Milk Lan: CoD2 Preview

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The city of romance, Paris, will this weekend play host to the much-anticipated Milk Lan, featuring the likes of Speedlink, digitalMind and Tek-9 battling it out for the top prize. With Netgamez and the EuroCup already behind us there are not too many major events left in 2006, but Milk Lan is certainly one of them. Featuring a host of talented teams and situated in an internet gaming cafe in the centre of Paris, this Lan promises to be one to remember. While the likes of Dignitas and Check Six were unable to attend, there still remains a surplus of top teams, many of which go into the event with a little more on their mind than normal. The pressure mounts on Speedlink to show they can still dominate at the top level, Tek-9 are going to have to finish at least in the top three to show their new players still have the drive to succeed in CoD2 and teams such as digitalMind and suXus come into this event needing to prove that their respective successes at Netgamez were no fluke.

Prepare yourselves for a night of drama, action and excitement as the top teams in Europe battle it out. With nearly €3,000 in cash up for grabs the competition is sure to be fierce and a lot is likely to rest on who can stay focussed the longest and not let the tiredness and the nerves kick in. Kicking off at 8pm CET on the Saturday night, Milk Lan will run throughout the night and aims to finish up just in time for breakfast. Below you can find all the info relating to this event and more...

Name: Milk.Lan
Location: Paris, France
Date: Saturday 28th October 2006

Group A

Germany Team Speedlink
Netherlands SuXus
France Takecare
France NitroGrafix
France 82nd

Group B

France Webone
Czech Republic eSuba
France Restricted
France FeaR
France Elles

Group C

Netherlands DigitalMind
France EmuLate
Germany Evergreen
France Nova
France aTb

Group D

Belgium Tek-9.Steelpad
France Get2Gev
Netherlands Dfiance
France NoK
France High5

Prize Money:

- 1st Place €1,200 + €1,500 hardware
- 2nd Place €700+ €1,000 hardware
- 3rd Place €200 + €500 hardware
- 4th Place €100 + €400 hardware
- 5th Place €300
- 6th Place €200
- 7th Place €100

- Milk Lan MVP €250

Map List:

- Dawnville
- Toujane
- Matmata
- Carentan
- Burgundy

For more details including player interviews check out the Milk Lan preview on GotFrag.
eSuba FTW!
for our local lan at Malta of cod2 there will be a 19" TFT prize (200euros)... only!
great stuff crow
Where's H2K? :<
Speedlink to win and get back on track.
Nice prizes
nah they are small for cod2
go evergreen!

btw: its not evengreen :P
fixed lol :D
I want a suprise so I cheer for eSuba =)
im cheering for dM, because .... they w1n
no dignitas or c6? :<
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