried you guys in group stage at LAN tbh....
Gl Sexclick...
really excited, got tingly sensation in my bum
it's just the rectal cancer
it's just a hamster
it's just a mars bar
it's just my tongue
Thanks for the newspost and thanks everyone for the "Good luck wishes".

Cheers! HF!

Team Portugal Lineup:
Portugal QkR
Portugal ag0n
Portugal Setup
Portugal Sexclick
Portugal IuR
Portugal snsz
What can i say....
In Russia enemy territory isn't popular....
do u still live in estonia?
ofc :D
I should leave or what ? :DDD
nonono i was just wondering :D
In Soviet Russia, Enemy Territory plays you
but , team Russia will try to surprise everyone
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