ClanBase ET Crew Recruiting

The ClanBase Enemy Territory Crew is currently searching for 1 new Cup Supervisor.

image: kHlYr34

Your main responsibilities will be to help run upcoming ET cups as well as to provide support for clans and players competing in CB cups and ladders.

General requirements:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of ET and its various communities
  • Be able to work together with other admins in the ClanBase Crew
  • Be very active and willing to invest your time for the community
  • Be available on IRC, participate on our internal forums, and reply to e-mails & PMs on a daily basis
  • Have a decent knowledge of written English
Experience as an admin is a bonus but is not required.

Are you the one we are looking for? Then please fill out the application form!

Note: we cannot accept applications from players with a C&A profile.

News on ClanBase: Recruiting ET Cup Supervisor
What is given in return
Thought so, let's see which moron joins you guys next then!
maybe you should give it a try yourself before insulting us :)
I'm insulting the moron that would join you
the kind of entry you have in your cb profile
Btw I vote m1tja or kwiz since they online 24/7
God,just imagine if Kalli will make it...
take jon!
No C&A?
Will be hard to find anyone (even harder than without the C&A stuff) :D

Still hope that there are some people interested in that (which arent mentally challenged), the community needs peoople who are willing to do the stuff and take the piss for it
CB policy, we have no control over it

I would be quite hesitant to accept an application from a(n) (ex-)cheater anyway :P
So, who is game supervisor for ET these days?

If I would have any spare time and the least bit of interest left for the retards in this community I would come back to CB...
I am, GoldoraK stepped down several weeks ago

hehe :P you should consider it!
Sad thing is, that CB appears to be the least appealing site/org for anybody who wants to commit his free time towards eSports.
Every shithole page manages to run cups with prizemoney or at least hardware, clanbase cant even update their page from the 10 year old look (a thing even CF managed to acomplish)
well we only have 2 or 3 active coders, all of which are unpaid volunteers who already spend several hours a day coding for their paying job, so it's not very fair to expect them to re-do an entire website, especially when there's currently a rather long list of bugs to fix and features to add!

the majority of ET players don't even regularly visit CB and those who do certainly don't do so for aesthetic purposes :P I actually like the website (and I'm not just saying that!) and would hate to see it undergo a change as drastic as CF 4.0

and personally I am opposed to catering to players who are only attracted to prizes, unless it is also somehow beneficial to the game's activity level as well (see here)
there are some players with C&A profiles not related to cheating, though I tend to agree with this CB policy.
ye idd, hence the "&A" :P I wouldn't have much of a problem with accepting someone who has been banned in the past for minor abuse or something, but like I said CB won't allow it
So you'd rather have someone who got banned for flaming an admin? ":D"
Yeah maybe, entirely depends on what person. I don't believe that much in such records created by admins.
Dont know who would want to waste all his time to do stuff for free and get flamed for every action he makes

Gl tho
I'm already scared of who this "awesome" GS will pick...
gl ohurcool
QuoteHave an in-depth knowledge of ET and its various communities

Does that mean you have to be a faggot that plays on F|A?
No, you just have to be a faggot.
Did you apply yet?
Not enough faggot + C&A.
Note: we cannot accept applications from players with a C&A profile.
their loss then
you and loss? wtf did I just read
your loss then
I think I'm the man you're looking for. Too bad, I don't need CB to get flamed and be hated eheheheheh.

dans la machine a te transformer
c'est vrais que a la fin c'est pesant ^^
T'étais au Marché Médiéval à Merode par hasard? :D
ouais tu m'as vu ? fallait venir pas sur que je t'aurais reconnu ^^
j'y retourne demain si il fais pas trop moche ( me dit ma femme )
Putain merde j'en pars à l'instant là hahaha meeeerde j'aurais du prendre ton nr de tel :(
Et non, je ne t'ai pas vu mais je me disais bien que c'était ton genre de truc :D
oh boy, who wouldn't want to share the ranks with ohurcool...
/q BossHK
/q snatix :D
sounds good! I might be interested :-)
/q Kamz, fucking nerd online 24/7
/q killerboy
already on CB crew
cant see Malta flag here
as i said CB crew not CB.ET crew, you are looking on the wrong link, try this one :
he's on C&A, he had access to any account / game
i used link from top of this journal, thanks for the info!
When will the official pick be done?
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